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22 Times Singers Fell on Stage

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Even the most famous performers occasionally make mistakes, which cause them to fall on stage. Of course, falling in front of hundreds of people is so much more embarrassing than falling at home when no one is looking.

So, if you want proof that famous performers are human, keep reading to see 22 times singers fell on stage in front of a crowd.

1. Beyonce

Even the queen Beyonce has fallen a time or two. The most significant of which was during a 2007 performance where her heel got caught on her coat, causing her to fall down a set of stairs on stage.

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2. Ernest

Country singer Ernest joined our list of times singers fell on stage in 2023 when he was trying to throw something into the crowd but fell off the stage as a result. The good news is that he was fine and continued performing.

3. Karol G.

Karol G had perhaps one of the worst falls in 2023 when she tripped and fell down some onstage stairs. She was uninjured, however, and got up to continue the performance.

4. Travis Scott

During a concert with Drake, Travis Scott was climbing on stage when he mistakenly stepped too far and fell into the pit of the stage. Luckily, Drake helped him out quickly, and the show went on.

5. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton fell on stage in Oregon in 2018. He wasn’t injured, however, and picked up his guitar to continue playing. He was even able to joke about the incident the next day on Twitter.

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6. Lady Gaga

During her Las Vegas residency, Lady Gaga had a part of the show where she invited a male fan onstage to perform with her. Unfortunately, at one performance, the fan was holding Lady Gaga when he fell into the crowd causing the singer to go down with him.

7. Shawn Mendes

In 2018 in Quebec City, Shawn Mendes was executing a mid-set jump when he miscalculated and ended up in the pit. Luckily, the singer wasn’t injured by the fall.

8. Madonna

In 2015, a planned cape rip ended up with Madonna stumbling on stage. While she was ultimately okay, she was injured by whiplash as a result of the fall.

9. Paula Abdul

In 2018, Paula Abdul took a few too many steps forward during a show, which ended up with her falling into the crowd.

10. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato ended up on our list of times singers fell on stage in 2015 when she was performing in high heels at a pool party and slipped on a wet surface. After her stumble, Lovato jumped in the pool to save the moment and was able to laugh about the event.

11. Luke Bryan

In 2014, Luke Bryan got so caught up in singing a song during a performance that he ended up falling off the stage into the crowd mid-song. While the singer finished the concert, he revealed later that he did have to get stitches after the performance.

12. Ed Sheeran

Not all times singers fell on stage are accidents. In 2013, Ed Sheeran was trying to do an unchoreographed jump from a box to a speaker on stage while performing and ended up landing on the floor instead.

13. Justin Bieber

In Canada in 2016, Justin Bieber experienced one of the times singers fell on stage when he accidentally walked into an open trap door while performing. Although the incident scared him, Bieber was unharmed and able to resume the show.

14. Harry Styles

In a comical, cartoon-like moment, Harry Styles pulled his microphone a bit too far, causing the artist to get pulled back and fall on stage. Harry was uninjured, at least, just embarrassed because all his friends were in the front row at the 2015 performance.

15. Ariana Grande

Known for her ultra-high high heels, it’s no surprise that Ariana Grade has had a spill or two. At one concert in Toronto, the heels caused a slip during “Bang-Bang” and created one of the times singers fell on stage that will surely go down in music history.

16. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl broke his leg as a result of a fall off the stage during a Foo Fighters concert in Sweden. To the surprise of the crowd, he continued to perform with said broken leg for 2 hours before going to the hospital.

17. Iggy Azalea

In 2014, Iggy Azalea fell off the stage mid-rap. While she continued singing from below the stage during the ordeal, the artist admits it was quite funny to security rushing around trying to get her back up.

18. Meghan Trainor

While performing on The Tonight Show in 2016, Meghan Trainor lost her balance at the end of the song and ended up on the floor. Jimmy Fallon laughed the incident off, even joining the singer on the floor as a joke.

19. Selena Gomez

Even Selena Gomez is included as one of the times singers fell on stage when she tripped in front of fans in 2016 during her Revival tour.

20. Pink

Not all times singers fell on stage end well, and Pink, in 2010, ended up in the hospital after one such incident. Apparently, her harness wasn’t properly secured, and she was tossed into the crowd barrier.

21. Katy Perry

During a performance of “I Kissed a Girl,” Katy Perry was trying to perform with frosting, which turned out to be a messy business. She slipped several times during the song, even with a guitarist trying to help her find her footing.

22. Iggy Pop

With his crazy dance moves and tenancy to stage dive, it’s no surprise he’s one of the times singers fell on stage. In 2010, Iggy Pop went to stage dive, but the crowd moved out of the way, causing Iggy to land on the floor—and swear off stage diving permanently.

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