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  • ways to score cheap concert tickets a band performing on stage band silhouette

    23 Ways To Score Cheap Concert Tickets

    Nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg for concert tickets, but they’ve risen significantly over the past year. Luckily, there are some ways to be more economical with your investment. Let’s dive into a few of the best ways to score cheap concert tickets. As long as you’re willing to put in a […] More

  • Hacker in front of his computer peforming a rap feature scam

    Artist Feature Scams and How to Avoid Them

    Features are a great way to collaborate with other artists and introduce yourself to their listeners. It has never been easier to message your favorite rapper or singer and ask them for a feature. It’s also never been easier to send money through one of several payment methods available today. Beware, as there are many […] More

  • tips for enjoying a concert if you have anxiety

    20 Best Tips For Enjoying a Concert If You Have Anxiety

    Concerts are an exciting experience, whether you’re seeing Niall Horan or rocking out to Imagine Dragons. Unfortunately, it’s easy for anxiety to get in the way of your time and turn a fun evening into a nightmare. If you’re nervous about your upcoming musical adventure, there’s no need to worry. Sit down and relax as […] More

  • hillsong documentary

    Shocking Secrets from The Hillsong Documentary

    Saints or sinners? Angels or abusers? Devotion or deceit? These are the three questions posed in the trailer for the upcoming FX’s The Secrets of Hillsong documentary, which they produced in association with Vanity Fair, whose original reporting on the Hillsong scandals over the years led to the creation of the series. While preaching about the […] More

  • make money as a musician

    18 Ways To Make Money As A Musician

    As a musician, it’s tricky to know where to start to bring in an income with your talent. It might feel like a one-in-a-million chance to become a success, but there are more ways than one to make money as a musician who is just starting out.  If you’re struggling to think of ways to […] More

  • songs about rain
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    The 20 Best Songs about Rain

    Rain has been used as a symbol in songs and literature for hundreds of years. It can elicit emotions as diverse as the calmness of a light rain to the chaos of a heavy storm. Check out our list of the best songs about rain.   “Here Comes the Rain Again” – Eurythmics This Eurythmics […] More