21 facts about rapper Travis Scott

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Who is Travis Scott?

Travis Scott is a very successful rapper that has built a name for himself (and with help of others) in the music industry.

Why is Travis Scott so popular? Well, because he’s Kylie Jenner’s “baby daddy.” Having close relations with the Kardashian family is a sure-fire way to become famous, not to mention the bond he made with Kanye West through that relationship.

On top of being very popular for his mixtapes and association with Kanye West‘s GOOD Music label, Travis Scott has crafted himself as a dynamic performer and one of the most unique cultural figures in rap music today. He also created a popular music festival in Houston, Astroworld.

To help you learn more about Travis Scott, we have compiled a list of 21 facts about this celebrity.

#1. He Dropped Out of School To Pursue Music

Getting a start in music was certainly not easy for Travis Scott. Once he realized his work at the University was going nowhere, he decided to drop out of school and head to New York City.

It was there he would begin seriously working on music, dedicating all of his time to networking and getting his material out there.

#2. Travis Scott & Kanye West

If it wasn’t for Kanye, Travis Scott may not be where he is today. Ye signed Scott to his record label, GOOD Music label, which has done wonders for his career.

However, the two actually have a relationship that extends beyond friends. They are more like family, with Scott frequently referring to Kanye as his stepdad.

#3. He Dated Rhianna

One of the biggest controversies of Travis Scott’s career is that he dated Rhianna for a short period of time. The details of their time together are mostly unknown, but many outlets and newspapers have speculated about it.

#4. He Can Play Piano and the Drums

Travis Scott has played drums since the age of three. He then switched to piano for a few years.

#5. He Was Originally Was Going To Self-Release His Songs

It took Travis Scott a while to get someone else to release his music. This is why in 2011 he announced that his first release would be an EP called Owl Pharaoh, a collection of songs that would eventually become a full-length mixtape once he was discovered by Kanye West.

#6. He Had A Band Called ‘The Graduates’

When Travis Scott was 16, he formed a band with a few of his friends called The Graduates. The band did not stick around for long, though, breaking up when the rapper went to college only two years later.

#7. He Isn’t Afraid to Make Big Gestures for Love

In his current relationship with Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott has shown that he will do almost anything for a seriously romantic moment. For example, on Kylie’s birthday, the rapper ordered an entire orchestra to surprise her with a concert.

#8. He Believes That Genres Don’t Matter

Despite being well-known in the press as a rapper, Travis Scott has rejected the term. He does this because he believes that his music has the power to transcend genres and doesn’t want to box himself in.

#9. He at One Time Held The Record for The Most Successful Rap Song

His song “Sicko Mode” stayed in the top 10 Billboard charts for over 30 weeks. This record was held until Lil Nas X‘s song “Old Town Road” took its place.

#10. He Had to Change Cities to Find Success

Even though he put a lot of effort into launching his music career in New York City, Travis Scott was not able to make it work.

For this reason, he tried switching to Los Angeles, a place where he soon was able to be discovered while sleeping on couches and performing at local clubs.

#11. His Family Has a Musical History

Not only was Scott’s grandfather a notable jazz composer, but his dad was also a soul musician. Scott claims that his knowledge of music theory also comes from his family, something that puts his love for music in perspective.

#12. The Kardashians Were Already Fans of His Music

After being signed to GOOD Music, it was clear that Travis Scott would continue to have some type of relationship with the extended Kardashian family. Even before he began dating Kylie Jenner, her sister Kendall was already a fan of his music.

#13. Travis Scott Is Not His Real Name

Believe it or not, Travis Scott is not his real name. His legal name is Jacques Webster. He changed his name when he began his rap career.

#14. His Family Moved Around a Lot When He Was Young

Even though he grew up mainly in Houston, Scott’s parents still moved him around a lot while growing up. He was able to meet many friends this way, but it likely influenced his passion for the arts by providing him some solitude.

#15. Music Was His Way Of Trying To Impress Girls

Travis Scott learned to play the piano while growing up but quit after a few years. When asked in an interview about why he quit, the artist cited his inability to impress girls as the main reason why he stopped practicing piano.

However, he found that he was able to pursue romance while creating beats, drawing him to the art form of hip-hop.

#16. He Was Estranged from His Family

When Travis Scott dropped out of school to pursue his music dreams in New York City, he lied to his family and subsequently created a tense atmosphere.

Not only did he ask them for money to help him with school only to blow it on moving to NYC, but he didn’t even tell them of his plans until much later.

This caused a rift between him and his family, leading to them not allowing Scott to move back home once he began having trouble with his music career.

#17. He Used to Not Have a Bed

While he was in high school, Scott was dedicated to working on music full-time. To facilitate his workload, he turned his room into a music studio and didn’t even have a bed! Instead of having a bed, he would work all night and then sleep in his chair.

#18. His Stage Name Comes from His Uncle

Travis Scott’s stage name is a tribute to his uncle Travis, who he remembers looking up to as a child.

#19. He Does Not Like Sour Cream

Not only does Travis Scott dislike sour cream, but it is almost impossible for him to eat it. He has cited in interviews that eating sour cream is a good way for him to become incredibly nauseous.

#20. Travis Scott was sued for the Astroworld tragedy

Travis Scott, Drake, Livenation, and Apple were sued for two billion dollars after 10 people lost their lives at the Astroworld music festival. The youngest of the victims, Ezra Blount, was only 9 years old.

Other fans who lost their lives that day were Bharti Shahani, 22, Madison Dubiski, 23, Axel Acosta, 21, Jacob Jurinek, 20, Rudy Pena, 23, Brianna Rodriguez, 16, John Hilgert, Franco Patino, 21, and Danish Baig.

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