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  • best wireless earbuds

    8 Best Earbuds to Buy in 2022

    Are you sick of listening to music with corded earphones? Then it’s time to upgrade to some earbuds. Whether it is for listening to music or for calls and business meetings, earbuds can do the trick. But before you shell out the cash, it can be helpful to know the best wireless earbuds to buy.  […] More

  • woman with headphones

    Best Headphones Under $200

    When it comes to choosing the best headphones under 200 dollars, it’s important to consider why you need them. A great pair of headphones is necessary whether you are an audiophile who demands the best sound quality, someone who streams video games or movies, or someone who works virtually. Benefits of Buying Less Than $200 […] More

  • microphone isolation shield

    5 Best Microphone Isolation Shields

    A microphone isolation shield is a necessary piece of gear for podcasters, voice-over artists, audiobook recorders, narrators, YouTubers, and singers who strive for professional sound. Disruptive background noise can make the difference between sounding like an amateur or a pro when recording audio. Spending time editing and reprocessing your audio recording afterward can consume quite […] More

  • noise cancelling headphones

    Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 (2022)

    Do you live in a noisy apartment building? Or maybe a neighborhood where there is always street traffic? Either way, it can be difficult to focus when you are trying to work or listen to music and noise-canceling headphones aren’t cheap. Not to worry, however, as we’ve got you covered, read below to find the […] More

  • Best Studio Headphones Under $100

    Best Studio Headphones Under $100

    When it comes to the music production industry, no equipment is more important than a great pair of studio headphones. Getting that perfect sound is better accomplished when you can clearly hear the music with this Best Studio Headphones Under $100. You may find it challenging to pay top-dollar for a state-of-the-art brand of professional […] More

  • Girl in wireless headphones

    Best Wireless Headphones Under $100

    With more and more people using technology to do their work and other things, the need for a great pair of wireless headphones is critical. However, when it comes to the best wireless headphones under $100 on the market, they tend to be extremely expensive. But you can still own a great pair of wireless […] More

  • How do you remove vocals from a song? This software does it for you, so any music producer can remix a hit track.

    What is the best vocal extraction software? We compared the top AI technology to find out

    Sponsored Post Within the last few years, music creators like myself have seen an influx of AI-based audio processing companies that claim to possess the technology to split audio tracks down to their subsequent parts. These separated parts, or “stems,” can be highly valuable to DJs and producers who have the desire to remix or […] More

  • best reverb pedal

    Top 10 Best Studio Headphones Under $150 (Updated 2022)

    A comfortable, high-quality set of headphones is incredibly important for any musician, producer, or avid music listener. A cheap pair of headphones can cause headaches, ear fatigue, noise bleed, and give you a misrepresentation of sound, resulting in poor mixes. This is why so many people ask the big question, “What are the best pair […] More

  • best reverb pedal

    Top 5 Best USB Microphones 2022

    A USB microphone can be used for all of your recording and audio needs, from video conferences to recording music. USB microphones have recently become a popular option due to their compact size and how easy they are to use.  You don’t need to haul around a lot of heavy or expensive equipment in order […] More