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  • best country songs

    The 50 Best Country Songs From Jimmie Rodgers to Morgan Wallen

    Country music has gone down many winding dirt roads since its inception over 100 years ago. Considered the music of the people, country’s down-home sound and relatable themes have helped it endure and continue to thrive. There are many arguments about what is or isn’t country, but we cover all the bases on our list […] More

  • rappers from minnesota

    15 Rappers from Minnesota you should know in 2023

    Minnesota is home to a whole lot of musical talent. Rap and hip-hop are two of the most prominent genres in the Minneapolis community. Several Minnesota rappers are hard-working musicians who are putting out quality content that often doesn’t get the attention it may deserve. If you’re sick of hearing the same ten songs on […] More

  • black pink members

    BLACKPINK Members: Everything You Need to Know About the Sensational Korean Girl Group

    Considered one of the most significant K-Pop groups in the world today, BLACKPINK is the most successful Korean girl group in the world. In this article, learn all about BLACKPINK’s members, the best BLACKPINK songs, and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about the Korean pop sensations. Why BLACKPINK?  The color pink symbolizes love, […] More

  • skrillex's net worth

    Skrillex’s Net Worth: How He Changed the DJ World and More

    Known for his electronic dance music abilities and the production of many well-known musicians’ albums, Skrillex has been on the music scene since 2004. Skrillex is an electronic DJ who is well known for his first two albums, “My Name is Skrillex” and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.” But what is Skrillex’s net worth? With […] More

  • top male country singers

    The 15 Best Male Country Singers of All Time: A Definitive List

    They’re the cowboys of the country music world, providing hundreds of classic hits that have defined generations. Fans wish they were them; new country artists want to be them. Who are the best male country singers of all time? Find out below. The Best 15 Male Country Singers of All Time   15. Kenny Chesney […] More

  • top female country singers

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    The Best 15 Female Country Singers of All Time: Who Made the List?

    They’ve dominated the world of country music for generations, leaving behind a trail-blazing legacy for the rising young female country singers of the day. From chart-topping hits to award-winning albums and sold-out tours, these women have left their mark in the history of country music. Who are the current top female country singers? Who are […] More

  • best female pop singers

    The 15 Best Female Pop Singers of All Time

    Pop music is known far and wide for its catchy rhythms and chart-topping hits. But which of the top female pop singers are known as the best? To be known as one of the best female pop singers of all time, you’ve got to have an amazing voice (sorry, Britney Spears) and write songs that […] More

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