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  • ice spice performing on stage
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    Ice Spice’s Net Worth & Biography: Her Cars, House, Career, and More

    Regarded by some as the “people’s princess,” Ice Spice has firmly established herself as a significant commercial success and marketing genius. From becoming a TikTok sensation to being one of the most recognizable and iconic names in the rap game today, she achieved success quickly and is only getting started. Who is Ice Spice? What […] More

  • eminem wearing a hat in front of a gray background
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    37 Famous People with Asperger’s

    As medical research continues, more doctors and the world understand the various mental, physical, and developmental issues plaguing people. One of those clarifying disorders is Asperger’s syndrome, named after pediatrician Hans Asperger, who described the children he cared for as individuals “who struggled to form friendships, did not understand others’ gestures or feelings, engaged in […] More

  • several aaliyah records stacked on each other
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    How did Aaliyah Die? The Details Behind Aaliyah’s Death

    Though she released only three official albums across her seven-year career, Aaliyah cultivated a considerable fanbase. The incredibly talented singer was indeed an icon of her time.  Who is Aaliyah? How did Aaliyah die? In this article, discover everything you need to know about the superstar and the details surrounding her tragic death. How Did […] More

  • singers you didn't know had kids beyonce in concert
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    27 Singers You Didn’t Know Had Kids

    Celebrities are a fickle and varied bunch when it comes to revealing their personal lives. For every Taylor Swift, who you can’t go a day without hearing about their latest exploits, there’s a Post Malone, who prefers to keep things more private. Amazingly, some singers take that to a new level – you don’t even […] More

  • famous celebrities who are atheists amber heard and johnny depp on the red carpet
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    66 Famous Celebrities Who Are Atheists

    Freedom of religion has been a right in America for centuries. In the case of some celebrities, it’s the freedom of practicing no religion at all. Just as there seems to be no end to faiths to practice with various branches of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Scientology, and more to choose from, there also appears to […] More

  • cindy crawford on the red carpet arriving for an event
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    Cindy Crawford’s Net Worth: Her Cars, House, Huge Career, and More

    She’s the beautiful exotic brunette that graced the cover of so many different major fashion magazines, setting a new industry standard with her signature beauty mark. From New York Fashion Week to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Cindy Crawford has become a household name in the fashion industry, and even though she’d been retired from […] More

  • famous rappers who cheated on their partners tyga onstage performing in a black shirt
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    19 Famous Rappers Who Cheated On Their Partners

    Cheating and infidelity among celebrities is a topic that perpetually interests people, as is proven by the continued success of TMZ. Musicians of all genres are guilty of breaking the seventh commandment, and rappers are no exception. For this article, we’ll explore high-profile adulterers from the dominant form of music today. Here are 19 famous […] More

  • willow smith with her hair tied up arriving for an event
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    Willow Smith’s Net Worth & Biography: Her Cars, House, Career, and More

    Far more than just a child of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith has set herself apart with her many successful artistic endeavors, from acting to music and beyond. Who is Willow Smith? What is Willow Smith’s net worth? Find out the answers to those questions and more in our comprehensive article.  Who is […] More

  • how did temptations singer eddie kendricks die image of the temptations in 1964 how did the temptations singer david ruffin die
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    How Did Temptations Singer David Ruffin Die?

    He was the raspy, anguish-sounding tenor vocalist deemed one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine in 2008 and 2023. No one can think of the Temptations without including David Ruffin, as he brought life to some of the group’s most famous hits. Sadly, his life, both professionally and personally, was lined […] More

  • singers who look young singers who suffer from a disease avril lavigne holding her arms up in concert
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    31 Singers Who Look Younger Than They Actually Are

    The world is filled with people who look younger than their age, but nowhere is that more apparent than in the celebrity world. Singers, in particular, seem to have access to a magic formula that makes them look youthful.  Are you ready to be shocked? Get comfortable as we talk about 31 singers who look […] More

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