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Ed Sheeran is a British singer and songwriter who has created more than 120 songs, and the musician has released five major albums.

He created his first album in 2006, yet the musician became a well-known celebrity during 2011. He’s sold millions of records over the course of his impressive career.

Ed Sheeran has a net worth of more than $200 million, and the young musician consistently supports many types of charitable organizations.

Sheeran’s work is noteworthy for his use of catchy pop tunes and his use of thoughtful lyrics. If you love his music, here are many amazing facts you probably didn’t know about his life and work.

What is Ed Sheeran’s Birthdate?

Edward Christopher Sheeran was born on February 17, 1991. 

Ed Sheeran Zodiac Sign

Being born in February makes Ed Sheeran an Aquarius.

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Ed Sheeran Age

Because Ed Sheeran’s birthday is in February 1991, this means the singer just turned 31 as of February 2022. 

Where is Ed Sheeran From?

Ed Sheeran was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire which is in England. However, his father moved the family to Framlingham in Suffolk when Ed was three-years-old. This is where Ed Sheeran would grow up and spend most of his childhood and teen years. 

Ed Sheeran Parents

Like everyone on this earth, Ed Sheeran’s got some parents. They are John and Imogen and they have run an independent art consultancy for most of Ed’s life. 

Is Ed Sheeran Irish?

Although the famous singer was born in England, his father is of Irish descent, making Ed at least half Irish. 

What Nationality is Ed Sheeran?

Even though he’s got some Irish roots, the singer was born in England, making him a UK national. 

He’s Got a Wacky, Charming Name For His Fans

Sheeran has named his fans Sheerios after the breakfast cereal Cheerios.

He Has a Farm in Framingham

As a Brit, he hopes to stay close to his roots by owning a farm of his own in a charming United Kingdom town.

He Also Has a House in London

Besides the farm, Ed Sheeran loves London so he also has a house there.

Where Does Ed Sheeran Live

You might think with the farm in Framingham and the house in London that he lives in one of those, but actually, his primary residence is in Wynneys Hall in Suffolk.

How Tall is Ed Sheeran?

Ed Sheeran’s height is 5’8’ or 1.73 meters, making him slightly below the average height for a man. 

Elton John Loves Ed Sheeran’s Work

Yes, that Elton John adores his work.

His Cat Has Twitter Account

We aren’t kidding, it’s @GrahamShizza, and you should follow it if you are a fellow cat lover. 

He Hurt His Foot In Iceland

As it turns out, hiking on mountain glaciers was hard on his poor feet.

He Once Received a Hair Cake

A fan loved him so much she sent him a cake full of hair. How’s that for the dark side of fame?

Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Like Social Media

His cat may have a Twitter account, but Ed Sheeran is happy to leave his own social media behind for months at a time.

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Ed Sheeran. Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Records (UK) via Wikimedia Commons.

He Has a Favorite Rapper

Like many of his fans, Ed Sheeran really likes Eminem.

He Likes the Show Fresh Prince of Belair

In fact, he likes it so much he’s tattooed the word ‘prince‘ on his arm as one of his many tattoos. 

What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Use?

Ed Sheeran plays the acoustic guitar, but he actually has six of them he rotates between. He has named them Felix, Nigel, Trevor, Keith, Lloyd, and Cyril. He isn’t loyal to just one brand, as some are Martins and some are Fenders. He also sometimes plays a guitar he designed himself. 

Ed Sheeran’s Brother

Ed Sheeran is not an only child. He has one brother, Matthew Sheeran, who is also in the music industry. Matthew Sheeran sticks to classical music, unlike his younger brother.

He Sang in the Church Choir

When he was all of four-years-old, Sheeran began his career in his local church choir.

Is Ed Sheeran Gay?

Ed Sheeran currently claims to be straight but does mention that he thought he was gay as a kid. He has also kissed Brent Morin on live television before, so you never can be too sure.

Is Ed Sheeran Married?

Actually, Cherry Seaborne is Ed Sheeran’s wife and the pair have been married since 2019.

He Was a Member of the National Youth Theater

At fifteen he furthered his career as a member of the United Kingdom’s National Youth Theater.

His First Celebrity Encounter Was Prince Charles

As his career began to unfold, his first celebrity meeting was with the Prince of Wales.

He Has a life Motto

He firmly believes that everyone should smile more and eat some chocolate. Who can be mad at that!

He Has a Favorite Board Game

Like many of his fans, he loves to play a good game of Monopoly.

He’s a Courtney Cox Fan

So much so that he stayed in her house in Miami when visiting the city in 2013.

He Has a Long-Standing Friendship With Passenger

He’s been friends with the English singer Passenger since he was fifteen.

Jamie Foxx is Also a Fan of Ed Sheeran 

Like Elton John, Jamie Foxx is a huge Ed Sheeran fan.

He’s Got Famous Cousins

He and broadcaster Gordon Burns are actually second cousins.

He’s Provided Lyrics For Taylor Swift

For a woman who enjoys writing her own songs, Taylor Swift thanks Ed for the lyrics to her single “Everything Has Changed.”

He’s Performed in Central Park

He was part of the Global Citizen Festival that was held in Central Park in 2015.

He Shares a Birthday With Paris Hilton

They were both born on February 17th, 1991.

He Has a Ginger Cat

Like him, the cat is a handsome redhead.

Benedict Cumberbatch Refused to Dance In His Video

His US agent agreed this wasn’t a good idea for him.

He’s Cooked For Eric Clapton

Sheeran had him over for dinner one night.

Someone Gave Him a Barbie Doll For His Birthday

It’s not clear why someone would do this but they did.

Nando’s Created a Sauce For Him

The famous Nando’s chain knows he’s such a fan that they’ve created an Ed’s Peri-Peri Sauce in his honor.

Ed Sheeran Tattoos

Many people are surprised to find out that Ed Sheeran has over 60 tattoos, in fact, he even has a matching one with Harry Styles. Both men reportedly have a Pingu tattoo.

He got his first tattoo when he was 18-years-old, and the tattoo symbolized an animal’s paw. This tattoo denotes his love for animals, and the musician especially likes many types of cats.

He Used to Sleep on the Subway

When he was a young and broke musician, he would sleep on the Circle Line once it opened up because he didn’t have money for a place to stay.

He Can Put 40 Maltesers In His Mouth at Once

He showed off this rare skill as a young man on video.

He Had a Port Wine Birthmark

It was understandably corrected with laser treatments so you can no longer see it.

Cropped photo of Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran. Photo Courtesy of Harald Krichel via Wikimedia Commons.

He Bought Jordan from Rizzle Kicks a Nice Rolex Watch

Sheeran was very mad when Jordan later lost it.

GQ Dubbed Him Their Worst Dressed Man

In 2013, GQ called him the world’s worst-dressed man.

He Loves to Play With Legos

He’s a child at heart and loves playing with children’s toys even today.

Ed-Sheeran’s Childhood Nickname Was Teddy

You have to admit, he does look a little like a Teddy! In recent years, he’s graduated to the more grownup Edward.

He Loves Oreos

Just like millions of his fans, he loves eating these delicious black and white cookies.

He Has an MBE

It’s a British award that stands for Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

He Has a Favorite Karaoke Song

It’s “Pony” by Ginuwine. It’s hard to imagine Sheeran singing to this song in any capacity, even if it is just karaoke.

He Wears Size Ten Shoes

Ed Sheeran wears a size 10 shoe in United Kingdom, sizes which are different from American ones. 

He Loves The Beatles

Sheeran considers the Beatles to be one of his major musical inspirations. Which makes sense since they are both British musicians!

He Likes To Donate His Old Clothes

He’s a big believer in the role of charity in people’s lives and spends much of his time donating his old clothes to charity…which must be great for charity considering he’s labeled the worst-dressed celebrity!

He Refused to Smell Katy Perry’s Armpits

She actually offered to let him do it, not sure why he turned this opportunity down. 

Ed Sheeran Did Not Perform at His Own Wedding

He would rather enjoy the moment than start singing for guests which makes sense when you think about it. 

He Never Watched Television As a Young Man

His parents thought he should be doing other things with his time. He was also not allowed to play video games which could be why he spent so much time learning how to sing as a child, so fans should be thankful. 

Rupert Grint is a Fan of Ed Sheeran

As a fellow ginger, the Harry Potter movie actor is also a fan of his work.

He Loves Children

Ed Sheeran loves children and that’s one of many reasons why he started a family of his own. As of 2022, he has one child, a daughter named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.

How Much is Ed Sheeran Worth

As of 2022, Ed Sheeran’s net worth is 160 million points ($207 million US dollars), making him the 17th richest musician in the UK. 

What Genre is Ed Sheeran?

It can be hard to pin down the genre of this artist, as he is all over the board sometimes. Generally, his music is described as pop, folk, R&B, and soft rock, but he has also occasionally incorporated rap in his music. 

Is Ed Sheeran Vaccinated?

Ed Sheeran had Covid in 2021, but it was unclear whether or not he was vaccinated. Most fans assume he is, however, because he changed his song “Shape of You” shortly after to encourage others to be vaccinated against COVID19. 

Ed Sheeran Songs

There’s no doubt about it, Ed Sheeran has written so many amazing tunes. Below are the ones his fans listen to the most!

Ed Sheeran performing on stage
Ed Sheeran. Photo Courtesy of Drew de F Fawkes via Wikimedia Commons.

Ed Sheeran Education

In 1995, he attended the Framlingham College Prep School. This educational institution is located near Branston Hall.

Ed Sheeran Full Name

The musician’s name is Edward Christopher Sheeran, and when he was a child, many friends used the nickname Teddy.

According to several reports, Ed Sheeran likes this nickname because the nickname reminds the musician of his childhood.

Evaluating the Musician’s Hometown

Ed Sheeran was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and this city is located within the United Kingdom.

His family owned a house that is situated on Birchcliffe Road.

The home is close to Hebden Bridge, and during his early childhood, he found many friends in this area.

Playing Guitar and Improving His Skills

Ed Sheeran is an experienced guitar player, and according to multiple reports, the musician learned to play the guitar when he was 10 years old.

In 1999, an experienced tutor taught Ed Sheeran to play the instrument. While the celebrity plays the acoustic guitar, he frequently utilizes alternate tunings, and this technique can substantially increase the quality of many songs.

Ed Sheeran Albums

The musician created his first album in 2006, and he released his second album in 2007. Initially, he sold less than 10,000 copies of the album.

Once the celebrity became popular, many people purchased the old albums. The following is a list of his most famous albums.

  • = (2021)
  • Divide (2017)
  • 5 (2014)
  • X (2014)
  • Loose Change (2011)
  • + (2011)

Playing Other Instruments

Ed Sheeran can play the piano, the drums, and the bass.

The musician has also learned to play the cello, and many fans have indicated that Ed Sheeran has hired tutors who can teach valuable lessons.

How Did Ed Sheeran Get Famous?

In 2008, the young musician relocated to London because he wanted to become a famous celebrity.

He contacted multiple companies that specialize in music, yet these businesses did not provide a contract. With no other choice, the young man frequently played music while he was standing on local sidewalks.

Eventually, Ed Sheeran independently created and released multiple songs that landed him playing live on a TV show in 2010. This eventually led to his rise to fame. 

ed sheeran in a suit by a yello background
Image from Shutterstock.

Ed Sheeran Rise to Fame

Ed Sheeran played music at 312 events in 2009. Consequently, many fans began to recognize the young musician.

Ed Sheeran also utilized marketing strategies that improved his reputation, increased his revenue, and influenced many fans.

In 2011, Ed Sheeran created an independent album, and several celebrities recognized his talent.

Elton John believed that Ed Sheeran was an innovative musician who could create excellent songs.

The well-known celebrity supported Ed Sheeran, and eventually, Asylum Records provided a contract, offered financial support, and improved the reputation of the musician.

During this time period, the young musician created a well-known album, and once he released the album, more than 100,000 people purchased the albums within one week.

Since September 2011, at least 2.2 million customers have bought copies of the album.

Ed Sheeran Has an Awesome Website

The celebrity owns a cutting-edge website, and he has hired multiple webmasters who manage the website.

The experienced webmasters frequently create posts that describe upcoming events, important updates, available tickets, and relevant links.

The website also promotes several types of albums, and while you browse the website, you can examine a description of each album, well-known songs, and upcoming tours.

The website contains a virtual store that sells many types of products. You can purchase albums, accessories, and other products.

Fortunately, the company provides affordable prices, and the business offers fast shipping.

Ed Sheeran Owns Many Properties

Ed Sheeran owns a house that has a value of more than $65 million.

Recently, the celebrity remodeled the house, and the renovations substantially increased the value of the home. The musician also purchased four houses that are located near his home.

Ed Sheeran Has Received Multiple Awards

During 2012, the musician earned several awards, and he also received numerous types of nominations. Once he received the awards, he thanked his fans, his parents, multiple celebrities, and his record company.

Ed Sheeran Attended the Olympic Games

The well-known celebrity attended the 2012 London Summer Olympics, and many fans watched his shows. During the closing ceremony, more than 50,000 spectators watched Ed Sheeran while he sang multiple songs.

Ed Sheeran Has Sold Millions of Albums

During the last decade, the musician has sold at least 26 million albums. Several reports have also indicated that more than 101 million fans have purchased his CDs.

According to many experts, at least four million fans might buy copies of his albums within the next year.

Ed Sheeran Signed Merchandise

Ed Sheeran frequently signs valuable merchandise, and if you visit the celebrity’s website, you could purchase the signed merchandise. The signed products are slightly more expensive than the unsigned merchandise.

After many fans purchased the signed merchandise, some fans resold the merchandise. Multiple experts have suggested that the value of the merchandise could increase by more than 90 percent.

Why Do People Hate Ed Sheeran?

After learning so many amazing facts about this musician, you may be surprised to find out that people sometimes hate the artist. So why does everyone hate Ed Sheeran?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t clear. Many people didn’t like his cameo appearance in Game of Thrones, while others hate his music. But the real reason he is probably hated is that men are afraid he’s going to steal their girlfriends with that amazing voice and talent!

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