Katy Perry’s Net Worth: From Pastor’s Daughter to the Most Famous Pop Artist of All Time

katy perry's net worth
Katy Perry performs at Chicago's radio B96 at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL, USA, in December 2019. Image by Adam Bielawski on Wikimedia Commons.

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Katy Perry is a world-famous singer and songwriter whose rise to fame included the songs “I Kissed a Girl” and “Firework.” She’s so famous that it’s rare to come across a person who doesn’t know her name.

But what is Katy Perry’s net worth? With so much fame, you’d have to expect she’d have some serious cash, especially considering she was a host on the popular show American Idol. Read on to learn all about Katy Perry’s net worth, which may surprise you.

Katy Perry’s Net Worth

Katy Perry’s net worth is estimated to be around $330 million dollars as of January 2023.

Considering the star is not yet 40 years old, this is truly an impressive amount of money.

This income was generated both from the sale of her songs and merchandise, as well as from her appearances on shows like American Idol.

katy perry halftime show
Katy Perry performing “California Gurls” at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., on Feb. 1, 2015. Image by Huntley Paton on Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Katy Perry Get Rich?

Much of Katy Perry’s net worth is generated from the money she is paid for appearing in concerts or on shows.

She earns an impressive income from the sale of her music as well. Katy Perry additionally owns her own label, allowing her to earn money from the sale of both her records and those of others.

Perry has also appeared in several films and TV shows which has earned her a nice salary.

While she isn’t as famous for her role in of “Smurfette” in the movie the Smurfs, it is part of what made her so rich.

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Katy Perry’s Cars

As you could probably sense from Katy Perry’s net worth, she definitely has some money to spend on some nice cars. In fact, the artist reportedly has a garage full of cars.

Katy Perry’s car collection includes an Aston Martin, an Audi A5, a Nissan, a smart car, a Ferrari, and a Maserati.

She also owns a Tesla Model S and a vintage Mercedes-Ben W180.

Because Katy Perry has so many cars, it’s difficult to say exactly how many she has exactly, but these are the vehicles she has been seen driving previously.

Katy Perry’s House

Katy Perry currently owns several properties.

The first estate she tried to purchase was a 1920’s mansion in Los Angeles that sat on 8.5 acres of land that was currently occupied by 3 nuns. During the course of the sale, Dana Hollister, another businesswoman, tried to interfere.

As a result, the sale did not close, and the case went to court. The judge ruled in favor of Katy Perry in 2019, and she was given the option to purchase the property under the original terms. It is unclear if the sale proceeded.

While all this was going on, Katy Perry also bought a mansion worth $19 million in Beverly Hills, which she listed for sale in 2022. She then bought a $14.2 million dollar home with her fiancé Orlando Bloom in Montecito, California.


How Much Does Katy Perry Make Per Show?

Katy Perry’s salary is an impressive $25 million per year.

While it’s difficult to say exactly how much she makes per show because it varies from location to location, for her time having a resident show in Las Vegas, she made an impressive $475,000 per show.

On tour, she makes around one million dollars per show.

How Much Are Katy Perry’s Tickets?

The cost of a ticket to a Katy Perry show will depend on when and where you wish to see her. For her show in Las Vegas, tickets are around $150-$200 each.

Katy Perry’s Early Life

Katy Perry was born in 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Both her parents were Pentecostal pastors which led to Katy having an extremely strict upbringing. She was born under the name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

Katy Perry has two siblings, a younger brother named David and an older sister named Angela. They are both also singers, but neither is as famous as Katy.

Katy began singing lessons at 9 years old at the same time her sister Angela began taking them. Although only gospel music was allowed in their home, Katy was exposed to pop music when she went to visit friends.

Katy’s musical talent was evident, and her parents allowed her to perform at church while she was a teenager.

She was even given a guitar on her 13th birthday. At age 15, Katy Perry attained her GED so she could leave high school and pursue a music career.

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katy perry now
LOS ANGELES – MARCH 14: Singer Katy Perry arrives for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

Katy Perry’s Career

In the year 2000, Katy Perry headed to Nashville to begin writing and recording songs. Her first signing was by a Christian record company that signed Katy to sing gospel songs. These songs were released under the name Katy Hudson.

Unfortunately, her first songs weren’t popular, and the record company went under within months of Katy signing with them.

She then moved to Los Angeles to work with producer Glen Ballard on more mainstream music. It was around this time she picked the name Katy Perry because she didn’t want to be confused with actress Kate Hudson.

Katy Perry had many difficulties being signed, as she was repeatedly dropped from one label or another, and her debut album was shelved time and time again.

While she struggled with her own release, she had some minor success being featured in songs by other artists like “Old Habits Die Hard” by Mick Jagger and “Goodbye for Now” by P.O.D.

Finally, in 2007, Perry was paired with Dr. Luke and came up with the songs “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold,” both of which hit the top charts upon release. From there on out, Katy Perry was a hit success, and her songs continue to grow in popularity each year.

Besides just writing and performing her own music, Katy Perry has also been a judge on the show American Idol and featured in several movies.

Katy Perry’s Net Worth

Overall, Katy Perry’s net worth is quite impressive. But she didn’t get there on a fluke. After being turned down again and again and remaking her own image, Katy Perry finally succeeded, becoming one of the best-selling pop artists of all time.

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