What Is Harry Styles’ Net Worth? The Amount May Shock You 

Harry Styles net worth
Harry Styles (Louis Tomlinson in background), One Direction, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Saturday 14 January 2012. Photo by Fiona McKinley.

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Harry Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor from Redditch. He first became famous with the boy band One Direction. After being eliminated in the finals of the TV talent competition The X Factor, Harry Styles was chosen along with four other competitors to form a new band, One Direction. 

Harry Styles has had a successful career with his band and as a solo artist. With success comes money, and people want to know ‘How much is Harry Styles’ net worth?’ Let’s dive in.

Harry Styles Net Worth

In 2022 Harry Styles’ net worth is about $80 million. 

Harry styles soccer
Harry Styles playing at a charity soccer game in 2014. Photo by Vague on the Now.

Where Does Harry Styles Live?

Currently, Harry Styles lives in England and America. 

He owns three properties in the Hampstead Heath area of North London. Some say he is building “a fortress” on this road. 

The first house was purchased for $4 million when he was 18. When he moved there, Harry Styles had troubles with the stalker Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, who was found guilty of stalking in 2019. 

The second house, a Georgian house just across the street from the first one, was purchased in 2019 and cost about $10 million. 

Harry Styles bought his last house in 2020 for $5.4 million according to “Love property”

In March 2014, Harry Styles bought a mid-century marvel in a luxury community in the Beverly Hills Post Office area for $4 million. After the house was renovated, he sold it in 2016. 

He also purchased a modern pad close to Sunset Strip for $6.9 million. It includes a swimming pool, a gym, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Later he sold this property as well.

He then got himself a penthouse in New York for $8.7 million, located in the Tribeca neighborhood. Many other stars are living there as well. Harry Styles has 2868 square feet of living space. 

What is Harry Styles’ Salary?

Harry Styles’ salary is about $7 million or even more. He earns around a million dollars a month.

What Kind of Cars does Harry Styles Drive?

Harry Styles is known for his flamboyant style. His cars are just as extravagant as his clothes. 

Besides his Ferrari California, worth $195 000, he also owns an Audio R8 Coupe that costs about $131 000.

One of Harry Styles’ favorite cars seems to be the Jaguar E-type, but he also owns one of the newest Range Rover models. 

As he enjoys driving vintage cars, he was also seen in a classic Mercedes-Benz, worth $60 000. Harry Styles has a Porsche 911, an Alpha Romeo Spider, and other cars. 

how much is harry styles net worth.
Harry Edward Styles at 214 show in Graz, 8. Nov. 2014. Photo by Kurt Kulac.

How Much do Harry Styles Tickets Cost?

The demand for Harry Styles tour tickets for the Love on Tour in the UK was so huge that Ticketmaster’s UK website crashed in the morning of the pre-sales according to NME.

In the US, there are over 42 sold-out shows for Love on Tour. According to Live Nation, they made $95 million with ticket sales, and also collected over $1 million for non-profit organizations. 

Does Harry Styles have his own Record Label?

In 2016 Harry Styles signed a contract with Columbia Records, which offered him $98-105 million. Many record labels wanted to sign him before he even began his solo career. 

Apple tried to sign Harry Styles for $25 Million and Jay Z offered him a deal as well in 2016. In this time, he also created his own independent record label, Erskine Records. 

The parent company still owns all of his masters. Harry Styles released his first two solo albums on this label. 

Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album sold 230 000 copies in its first week. This was the record for the best-selling first week of a debut album by a male British singer. 

The album’s debut single, “Sign of the Times,” was released in 2017 and shot up the UK charts.

Fine Line, his second album, sold more than 478 000 copies. It was the third-best-selling album of 2019.

Harry Styles has also received various awards. These include two Brit Awards, one Grammy Award, one Ivor Novello Award, and one American Music Award. 

How Much Does Harry Styles Earn With his Merchandise?

On his first tour, Harry Styles broke merchandise records in over 50 venues in Europe, Australia, and America. Harry Styles earned about $22.9 million selling merchandise.

His products include clothes and accessories. “Treat People With Kindness” hoodies and keyrings are very popular. 

Harry Styles 2018
This is Harry Styles in 2018 at the Denver show from his tour Live on Tour. Photo by Lovclyhes.

About Harry Styles’ Tours

In April 2017, the tour dates for Harry Styles’ first tour were released on Twitter and his website. Harry Styles played smaller venues for the first shows, so the tickets were sold out immediately. 

Just a couple of months later, Harry Styles announced that he was going to have 56 concerts all over the world in 2018. 

During the tour, they raised $1.2 million for charity donations with the sales of his merchandise and the tickets. 

The next tour, Love on Tour, is going to start in April 2022. Harry Styles is earning $94.7 million from 719,000 sold tickets according to Billboard

About Harry Styles’ Concerts

Harry Styles is making $2.25 million every night on Love on Tour. Each ticket earns Harry Styles about $129. 

Besides his tour in 2022, Harry Styles will also be at the Coachella Festival in April 2022 according to his official website.

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