25 Sober Celebrities: Thriving on the Clear Path

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Recently, numerous celebrities have shied away from the extravagant partying that comes with life in the spotlight and chosen another path: sobriety. As these individuals shared their own experiences and stories with sobriety from alcohol addiction, drug use, and more, this shift created a positive movement that inspired fans and other celebrities to do the same. 

Here are 25 sober celebrities who don’t drink anymore. 

1. Adele

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In 2021, Adele admitted that she had quit drinking to protect her voice for her comeback album, 30. The death of the English singer’s estranged father after battling bowel cancer also greatly affected this decision. 

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she said: “That’s one great way of really sort of getting to know yourself, is just drinking water and being sober as anything.” 

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2. Daniel Radcliffe

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Harry Potter star Danielle Radcliffe has admitted that he turned to alcohol during times of great stress and doubt while dealing with the pressure of being the lead star in one of the most popular movie franchises. 

With the support of his family and friends, like many sober celebrities, Radcliffe started living a teetotal lifestyle in 2010 and has remained sober ever since. 

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3. Demi Lovato

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After her devastating overdose in 2018, which left her with vision and hearing impairment, singer and actress Demi Lovato began her journey of sobriety. 

Although she initially declared herself to be “California sober” (meaning she still smokes weed), in December 2021, Lovato announced through Instagram that “sober sober is the only way to be.”

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4. Tom Holland

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In June of 2023, Spiderman star Tom Holland decided he was all done with drinking alcohol. After trying out “Dry January,” a challenge where you give up alcohol for the entire month, he realized that things had to change in his life. 

Holland is one of the most famous sober people today, and he says that being sober has made him happier than ever. “I could sleep better, I could handle problems better. Things that would go wrong on set that would normally set me off, I could take in my stride. I had so much better mental clarity. I felt healthier, I felt fitter.”

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5. Blake Lively

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The Gossip Girl lead star is a sober celebrity uninterested in interacting with the different vices surrounding her. 

“I don’t drink. I’ve never tried a drug,” Blake Lively told Allure Magazine. “It’s not like I decided on these strict lifestyle choices and I’m enforcing them. It’s just something that I genuinely don’t have a desire for.” 

Though she admitted that not wanting to participate in drinking can feel alienating, she combated these feelings by building Betty Buzz, a brand of mixers created for mocktails. 

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6. Florence Welch

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Florence Welch recently celebrated nine years of sobriety. The Florence + The Machine lead singer has openly discussed her battle with alcohol and substance addiction, along with the negative feelings that came with wanting to be sober. 

According to Welch, being sober has helped her navigate being in the public eye, and it was the best decision she has ever made. 

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7. Shania Twain

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Shania Twain is one of the most famous people in the industry, and she’s proven to be a role model in more ways than just talent and charm. The “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” singer doesn’t drink alcohol, eat meat, or smoke. 

When asked about why she doesn’t drink, she explained that alcohol is just something that doesn’t interest her. “I’ve never had a drinking problem and never drank when I worked.”

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8. Keith Urban

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Keith Urban got sober after an intervention spearheaded by his wife, Nicole Kidman, in 2006. The “Blue Ain’t Your Color” singer grew up in an “alcoholic household,” which made his battle with alcoholism brutal to get through, as he found himself searching for ways to be different. 

After a stint at rehab, his career continued to soar as he continued to overcome his addiction. “I’m glad it didn’t change anything about my music. I wrote plenty of hit songs while drunk. I wrote plenty sober,” he shared with the New York Post. “I feel lucky it hasn’t defined my creativity.”

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9. Lana Del Rey

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“Born to Die” singer Lana Del Rey is open with her struggles on the topic of sobriety and her battle with alcoholism. 

She started to drink at a young age, and it quickly became a daily occurrence by the time she was a teenager, leading to her alcohol addiction.

Del Rey even sang about her struggles, most notably with her song “Carmen.” 

In a 2012 interview with British GQ, she said she had been sober for nine years and has continued to be one of the sober famous people who continue to stay away from their old habits.  

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10. Zac Efron

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Being put in the spotlight at a young age made it hard for Zac Efron to keep up with the societal pressures of Hollywood, which caused him to resort to drinking heavily to cope. 

The former High School Musical star entered rehab in 2014 to seek help, as his addiction had taken over his career and affected his relationship with his loved ones.

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11. Jack Harlow

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Up-and-coming rapper Jack Harlow put the bottle down in 2021, sharing in an Instagram post how he hasn’t had even a sip of alcohol for the entire year and that his decision to cut down on alcohol might be for the long term. 

Harlow shared that he’s been sick of the decisions he’s made on alcohol and that he is doing this for the sake of his future and the people who are there to support him. Harlow even called it his “well-oiled machine era,” eventually following other sober celebrities’ footsteps in making positive lifestyle changes.  

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12. Eminem

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Eminem spoke candidly about his experience with substance abuse and getting sober in 2008 in a recent interview with Vanity Fair. He talked about how he had to relearn making music and that doing it while sober felt like it was all brand new. 

“It was like the first time I started having fun with music again, and relearning how to rap; you remember that whole process,” Eminem said. “It took a long time for my brain to start working again.”

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13. Chris Martin

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Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin, has opened up about how, in the early days, Coldplay would enjoy partying and binge drinking, which eventually caused some problems. 

He also mentioned in an interview with BBC Radio 2 that he doesn’t do very well with alcohol, which was another motivator for him to get sober. The “Yellow” singer doesn’t even smoke or drink coffee anymore.

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14. Mike McCready

the band peral jam got to meet bill clinton
President Clinton with members of the band “Pearl Jam” in the Oval Office. Band members (left to right) Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, and Eddie Vedder, along with John Hoyt of Pyramid Communications and the band’s manager Kelly Curtis, stand with the President (center). Photographer: Barbara Kinney Image is in the Public Domain

The esteemed guitarist of the rock band Pearl Jam struggled with addiction throughout his career. Today, however, Mike McCready is 20 years sober. 

He also takes his healthy living seriously and was even awarded the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award from MusiCares on May 10, 2018. He was honored for his dedication to helping others through their recovery from addiction, setting an example among other sober celebrities. 

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15. Trey Anastasio

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Trying his first opiate in 2000 led Trey Anastasio to get addicted and into a downward spiral with addiction. Fortunately, a felony drug charge in 2006 was what finally prompted Phish’s lead singer and guitarist to seek sobriety. 

Anastasio has been living a sober life for more than 15 years now, and he remains one of the sober celebrities who has overcome addiction and is consistent with their recovery. 

16. Kit Harington

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Best known for his role as Jon Snow in the award-winning television series Game of Thrones, Kit Harington has been open with his struggles with alcohol, talking about how pressures within the industry have turned him into a frequent drinker. 

He also recalled the time he decided to go to the Privé Swiss retreat in Connecticut to seek treatment for his addiction to alcohol. 

Harington has been sober for around four years, joining the ranks of celebrities who don’t drink and becoming one of the many inspiring, sober, famous people in the entertainment industry.

17. Eric Clapton

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A year after his son Connor was born in 1987, legendary guitarist and musician Eric Clapton went into addiction treatment that eventually led to his sobriety. 

Clapton has said that he doesn’t regret his times as a person with an addiction and has acknowledged this as a part of his journey. 

“It’s brought me to where I am,” he said in an interview with NPR. “My life would not be the same, and I would not have what I have today, were [it not] for the fact that I went through all this stuff.”

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18. Lily Allen

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English singer-songwriter and actress Lily Allen described the time of her addiction to drugs and alcohol as a haze, candidly sharing stories of pre-sobriety and her struggles with coping with her exposure to drugs and alcohol as she navigated through fame. 

Allen eventually became one of the celebrities who don’t drink as she went clean and sober in 2018, around the time of the release of her album No Shame.

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19. Tyler, the Creator

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American rapper, producer, and songwriter Tyler, the Creator has been open about his stance on using mind-altering substances and alcohol. 

In an interview with Fantastic Man magazine, he talked about how drinking has never really appealed to him, and he doesn’t want to be that drunk guy.

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20. Anthony Kiedis

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Red Hot Chili Peppers’ frontman Anthony Kiedis has shied away from discussing his journey with alcohol and substance addiction, especially in his autobiography, Scar Tissue, where he provided a detailed account of what he went through during those years.

Kiedis was sober for the first time in 1988. However, in 1994, he relapsed when he was prescribed a painkiller, Tramadol, after a dental procedure. 

He got sober for the second time in 2000, becoming an inspiration to fans and fellow sober celebrities alike. 

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21. Brandon Flowers

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After becoming a dad in 2007, the frontman of the American rock band The Killers has toned down his partying lifestyle and decided to lead a life of sobriety. 

As a result, Brandon Flowers has said he would much prefer to stay in a hotel room and write songs rather than go to parties.

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22. Calvin Harris

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It wasn’t difficult for Scottish DJ Calvin Harris to come across alcohol, considering that he was a part of the club scene. 

After many drunken episodes, Harris decided to quit alcohol, primarily because he noticed that it was negatively affecting his work. 

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23. Tim McGraw

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Country singer and actor Tim Mcgraw is one of the sober celebrities who has been open about sharing his journey. He credits his wife, Faith Hill, as a big part of his path to sobriety. 

In an interview with Esquire, he recalled asking for his wife’s help. “I went straight to my wife and said, ‘This is where I’m at.’ I was scared. She just grabbed me and hugged me and changed my life.” 

Writing the song “Hey Whiskey” also helped him overcome his struggles with addiction, and the “Don’t Take the Girl” singer has proudly been sober since 2008. 

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24. Tom Hardy

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After an incident when he woke up in a pool of his own waste, English actor Tom Hardy entered a 12-step program in 2003 to overcome his alcohol and substance addiction. 

He has stayed sober for more than 13 years now, so he can be counted among the celebrities who don’t drink or use drugs. 

25. Jennifer Hudson

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During an interview with Chelsea Handler, multi-talented American actress, singer, and talk show host Jennifer Hudson revealed that she has never tried alcohol or smoked a cigarette. 

When questioned about her reasons for abstaining from these substances, Hudson explained that she has never been inclined to drink. 

She stated, “I’ve never had a drink in my life. I’m sober. Normally, as an actor, you have things to pull from. [But when playing a heroin addict] I was like, ‘I don’t know what it’s like to feel any of that.” I’ve never been interested [in alcohol]. Nobody ever believes it.”

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