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  • best concert venues in the world

    The 15 Best Music Venues in the World To See Before You Die

    Where you see a show has an incredible impact on the overall experience. The best locations encapsulate the beauty of the song and the environment in one spot, creating the ultimate place to experience the artistry of sound in person. Strap in and get ready to buy a plane ticket around the globe as we […] More

  • worst karaoke songs

    The 23 Worst Karaoke Songs: Songs to Never Request at Karaoke

    Karaoke songs are fun when you pick the right one. You can belt it at the top of your lungs, laughing with an excited audience as you push through the lyrics. Unfortunately, the worst karaoke songs will send the evening downhill. Prepare yourself to face reality as we dive into twenty of the worst karaoke […] More

  • songs about butterflies

    The 19 Most Beautiful Songs About Butterflies for Any Occasion

    Butterflies are one of the funnest things to sing about in popular music. Whether you’re talking about the insect or the feeling in your stomach when you fall in love, there are many incredible song selections about these creatures. Some are powerful, while others are sweet and quiet. No matter what form of these flying […] More

  • best asian singers

    15 Best Asian Singers: The Ultimate Playlist

    It’s no secret that some of the most talented singers on the planet come from Asia, and today we’re here to celebrate the continent’s finest. The region is home to the globally relevant popular music scenes in China, Japan, Korea, and India, as well as vibrant smaller markets. We’ll cover the best 15 Asian singers […] More

  • the best music venues in america

    The 15 Best Music Venues in America To Add to Your Bucketlist

    Everyone knows that a concert venue can make or break a performance, and a bad venue can ruin a concert, even if it’s a concert put on by your favorite band. Whether you want the best acoustics or are just looking for some amazing music venues to add to your bucket list, we’ve scoped out […] More

  • worship songs

    25 Best Worship Songs to Let God Know How Awesome He Is

    Nothing pleases God more than when his people show him praise and thanksgiving. Thankfully, the artists we all love have given us plenty of options for Church worship music that will make God smile. So, grab a pen. Here are 25 of the best worship songs that will have you asking, how great is our […] More

  • best gospel songs

    The 25 Best Gospel Songs to Take You to Church on Sunday

    You don’t have to be at church on Sunday to experience church. You can also experience it every other day of the week when you have a playlist of gospel songs ready. Well, have no fear, we have given you a list of the 25 best gospel songs to get you started, and with these, […] More

  • songs about friendship

    Best 15 Songs About Friendship To Share With Your BFF

    Gather all your friends and turn on that playlist of best friend songs to enjoy together. Don’t worry if you don’t have one ready yet. We’ve got 15 songs about friendship to get you started.   You’ll love nothing more than pouring a glass of wine with your girlfriends or downing a beer with your bros […] More

  • songs about depression

    20 Songs About Depression to Help You Through the Dark Days

    Depression hurts. Some days are so painful you can’t seem to even make it out of bed. Songs about depression are here to remind you that life will get better and that you can make it through. No matter what genre you like, they all have amazing songs about depression to help inspire you during […] More

  • Girl drummer with sunglasses on and raising drum sticks

    24 Funny Drummer Jokes

    People like to throw shade at drummers, and according to most band members, it’s not unwarranted. Somewhere along the line, drummers have built a slightly negative reputation of being lazy, unreliable, and a little frustrating to work with. If you’re a drummer and you’re reading this, and you aren’t like all the other drummers out […] More

  • songs about addiction

    20 Powerful Songs About Addiction to Help You on the Road to Recovery

    Addiction isn’t something to be taken lightly. In most cases, it can be almost impossible to overcome addiction without help. Songs about addiction discuss the difficulties of all kinds of addiction, as well as give users hope that they can overcome theirs. Whether it is you facing the harsh reality of addiction or maybe a […] More

  • songs about death

    26 Heartfelt Songs About Death to Remember Those We Lost

    Death is never easy. No matter your age or origin, losing someone you love hurts. Songs about death are powerful melodies that are written about the feelings of death. Some songs about death discuss how we miss those who have died, while others talk about how unfair death is. No matter what genre you enjoy […] More

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