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  • best punk songs
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    The 25 Best Punk Songs to Help You Stick it to the Man

    Punk is dead – long live punk! Punk began in the late 70s as a response to the excesses of progressive rock, stripping down rock n’ roll to its most primitive elements. It found an immediate audience in the dissatisfied youth of the time. It’s grown over the years and merged with other genres, but […] More

  • movies about music

    The Top 16 Best Movies About Music

    Movies about music always top the charts as some of the best movies of all time. While some movies about music are set up as musicals, others tell the story of an artist’s rise to fame.  Either way, the movies about music genre is huge, and there’s something in it for everyone. We’ve made a […] More

  • best drinking songs
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    The 21 Best Drinking Songs to Raise Your Glass To

    Like PB and J or fries and ketchup, music and drinking just fit well together. Whether the subject is beer, wine, whiskey, or cocktails, there is no shortage of great songs about drinking. But what are the best drinking songs? Find out below.    “Shot For Me” – Drake Most of us tend to think […] More

  • songs about cars

    The 20 Best Songs About Cars

    Songs about cars have always had a big part in the human creative psyche. From the angsty vibes of a teenage love affair in “Drive” by Incubus to the absolute road-trip banger that is Roxette’s “Sleeping in My Car,” songs about cars have been in the minds of musicians since cars have been a thing. […] More

  • songs about freedom
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    15 Best Songs About Freedom

    Although you may not always think about them, a playlist with songs about freedom is a great playlist to have on hand. You can play it to cheer you up when you are feeling down or to help a friend through a difficult time (like a breakup). The point is how much freedom we have […] More

  • best pop songs

    19 Best Pop Songs for Your Playlist

    Pop is a unique and exciting genre which is why it’s no surprise that some of the best pop songs top the charts each year. Whether you are in the mood to jam along with some attitude or looking to express more dismal emotions, there is a pop song to suit your every mood. We’ve […] More

  • songs about 9/11

    15 Songs About 9/11: A Guide for Remembering the Fateful Day

    Listening to songs about 9/11 can help you to remember a critical day in American history. No matter what your political stance is, the events of 9/11 changed the lives of many Americans forever. Whether you had a friend or family member who was in one of the towers, or perhaps a family member in […] More

  • songs about heartbreak
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    The 15+ Best Songs About Heartbreak to Help You Heal

    Heartbreak is something that everyone will likely experience at some point in their life, and these songs about heartbreak are here to see you through the pain. It doesn’t matter if someone you love passed away or a lover left you, the emotions you feel from heartbreak are real and unrelentless. No matter what genre […] More

  • songs about cheating

    15+ Best Songs About Cheating to Remind You That You Aren’t Alone

    If you’ve been cheated on, then you know listening to songs about cheating is part of the healing process. After all, what better way to express your emotions than singing your anger with someone famous who’s been in the same situation? Whether you want some classic songs about cheating or to find a new jam, […] More

  • the best songs from the 2000s
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    The 23 Best Songs from the 2000s

    Who says that music isn’t as good as it used to be? Our still-young century has already featured many classic tracks from legends like Taylor Swift, Eminem, Adele, and more. Check out our list of the 22 best songs from the 2000s below.   “Forever” – Chris Brown Chris Brown is one of the most accomplished […] More

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