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    The 21 Best Jazz Songs: The Definitive List

    Jazz music is one of America’s great artistic achievements. From its humble beginnings in the early 1900s to the most avant-garde forms today, the genre has evolved and continued to fascinate listeners worldwide.  But what are the best jazz songs? Find out below. The Best Jazz Songs   “Dream Another” – Makaya McCraven Who is […] More

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    The Best 15 Female Country Singers of All Time: Who Made the List?

    They’ve dominated the world of country music for generations, leaving behind a trail-blazing legacy for the rising young female country singers of the day. From chart-topping hits to award-winning albums and sold-out tours, these women have left their mark in the history of country music. Who are the current top female country singers? Who are […] More

  • the best female musicians of all time

    The Best Female Musicians of All Time

    Female singers are commonplace in the music world, but female singers aren’t the only female musicians out there. Women are prominent in the music world, found playing everything from the guitar to the drums and even the violin. But of course, a list of the best female musicians of all time will also include some […] More

  • worst christian songs

    The 13 Worst Christian Songs: When Worship Music Goes Bad

    There is a lot to love about Christian Contemporary Music (CCM). Like every genre, though, Christian music also has some tracks that should be retired and never looked at again. We explore them on our list of the worst Christian songs. The 13 Worst Christian Songs   13. “Ocean” – Wish for Eden I wanted […] More

  • best country songs

    The 50 Best Country Songs From Jimmie Rodgers to Morgan Wallen

    Country music has gone down many winding dirt roads since its inception over 100 years ago. Considered the music of the people, country’s down-home sound and relatable themes have helped it endure and continue to thrive. There are many arguments about what is or isn’t country, but we cover all the bases on our list […] More

  • best wedding songs

    The 18 Best Wedding Songs

    There are few more important events in a person’s life than their wedding. A great soundtrack for both the ceremony and reception is an essential part of making the day special. There are thousands of songs to choose from, but here are the 18 best wedding songs. The Best Wedding Songs   18. “Dynamite” – […] More

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