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  • worst songs ever made a woman kneeling next to an old radio
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    20 Worst Songs Ever Made

    We love music, we really do, but not all songs are amazing, in fact, some are outright terrible. Famous artists aren’t immune, as some of the worst songs in history come from professionals who are well-known for being masters of their craft. We guess you can’t always be on your A-game.  Take a seat and […] More

  • the best metal vocalists of all time sharon den adel in a sheep costume on stage
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    The 20 Best Metal Vocalists of All Time

    From AC/DC to Behemoth, Metallica to Within Temptation, metal music has justified its rabid fanbase since the late ’60s. It’s loud, it’s got screaming, and sometimes even growling—all things that can be strange to those who aren’t familiar with the genre, but are sublime to adherents. It takes tremendous talent to be a metal vocalist, […] More

  • best 80s music videos two women dressed in neon
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    17 Best 80’s Music Videos

    The 80s was an excellent time for music videos. It was a new era of innovation and creativity. If you think back to the 80’s, you can probably name at least one life-changing music video experience.  If you’re interested in learning more about the best 80’s music videos, you’re in the right place. Get comfortable […] More

  • toby keith holding a blue guitar in front of a yellow background. best country music videos

    15 Best Country Music Videos, Ranked

    Country music has always made its fame by putting out songs that tell a story, which has only been enhanced over the years by the music videos produced. From heartbreaking ballads to a whole new spin on some of the most popular covers and even some that are just plain fun to watch in a […] More

  • cher. famous singers who look older than they really are
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    19 Famous Singers Who Look Older Than They Really Are

    For some, it’s a natural maturity. For others, it’s botched plastic surgery gone wrong. Then, for others, it’s the sad truth that health, including physical illness and even mental and emotional illness, will show on the outer when it really starts to affect the inner. As a result, many can come off looking years older […] More

  • danny masterson in a tweed suit
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    23 Most Hated Celebrities

    When it comes to being in the spotlight, we’ll admit there is an enormous amount of pressure. When you’re a celebrity, you’re under a microscope with everyone – the media and fans alike – watching and taking note of your every move. One stupid mistake or less-than-stellar allegation comes to light, and you’re suddenly knocked […] More

  • the best female musicians of all time
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    The 13 Best Female Musicians of All Time

    Female singers are commonplace in the music world, but female singers aren’t the only female musicians out there. Women are prominent in the music world, playing everything from the guitar to the drums and even the violin. But of course, a list of the best female musicians of all time will also include some singers! […] More

  • worst singer tom delonge on stage singing and playing guitar


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    17 Worst Singers of All Time

    Obviously, there are many great singers across all genres. From Frank Sinatra to Mariah Carey, Otis Redding to Adele, a big voice has the ability to completely transform a song. That’s not what we’re talking about in this article, though, as we are going to check the other side of the spectrum. Here are the […] More

  • worst girl bands of all time the girl group Danity Kane arriving for an event
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    22 Worst Girl Bands of All Time

    There have been plenty of great girl bands throughout the years. At their best, they can be empowering and uplifting. Not every girl group is created equal, though. Check out our list of the worst girl bands to discover the gals who missed the mark. 1. Daphne and Celeste  New Jersey duo Daphne and Celeste […] More

  • top female country singers


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    The Best 20 Female Country Singers of All Time: Who Made the List?

    They’ve dominated the world of country music for generations, leaving behind a trail-blazing legacy for the rising young female country singers of the day. From chart-topping hits to award-winning albums and sold-out tours, these women have left their mark on the history of country music. Who are the current top female country singers? Who are […] More

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