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  • songs about dying

    22 Songs About Dying to Lift Your Spirits

    Thinking about death and what comes after you cross into the next life can be a scary thought. Death affects us all, whether you are The Beatles, Elvis, or a  car mechanic. Songs about death can help someone come to terms with their eventual fate.   Whether you are the person who is dying or […] More

  • female drummers

    13 Best Female Drummers: Queens Behind the Kit

    If you ask somebody to list their favorite drummers, usually they’ll mention Keith Moon, John Bonham, and others. Sometimes overlooked, though, are the great female drummers who have (wo)manned the kit from rock n’ roll’s inception (and even before). Who are these stick-wielding queens? Find out on our list of the 14 best female drummers. […] More

  • best 50s songs

    11 Best 50s Songs: Your Sock Hop Soundtrack

    The 1950s are known for many things: the sprawl of post-war suburbia, the birth of rock n’ roll, the cold war. Its soundtrack is varied, from simple pop to reckless rockabilly and rock. Check out our list of the best 50s songs of all time below. Best 50s Songs   11. So What – Miles […] More

  • campfire songs
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    The Best 20 Campfire Songs for Your Next Camping Trip

    There is nothing quite as satisfying as singing campfire songs with your friends and family as you chill around a campfire under the stars. But if you are camping for the first time, or if it’s been a while since you were a child, you might have forgotten all the fun campfire songs. Not to […] More

  • music documentaries

    20 Best Music Documentaries: You Now Have Plans This Weekend

    From concert tours to in-depth behind-the-scenes into their lives, music documentaries bring fans into the lives of their favorite musicians. Some rarely get noticed, but many have an enduring legacy that will hold on for generations. What are the best music documentaries? Find out below. The 20 Best Music Documentaries   20. Miss Americana Streaming […] More

  • the best Australian bands of all time
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    The 15 Best Australian Bands of All Time

    Australia is located halfway around the world from most other countries, but that doesn’t mean it is small. In fact, Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they are the origin of many of the world’s greatest bands. But who are the best Australian […] More

  • the best rock songs

    The Best Rock Songs of All Time: The Ultimate Top 40

    Rock n’ roll began in the 1950s, when artists like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley combined blues, R&B, country, and standard pop into a cultural phenomenon. Since then, the genre has undergone dozens of changes, from the Brit Pop revolution to punk to grunge. For our best rock songs list, we focus on covering all […] More

  • the best spanish singers of all time
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    The 15 Best Spanish Singers: Pop Stars, Opera Legends, and More

    Rhythmic beats, deeply emotional lyrics, and traditional style are all synonymous with Spanish music, making it one of the most popular genres for fans worldwide.  From newer artists like Rosalía Vila to opera greats like Plácido Domingo, there is no shortage of talent for our list of the best Spanish singers of all time.  Who […] More

  • the best russian rappers
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    The 20 Best Russian Rappers of All Time

    Russia: the land of Vodka, Russian dolls, and Putin.  Perpahs surprisingly, Russia is also the home of some of the best rappers in the history of the game. Who are the best Russian rappers? Find out about 20 fascinating artists on our list of the 20 best Russian rappers. The 20 Best Russian Rappers   […] More

  • best indian singers
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    The 15 Best Indian Singers of All Time

    Perhaps a surprise to some, India is a hotbed for great singers. There’s a lot of great talent to discover, so buckle up as we tell you all about the best Indian singers. The 15 Best Indian Singers of All Time   15. Javed Ali Delhi-born Javed Ali was born in 1982. Now 40 years […] More

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