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  • most overrated bands ed sheeran in a suit by a yello background

    31 Most Overrated Bands and Overrated Artists

    There are some amazing bands and artists in the music world, but there are also some that are entirely underserving of the fame they receive. Overrated bands are often widely known for reasons other than their excellent musical talent, and it cheapens the music industry for everyone. Read on to discover the 31 most overrated […] More

  • bands who have the dumbest fans The Beatles in Hillegom in 1964

    27 Bands Who Have the Dumbest Fans

    Have you ever seen a musician and thought, “That band has the dumbest fans?” You aren’t alone. Unfortunately, some musicians seem to attract the lowest IQ fans, and it can turn the rest of the public against the band as a result. We’ve made a list of 27 bands who have the dumbest fans. Read […] More

  • richard simmons walking down the street in a red jumpsuit carrying a pillow

    27 Weirdest, Craziest, Wackiest Celebrities

    Just because they’ve got money and fame doesn’t mean they all have class, grace, or poise. Let’s face it: there are some crazy celebrities in the entertainment business, and sometimes, we can’t help but have our mouths open at some of the things these weird celebrities pull.  From weird animal obsessions to strange interviews and […] More

  • meanest singers jennifer lopez in a dress and fancy necklace on the red carpet

    The 22 Meanest Singers of All Time

    You know what they always say: don’t put your favorite celebrities on a pedestal because they’ll end up disappointing you. Well, that statement couldn’t be more accurate for the singers on this list. They may have money and fame, but they aren’t always the nicest when it comes to showing respect and grace to their […] More

  • music documentaries

    34 Best Music Documentaries: You Now Have Plans This Weekend

    From concert tours to in-depth behind-the-scenes into their lives, music documentaries bring fans into the lives of their favorite musicians. Some rarely get noticed, but many have an enduring legacy that will hold on for generations. What are the best music documentaries? Find out below. The 34 Best Music Documentaries 34. Dolly Parton: Here I […] More

  • worst singers

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    15 Worst Singers of All Time

    Obviously, there are many great singers across all genres. From Frank Sinatra to Mariah Carey, Otis Redding to Adele, a big voice has the ability to completely transform a song. That’s not what we’re talking about in this article, though, as we are going to check the other side of the spectrum. Here are the […] More

  • who is yung gravy Steve Aoki and Sullivan King Live at The Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Who Is Yung Gravy? Meet Minnesota’s Worst Rapper Ever

    A question people might be asking lately is, who is Yung Gravy? Well, he just might be the worst rapper ever. Seriously. Yung Gravy is bad. Like, really bad. Not only are his lyrics awful, but his live performances are an experience you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. People took to social media on […] More

  • songs about loss

    16 Songs About Loss to Help You Grieve

    Losing someone is one of the most difficult parts of life. If you have recently lost someone, then you may be looking for songs about loss to cope with how you feel.   Dealing with loss is never easy, and it will take time for you to heal. Whether you are dealing with a miscarriage […] More

  • songs about dying

    22 Songs About Dying to Lift Your Spirits

    Thinking about death and what comes after you cross into the next life can be a scary thought. Death affects us all, whether you are The Beatles, Elvis, or a  car mechanic. Songs about death can help someone come to terms with their eventual fate.   Whether you are the person who is dying or […] More

  • female drummers

    13 Best Female Drummers: Queens Behind the Kit

    If you ask somebody to list their favorite drummers, usually they’ll mention Keith Moon, John Bonham, and others. Sometimes overlooked, though, are the great female drummers who have (wo)manned the kit from rock n’ roll’s inception (and even before). Who are these stick-wielding queens? Find out on our list of the 14 best female drummers. […] More

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