Zach Bryan: Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign, and More

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If anyone is living the American dream, it’s Zach Bryan. He gained certified celebrity status after cultivating his talent and posting original songs on YouTube.

Now a prominent figure in the country music genre, Zach Bryan has become a multi-awarded musician who’s best-loved for his emotive songs, vocal clarity, and lyrical authenticity. Who is Zach Bryan? Read on to learn about the celebrated singer, his career, personal life, and more.

Who is Zach Bryan?

Zachary Lane Bryan is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He rose to popularity by writing and composing original country songs, which he posted to YouTube.

When was Zach Bryan Born?

Zach Bryan’s birthdate is April 2, 1996. Born in the season of Aries, Zach Bryan’s zodiac sign points to him as being passionate, competitive, independent, and determined.

Where is Zach Bryan From?

Born in Okinawa, Japan, Zach Bryan was conceived at a time when his father was serving in the Navy and stationed overseas with his wife. After the deployment, his family moved back to Oologah, Oklahoma where the “God Speed” singer spent most of his younger years.

Where Does Zach Bryan Live?

Since starting his professional music career, Zach Bryan has moved to Philadelphia, where he mainly resides. He does return to Oologah, however, where he also maintains a sizable farm property.

Zach Bryan’s Ethnicity

Although the musician is deeply rooted in his all-American country background, he does have some English, German, and Irish ancestry.

How Tall is Zach Bryan?

From his pictures and videos, it’s easy to see that Zach Bryan’s height is above average. The “I Remember Everything” singer stands at 6 feet and 1 inch.

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How Much Does Zach Bryan Weigh?

The “Something in the Orange” singer makes no secret of his love for fitness and working out, and has been spotted many times in the gym. As a former active-duty member of the US Navy, the musician does what he can to stay in shape.

While he hasn’t really talked about it, Zach Bryan’s weight is estimated at 176 lbs.

How Did Zach Bryan Become Famous?

Bryan has always had a penchant for folk and country music and felt a deep connection with his Southern roots. So it came naturally to the future celebrity to write songs in his spare time as a way to release pent-up stress.

While enlisted in the US Navy, Zach Bryan wrote, recorded, and released original songs that he would then post to social media and YouTube. In 2019, the Hollywood hopeful struck gold when he posted “Heading South,” an original composition that would become his breakout song.

The video garnered 24 million views and became a viral hit, putting Zach Bryan in the midst of an eager internet audience hoping to hear more of his material. At the time, Bryan was still in the Navy and was stationed in Washington state.

Following the success of his first viral song, the internet sensation dropped his first self-released country album entitled DeAnn in August of 2019. Consisting of 12 songs that were recorded in a friend’s AirBnB in Florida, the debut album was dedicated to the memory of his late mother.

Slowly but surely, the country artist’s popularity grew, and he began playing his music at small venues. He had his first public concert in October of 2019 in Medford, Oregon.

In spring of 2020, Zach Bryan released his sophomore album Elisabeth, named after and dedicated to his then-wife. Again, the songs were self-recorded in a repurposed barn behind their family home and included 19 tracks, some of which were already previously released.

With a constant flow of creative energy and his knack for songwriting, Bryan was able to cook up brand new material before the end of 2020, which he released in November of that year as his first EP, Quiet, Heavy Dreams.

By April of 2021, the self-made country singer debuted at the Grand Ole Opry while still enlisted as a member of the US Navy. His persistence in pursuing a music career landed him a recording deal with Warner Records that same year.

In October of 2021, after eight years of service, Zach Byran was honorably discharged from the Navy so he could focus on his career in country music. This development came just in time as the rising country music star was preparing for his fall tour.

The “Hey Driver” singer would have his first taste of national recognition with the release of his hit song “Something In The Orange” in April of 2022. The hit single soared to the 55th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 during its debut and continued to rise to the 10th spot in the following weeks.

The breakout star’s first major-label album came out in May 2022 and peaked at the 5th spot on the Billboard 200. The triple album entitled American Heartbreak contained 34 tracks and earned over 70,000 album equivalent units.

Within just three years of his first viral hit, Zach Bryan received his first Grammy Awards nomination for Best Country Solo Performance with his song “Something In The Orange.”

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Zach Bryan’s Parents

Dewayne and Anette Bryan – Zach’s parents – both served in the Navy. On his paternal side, Zach’s family made a tradition of active-duty service, so it was only in fulfillment of their family culture that Zach enlisted at the early age of 17.

Although he doesn’t talk much about his father, Zach Bryan has posted photos of his dad on Instagram, and they seem to share a tight bond. However, between his two parents, the “I Remember Everything” singer has an obvious bias for his mother.

Anette Bryan, known best by her nickname DeAnne, was described as a gentle, supportive, and loving mother. Zach has made no secret of his grief following the death of his mother in 2016 and posts regularly on his Instagram about her even after her passing.

zach bryan the singer in a military uniform
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Zach Bryan’s Sibling

Zach Bryan’s sister, Mackenzie Bryan, works as a stand-up comedian and live performer. She and Zach share a tender bond as the only two children in their family.

The Bryan siblings seem to spend much time together and post each other regularly on their socials.

Who is Zach Bryan Married To?

During his time in the Navy, Bryan crossed paths with Elisabeth Rose Madden – the future namesake of his sophomore album. They were married in 2020 but divorced shortly after that in 2021. 

Both Zach Bryan’s wife and the musician have not publicly addressed the issues surrounding their split, but some sources reportedly suggest infidelity on the side of Bryan might have caused the dissolution.

Since his divorce, Zach has dated Deb Peifer, with whom he shared a home in Philadelphia. They would often share photos of their life together until they parted ways in May of 2023.

Zach Bryan’s girlfriend, as of writing, is Brianna LaPaglia, also known as Brianna Chickenfry. The TikTok personality recently addressed dating rumors on her podcast, stating that the relationship is casual at best and that the two are just “having fun.”

Zach Bryan Tattoos

The mustached music sensation does have his fair share of ink. Most notably, Zach Bryan touts a rodeo-style man on a cowboy on his right forearm.

On his right upper arm, the singer has a tattoo of a dagger that’s designed to look like it’s piercing his skin. Directly below it, the words “Daddy of ’em all. July 2023” appear written in wobbly handwriting.

Does Zach Bryan Write His Own Songs?

The country music star writes all of his songs and is probably best known for his lyrics, which tend to paint a picture in the minds of his listeners. The singer has always had a flair for writing and a way with words, which he attributes to his laidback country lifestyle that allows him to appreciate the details of daily life.

What is Zach Bryan’s Net Worth?

Since he’s only been on the music scene for a few years, Zach Bryan is still in the process of growing his wealth. Currently, however, it’s estimated that Zach Bryan’s net worth is about $2 million.

Why is Zach Bryan So Popular?

Aside from his raw, natural talent, the highly touted vocalist has managed to secure a steady fan base to bolster his fame. Having started off on YouTube, the musician built his reputation from the bottom by earning the loyalty of fans who stuck by and continue to patronize him to this day.

Part of his popularity is also due to the unlikely nature of his rise to fame. Most of Zach Bryan’s fans and listeners live vicariously through the twenty-something-year-old as they live out their dream of fame and fortune by watching his story.

Then, of course, there’s his talent. Bryan has a natural country music twang, similar to the likes of celebrated, legendary artists like Ronnie Dunn and Blake Shelton, that adds a touch of authenticity to his southern sound.

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The sudden nature of Zach Bryan’s career has always been a curiosity. According to the artist, he wasn’t hoping to become famous by posting online and only shared his videos as an outlet for stress.

Nevertheless, he managed to capture the attention of audiences with his raw, authentic lyrics and distinct voice. The “Sun to Me” singer also evokes emotion with his lyrical talent, placing him in the ranks of similarly skilled storytellers like Grammy award-nominated country music stars Tyler Childers and Colter Wall.

As of writing, Bryan’s popularity seems to be on a steady rise. Named Billboard’s top new artist of 2023, Zach Bryan received 14 nominations in the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, of which he bagged four – Top New Artist, Top Rock Artist, Top Rock Album of the Year, and Top Rock Song.

The country genre sensation also won the Academy of Country Music Awards, the new male artist of the year during the 2023 CMA Awards, beating other country music stars in the category.

Presently, Bryan is working hard to release a brand new country music album and hopes to build his popularity to pierce through the industry and make his way to his first Grammy award.

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