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Bailey Zimmerman’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career, and More

Bailey Zimmerman performing on stage. Bailey Zimmerman's net worth
Photo by: Tommy Williams

With a knack for storytelling and a distinct, all-American sound, Bailey Zimmerman has rapidly captivated listeners with his lyrical genius and timeless country style. Despite being new to the scene, the viral TikTok sensation has had several chart-topping hits that have skyrocketed him to stardom.

You’ve probably heard some of his songs – like “Fall In Love” and “Rock and a Hard Place” – but how much do you actually know about this breakout artist? Who is Bailey Zimmerman? What is Bailey Zimmerman’s net worth? Find out more about him, including information about his career and personal life, with this complete bio.

Who is Bailey Zimmerman?

Bailey Zimmerman is an American country singer and songwriter who initially started out on TikTok and Spotify. His music brings together emotional narration and southern rock/country style.

When Was Bailey Zimmerman Born?

Born on January 27, 2000, Bailey Zimmerman’s birthdate places him in the Aquarius house. Bailey Zimmerman’s zodiac sign points to him as being aloof, creative, intelligent, and innovative.

Bailey Zimmerman’s Ethnicity

The “Religiously” singer is fairly new to the scene, so there’s not a lot of information about his background. What we do know, however, is that he is an American national.

Where is Bailey Zimmerman From?

Zimmerman was born and raised in Louisville, Illinois, which is a small town in Clay County with a population of just around 1,100 people.

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Where Does Bailey Zimmerman Live?

Since being discovered, Bailey Zimmerman has moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Tours and concert dates, however, have required the budding artist to move around constantly across the US.

How Tall is Bailey Zimmerman?

In his music videos and promotional media, Bailey Zimmerman gives off the vibe of a tall, hunky, country man that towers over 6 feet. But in reality, Bailey Zimmerman’s height measures just around 5 feet, 5 inches.

How Much Does Bailey Zimmerman Weigh?

Thick layers of athleisure clothing often obscure the artist’s physique, but an Instagram post of Zimmerman playing tennis published in November of 2023 revealed a lean body. Bailey Zimmerman’s weight is 140 lbs, which makes him reasonably slim.

bailey zimmerman on the red carpet at an event. bailey zimmerman's net worth
Image from Shutterstock.

How Did Bailey Zimmerman Become Famous?

Bailey Zimmerman was working as a pipeline laborer out of his hometown in 2019. While the manual labor didn’t really bother the would-be country star, having to be away from his mother for long periods of time pushed him to look for opportunities back home.

He teamed up with his brother, who owned a metalworks shop and started a business building trucks together. This allowed Zimmerman to maintain a meager income while living near his mother.

The duo first built Bailey’s truck and documented the process to post on TikTok as part of their marketing strategy. The series of videos earned the Zimmerman brothers a modest following of around 30,000.

On one particular day, Zimmerman was waiting for the arrival of parts so he could begin working on a truck they were commissioned to build. Without anything to do in the garage, he set his phone on a toolbox and started recording himself singing a cover of “Stay” by Black Stone Cherry.

He posted the video on Snapchat with the goal of perhaps getting the attention of a prospective girlfriend, but instead got a message from Gavin Lucas. An acquaintance from Louisville, Lucas had long been writing songs but felt he didn’t have the vocal chops to record them.

The two sparked an agreement to meet up and try to come up with their own original songs – Lucas would write them and Zimmerman would sing.

During their free time, the musicians would meet up in a hunting cabin owned by one of their friends, where they would collaborate and cook up new compositions. It was during one of those jam sessions, as the duo called them, that they came up with “Never Comin’ Home.”

The heartfelt, catchy ballad was posted to TikTok in January of 2021, immediately blowing up to 2 million views overnight. Soon, Zimmerman would post the full recording to his music streaming Spotify account.

It would later rise to the top 20 list of Spotify Viral Charts in the United States. Riding on the tides of his viral success, the soulful country singer would release a string of chart-toppers, including his debut single, “Fall in Love,” which peaked at 31 on the Billboard Top 100.

What really solidified the country star’s significance in the competitive music scene was the release of “Rock and a Hard Place.”

Skyrocketing to the 10th spot of the Billboard Hot 100 and Variety’s Hitmakers Top 25 songs of the year 2023, Zimmerman effectively championed country music style in a pop, hip-hop, and rap-dominated music industry.

After the release of “Where It Ends” in August of 2022, Zimmerman officially signed a recording contract with Warner Music Nashville and Elektra Records.

Just two months after being signed, the breakthrough artist released his debut EP, Leave the Light On, which soared to the top 10 of the Billboard 200 and the Canadian Albums charts. 

His sudden commercial success created fertile ground for a tour throughout the fall of 2022. By 2023, Bailey had churned up enough new material to release his first debut album Religiously: The Album, which was released in May of that year.

“Religiously,” the lead single from the album, got its own music video shortly after the debut album’s release. The video is posted on YouTube and has gotten 18 million views since posting.

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Bailey Zimmerman’s Parents

Zimmerman grew up in a household with a supportive mother and father. He describes his mom, Kristi Bailey Haeer, as his biggest supporter and inspiration.

In countless interviews, Zimmerman expresses how his mother motivates much of what he does. As mentioned previously, he quit a pipelining job to move back closer to his mother. He also makes sure to bring her along to concerts and tours whenever possible.

His father, although unnamed to this day, has also been remarkably supportive of the musician. He owned a trucking business and often brought the young Bailey along as they traveled from state to state, listening to folk and country music on different radio stations all throughout the drive.

Although they’re now divorced, Zimmerman’s parents maintain a close relationship with their sons. Bailey’s mother remarried in 2023 to a man named Dave Haeer.

Bailey Zimmerman performed on stage.
Photo by: Tommy Williams

Bailey Zimmerman’s Siblings

Bailey has two other siblings whom he claims to be quite close with. Bailey Zimmerman’s brother, Brent, owns a metalworks shop in Illinois where the musician worked to build and customize trucks.

Who is Bailey Zimmerman Dating?

Needless to say, the country star’s popularity has made him the object of many women’s attention. However, despite the screaming fangirls, the star maintains that he is currently single and is on the lookout for a potential wife.

The “Religiously” singer recently shared in an interview that anyone hoping to become Bailey Zimmerman’s girlfriend could simply send him a DM on Instagram. According to him, he reads every message and doesn’t mind dating a fan.

Bailey Zimmerman’s Net Worth

Since he’s fairly new to the scene, Bailey Zimmerman has much room to grow his wealth. As of writing, Bailey Zimmerman’s net worth is at least $600,000, but some sources suggest that his estate might total $1M by now.

Zimmerman is no stranger to poverty and claims that he was making a meager salary before all the fame. Currently, the star is focused on directing his income stream toward improving life for his mom and dad.

How Did Bailey Zimmerman Get Rich?

Revenue from his TikTok, Spotify, and other socials and digital music streaming services definitely contribute to his income. As of writing, the musician has over 400,000 subscribers on Youtube, 2.8 million followers on TikTok, and 1 million followers on Instagram.

Money generated from this strong social media presence combined with Zimmerman’s record sales, concerts and tours, and royalties make up the bulk of his wealth.

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Bailey Zimmerman’s Cars

Since piercing the music scene, Zimmerman has made a few investments, including his all-white Corvette and a custom GMC mega-truck.

Bailey Zimmerman’s House

The country music star has made it a point to keep his fans updated regarding all of the updates with both his career and his personal life. In 2021, he shared a video on TikTok showing that he had moved to Nashville to keep up with the changes of his growing career.

Although he didn’t show the entire estate, the spacious apartment appears to be located in a quaint, private, suburban community. The artist also briefly showed its interior and the couch he purchased for its living space.

How Much Does Bailey Zimmerman Make Per Show?

It’s not entirely clear how much the country music star makes per show, considering the fact that his career is just starting. While a nightly estimate of his income is tough to calculate, sources state that Zimmerman likely makes around $18,800 a month.

How Much are Bailey Zimmerman Tickets?

If you’re interested in watching Bailey Zimmerman performing live, ticket prices for the TikTok sensation cost an average of $30.

Bailey Zimmerman’s Tattoos

On his right forearm, Zimmerman sports the words ‘Just Believe’ written in cursive. Along his right upper arm, the musician recently got a portrait of rapper G-Eazy tattooed by artist Romeo Lacoste in LA.

Bailey Zimmerman interacted with a fan during his performance.
Photo by: Tommy Williams

Early Life

Bailey Zimmerman grew up in a small locale with a population of just over 1,000 people. His slow, laidback, country upbringing exposed the young artist to the simpler things in life.

His parents owned a trucking company, as well as a salvage yard and a towing service. He would often spend his childhood days helping out his father and tagging along for long-haul truck rides.

Zimmerman also spent quite a bit of time with his paternal grandfather. In one radio interview, he explained that his dad would take him to his grandfather’s used car dealership on Sundays where he would listen to a bunch of old men tell tall tales and elaborate stories.

According to the musician, this frequent exposure to his grandfather’s stories also helped him develop a knack for storytelling.

As a teen in Southern Illinois, Zimmerman often found himself listening to great songs from a variety of artists and bands. Some of the biggest influences on his musical taste and style include Grammy award-winning groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac, and Creed.

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Throughout his career, Bailey Zimmerman has often been called an ‘accidental success’ which he himself has also admitted to. For the most part, he thanks internet culture for blowing up his first few videos and carrying him to where he stands now.

In 2023, the country singing sensation was nominated at the CMT Music Awards for Best Male Breakthrough Video of the Year and Best Male Video of the Year.

That same year, Zimmerman bagged a nomination at the Academy of Country Music Awards for New Male Artist of the Year. The budding country music star has yet to win any awards, but all signs point to a probable win in the not-so-distant future.

Bailey Zimmerman’s popularity is largely because he’s able to appeal to fans of mainstream music but also has a distinctively country style that caters to fans of that genre as well. 

When Was Bailey Zimmerman’s First Live Performance?

The “Never Comin’ Home” singer got his first taste of stage performing when he snagged a 25-minute slot at the Rock the South Music Festival in 2021. The artist describes the moment as an unforgettable experience and states that the adrenaline rush was unlike any other.

Does Bailey Zimmerman Write His Own Songs?

Wanting to be involved in the process of creating his new music, Bailey Zimmerman made sure to collaborate with his team throughout every step, especially during the songwriting process.

On his debut album Religiously, the artist is credited for co-writing 11 of the 16 tracks.

Bailey Zimmerman reacts on-stage during his performance
Photo by: Tommy Williams

Is Bailey Zimmerman a Christian?

Yes, Bailey Zimmerman has made no secret of his Christian faith. In July of 2023, right in the middle of a concert, the rising talent shared a line from scripture with his audience.

Christianity has been a significant factor in the star’s family life. According to him, his song “Found Your Love” was written about his grandfather who lived a life of vice before finding God and turning around.

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