How Much Does it Cost to Record an Album?

Album recording cost depends on a number of factors

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If you are at a stage in the production of your music that you are seeking information about an EP or album recording cost, you should have properly prepared backing tracks and lyrics. The melodies for your song or songs should also have been composed.

How much it costs to record an album is not a specific number, of course, but depends on a number of factors. Let us discuss what they are so that you can determine how much it will cost you to record your album.

The more services and high-quality equipment, and studio you opt for to record an album, the higher the cost will go. However, if you go about your endeavor in a smart manner, you can save a significant amount of dough.

The components and areas that demand taking out your wallet from you include a recording studio (with equipment), a sound engineer, and marketing and advertising. Let us look at their costs in detail.

Recording Studio

To record an album, you should consider budgeting for its expenses

The cost a recording studio incurs on your overall budget depends on the studio. There are all kinds of studios available out there, with some of them being really high-end while others are only good enough to record music.

Their rates range from $85 to $500 for a day. There are studios that charge for a whole day, while others charge for every hour, you use them.

The average number of days it takes to record an album is seven. An EP can be recorded in 4 to 5 days, while you can record a single song in a day.

If you go for a recording studio that charges $120 for a day, your studio expense will be around $840 for an album, $480 to $600 for an EP, and $120 for a single song.

If it sounds more than you would like to pay, you can go with studios that charge less than that. However, make sure that their equipment is in good working condition. If you have negotiating skills, you can try to get the recording studio to charge a little less or agree to pay them later when your records are selling like crazy.

There are people out there who have home studios as well that they rent out. They might not be ideal for optimal sound recording quality, but they should have been designed considering the aspects of timbre and sound reflection.

Album recording cost depends on a number of factors

On the other hand, if you are really passionate about music and are looking to pursue it as a career, you can consider creating your own recording studio as well.

It can cost anywhere between $6000 to $50,000 depending on the quality you are going for. Having your own recording studio can save significant expenses in the long run.

Another way to be smart about the recording studio cost is not to forget the fact that you do not have to practice inside the studio as you will be charged with respect to the time you spend in a recording studio and not as per each of the songs you record.

Sound Engineer

To record an album, you should hire the services of a professional sound engineer

Scrimping with the quality of your album’s sound quality is seldom wise. Make sure to hire an experienced and specialized sound engineer who can oversee and manage the recording.

Poor sound quality can ruin your album and make all your hard work and money you spent on it go down the drain. It is important to realize that your album plays a huge role in determining your future as a professional singer.

A sound engineer will take care of the recording frequencies and guide you on everything pertaining to the sound of your album or EP.

You can have some of the most incredible backtracks, extremely catchy lyrics, and really powerful vocals, but if the sound quality of your songs is below the mark, no one will appreciate the whole package.

The usual fees that an expert sound engineer charges are anywhere between $40 to $80 for every hour of their services. If a sound engineer works with you 8 hours a day at a rate of $60/hour, you will have to give them $3,360 for an album, $1,920 to $2,400 for an EP, and $480 for a single song.

It depends on your agreement with your sound engineer, but other expenses, such as traveling and food, are not included in these rates.

Marketing and Advertising

Album recording cost includes the album’s marketing and advertising costs as well

A kickass album that does not have buyers is not awesome. For this reason, it is imperative to include the cost of attracting buyers into your album budget.

Selling your album is not just about covering your costs or generating revenues; it is about making fans as well. In today’s social media world, it is easy to market and advertise your album in an efficient and effective manner.

Ari’s Take Academy has a wonderful course around both streaming and Instagram growth.

You can use any or many of the available platforms and go for a music blog or website.

The website you create can be incorporated with the option of connecting with direct buyers. They can use one of the many online paying services to buy your album from you directly.

You can also leverage Amazon and eBay to sell your music. Paid advertising is another option that is highly effective to use for magazines, radio, TV, or social media. You can target buyers on Facebook that are closer to your music niche.

The paid ads on Facebook are charged anywhere between $5 to $100. The rate depends on the number of people you want your ad to be visible to. There are countless artists who have built impressive followings with the help of paid ads.

Utilize streaming sites, such as ReverbNation, Vimeo, and Spotify to stream your music so that your network gets broadened. You can also use Twitter for the paid advertisement of your album or EP.

The total cost to record an album can range from $6000 to $30,000.

Recording an EP ranges from $3000 to $15,000 while recording a single song can cost you $1,000 to $8,000, depending on your level of professionalism. The rates mentioned in the article are subject to inflation.

Album recording cost is something that you have to bite your lips and bear, but if the music of the album, EP, or song is good and your singing voice is moving, you will recover the cost in no time.

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