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How Did Mojo Nixon Die? The Unexpected End of a Cult Hero

how did mojo nixon die
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Neill Kirby McMillan Jr., aka Mojo Nixon, was a cult hero, spending his career as an actor, musician, and DJ on Sirius XM radio. Best known for “Elvis is Everywhere,” a novelty song that became an alternative staple on MTV, he is the epitome of psychobilly, a musical blend of punk and rockabilly.

Every year, fans would anticipate their chance to see him perform on the biggest country music festival at sea. Those who went this year couldn’t have anticipated the heartbreaking way it would end.

How did Mojo Nixon Die? Find out that and more below.

How Did Mojo Nixon Die?

As of now, Mojo Nixon’s cause of death is being categorized as a cardiac event, which a statement from his family confirms.

“How you live is how you should die. Mojo Nixon was full-tilt, wide-open rock hard, root hog, corner on two wheels + fire…” said a statement released by his family on Facebook. “Passing after a blazing show, a raging night, closing the bar, taking no prisoners + a good breakfast with bandmates and friends. A cardiac event on the Outlaw Country Cruise is about right… & that’s just how we did it.”

The statement continued, “Mojo has left the building. Since Elvis is everywhere, we know he was waiting for him in the alley out back. Heaven help us all.”

Prior to the family’s statement, his death was also confirmed by Matt Eskey, director of a 2020 documentary about the “Elvis is Everywhere” singer called The Mojo Manifesto.

Just hours before he was found dead onboard the annual Outlaw Country Cruise, which has become a regular gig for him both as a co-host and performer, he had completed a performance for several on the boat. At the time, the cruise was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

It is expected that Mojo Nixon’s cause of death will be further investigated to confirm.

When Did Mojo Nixon Die?

Mojo Nixon’s death came on February 7, 2024.

He is survived by his wife, Adaire, their two sons, and one granddaughter. He is additionally survived by his sister, Jane Holden McMillan, and his brother, Arthur Reese McMillan.

How Old was Mojo Nixon When He Died?

When Mojo Nixon suddenly passed away, the “Elvis is Everywhere” singer was only 66 years old.

Where is Mojo Nixon Buried?

Considering the deceased’s recent passing, there have been no announcements as to where Mojo Nixon might be buried. The details about Mojo Nixon’s funeral have not been disclosed either.

To make an educated guess, considering he spent the last several years in Ohio, it is believed he’ll be buried there and that it is also where Mojo Nixon’s funeral will take place.

how did mojo nixon die? Mojo Nixon and another performer playing guitar on stage.
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Who Inherited Mojo Nixon’s Money?

By the time he was deceased, Mojo Nixon’s estate was worth approximately $2 million. While the terms of Mojo Nixon’s will have yet to be released, it is assumed that Mojo Nixon’s children and his wife will inherit the majority of his money. As for whether or not Mojo Nixon’s will will name other inheritors like his siblings or granddaughter is unknown. The good news, there’s plenty in Mojo Nixon’s estate to go around.

Was Mojo Nixon Married?

Yes. Mojo Nixon was married to Adaire McMillan. He had two sons with his wife, Rafe Cannonball McMillan and Ruben McMillan.

Where Does Mojo Nixon Broadcast?

After years of pursuing his music full-time, he spent the last part of his career focusing on his radio broadcasts, moving to Ohio to focus on his work with Sirius XM. He became quickly recognized as the host of “Outlaw County,” “Manifold Destiny,” celebrating NASCAR, and “Lying (Expletives),” which focused on being overly outspoken about politics. It’s no wonder his on-air handle became “the loon in the afternoon.” He was hitting all parts of the spectrum.

Is Mojo Nixon Still on Sirius Radio?

He was a regular on Sirius XM Radio up until he passed away. Upon hearing the news of Mojo Nixon’s death, SiriusXM announced they would pay tribute to the late roots rocker and radio DJ in the coming days.  

“In the coming days, SiriusXM will pay tribute to Mojo, whose enthusiasm for music, irreverent humor, and genuine connection with his audience made him an invaluable part of the SiriusXM family,” the radio station said. 


It just goes to show that you never know when life will suddenly end, so you better make the most of it like Mojo Nixon. And many have gone on to pay tribute to the late “Jesus at McDonald’s” singer, like Joey Harris, a mainstay of San Diego music, who had played with Nixon on numerous occasions.

“Mojo wanted to create something that could not be denied, and he did. He had a fabulous career and helped a lot of musicians along the way. And as a pal, he was wonderfully generous and loved to turn his friends on to books and records.”

Still, as he summed up his own career, Nixon said it best.

“Mojo Nixon wanted to be Richard Pryor. He’s like Richard Pryor’s stupid cousin if he was white and played in a rockabilly band. I’d say things that simultaneously shocked people and spoke the truth.

“I don’t have that much talent, but what I do have is an enormous amount of enthusiasm. As Mr. Rotten used to call it, ‘An unlimited supply!!!”

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