Kane Brown’s Net Worth & Biography: The Big Career of the Rising Country Star

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As country music rises again in popularity, we’re seeing more and more unique faces on the charts, and Kane Brown was one of the first throughout the mid-2010s and into the 2020s. With a clear representation of a minority not previously seen and the classic country sound that fans have come to know and love, it has been no surprise that the “Good as You” singer has achieved worldwide fame, with CMA Awards, CMT Awards, and ACM Awards, decorating his shelves. Moreover, he has a flood of riches and wealth to go along with it.

Who is Kane Brown, and what is Kane Brown’s net worth? Find out that and more below.

kane brown
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When was Kane Brown Born?

Kane Brown’s birthdate is October 21, 1993.

Kane Brown’s Zodiac sign is Libra. That means he is personable, caring, a great listener, and charming.

Kane Brown’s Ethnicity

Kane Brown’s ethnicity is of multi-racial descent. His mother, Tabatha, is white and of European descent, while his father is Black and part Cherokee.

In interviews, he said it took many years to learn he was bi-racial. “I thought I was full white. … I found out that I was biracial, and I still wasn’t thinking anything of it, but then I started getting called the N-word,” he told People.

“I learned what it meant, and that’s when it started affecting me. I got in fights over it when I was little.”

Where is Kane Brown From?

Kane Brown was born and raised in rural northwest Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Where Does Kane Brown Live?

The last place we knew that Kane Brown called home was the Whites Creek neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee, in 2022.

How Tall is Kane Brown?

Kane Brown’s height is 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

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How Much Does Kane Brown Weigh?

Kane Brown’s weight is approximately 172 pounds.

kane brown
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How Did Kane Brown Become Famous?

Just as so many artists do today, Kane Brown started gaining momentum on social media, with a mass following soon developing. In particular, his cover songs of “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice and “Check Yes or No” by George Strait garnered the most attention, with the latter going viral. As his followers began to grow, so did the interest in more.

He released his debut extended play, Closer, in June 2015. That was followed up by the hit single “Used to Love You Sober” in October 2015. By early 2016, he was off and running as he was signed to RCA Nashville.

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Kane Brown’s Parents

Kane Brown was primarily raised by his mother, Tabatha Brown, as his father, whose name is unknown, has been in prison since Brown was just a toddler. Much of his childhood was also spent being raised by his grandmother, whom he lived with full-time upon graduating high school.

Kane Brown’s Siblings

While Kane Brown has no full siblings, he has two half-siblings, including a half-sister named Heidi Swafford and a half-brother named CJ Cordell.

Who is Kane Brown Married To?

Kane Brown’s wife is Katelyn Jae. They announced their engagement in April 2017, shortly following the Easter Sunday proposal, and were married a year-and-a-half later on October 12, 2018, at Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville, Tennessee.

Does Kane Brown sing with his wife? Yes, the pair have collaborated a time or two throughout their marriage and careers. One of their most famous collaborations came in September 2022, when they released the hit single “Thank God.”

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Kane Brown’s Children

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, are the proud parents of two children, with one soon on the way. Kane Brown’s daughters, Kingsley Rose and Kodi Jane, were born on October 29, 2019, and December 30, 2021, respectively.

Come mid-2024, we can expect to get the announcement of a third Brown baby on the horizon, as the couple announced they were expecting their third child on Christmas Day 2023.

kane brown
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Kane Brown’s Net Worth

Kane Brown’s net worth is approximately $6 million as of the end of 2023. Breaking that down, it is estimated that the “Famous Friends” singer’s annual salary is around $1 to $2 million. Now, there’s an income we wish we could claim.

How Did Kane Brown Get Rich?

Kane Brown can thank his massive wealth to his successful singles and albums and the sold-out tours he has embarked on since he first came into the limelight in 2016.

Kane Brown’s Cars

The question arises with any celebrity because it’s the hot new thing. What kind of vehicle does Kane Brown drive? Brown has not been shy about showing the world his pride and joy regarding horsepower. In 2022, he showed off his custom during an interview with eNews Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Sports Car via X, formerly known as Twitter.

He also has some trucks and other models thrown in there for good measure, but it’s clear that the Mustang is his number one.

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Kane Brown’s House

Kane Brown is the proud owner of a 30-acre estate in the Whites Creek neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee.

The huge mansion is a whopping 4,515 square feet of beauty he purchased for $1.6 million in 2016. Surrounded by a seemingly private forest and picturesque hills, it is rustic yet modern. It includes a study area, a state-of-the-art kitchen, several living areas, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. And that’s just the interior.

The exterior, which is already great for hiking and biking through the forest, includes a luxury patio, a swimming pool, and so much more.

How Much Does Kane Brown Make Per Show?

As of 2023, it is estimated that Kane Brown earns around $300,000 per concert. We wish our earnings were that much for a few hours of work. That must mean it costs a pretty penny to pay ticket prices to see him perform. Let’s find out.

Kane Brown, Target Center, Country
Kane Brown Headlining Target Center

How Much are Kane Brown Tickets?

Despite the income that Kane Brown earns per concert, it seems as though he doesn’t let that overly influence how much has to be paid by a fan who wants a ticket. Tickets can go for as low as 55 dollars, meaning that it costs a lot of money (like an arm and a leg to see some artists) if you want to enjoy him performing live.

Keep in mind, however, that the price will most likely mean that you’re in the nosebleeds if you go and see him in one of the larger venues. On average, for a more decent seat, be ready to pay upwards of 220 dollars. While still not as much money as some artists make you shell out, it’s no small price.

Kane Brown’s Tattoos

Kane Brown has no shortage of tattoos decorating his body, especially his arms. Many of them prove that he loves his animals as he sports a snarling gorilla that either looks like a wolf or a bear down his arms. He was also recently photographed getting what looks like a hawk tattooed across his chest.

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Early Life

Because he was primarily raised by a single mom, Kane Brown struggled as a kid, moving across northwest Georgia a lot before ultimately setting in Red Bank, Tennessee. As a result, the future “Last Minute Late Night” singer attended several schools as a kid, including Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School, where he sang with eventual American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina in the choir.

Music was his escape; growing up on country music mixed with a little R&B and drawing inspiration from artists such as Chris Young, Billy Currington, Alan Jackson, and Brantley Gilbert. He would cover these artists’ songs and post them on social media.

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Upon being signed to Sony Music Nashville under the RCA Nashville label, which was actually his second label following a brief deal with Zone 4, Kane Brown followed up his first EP with his second, Chapter 1, on March 18, 2016. It led to such Kane Brown songs as “Used to Love You Sober” and “Last Minute Late Night.”

Then, just a few months later, his debut studio album was announced via his promotional single, “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now,” on June 17, 2016. Kane Brown’s album released his self-titled album a few months later, on December 2, 2016, with “Thunder in the Rain” dropping as his first radio single.

Less than a year later, in October 2017, Brown broke a record when he became the first artist to have simultaneous number ones on all five main Billboard country charts.

Following up on all that success, country music lovers have been gifted with more Kane Brown albums like Experiment (2018) and Different Man (2022), and even better Kane Brown songs like “Worldwide Beautiful,” “What Ifs” with Lauren Alaina, “Heaven,” and “Lose It.”

All of these were made even better with Kane Brown Tours like the Ain’t No Stopping Us Now Tour (2016-2017), the Live Forever Tour (2018-2019), and the Blessed & Free Tour (2021-2022).

Considering the awards he’s earned so far throughout his career, we can’t wait to see what comes next. Perhaps a Grammy Award in the future? 

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kane brown
Kane Brown Fan-Tastic

Is Kane Brown a Police Officer?

For all intents and purposes, Kane Brown is a deputy sheriff of the Genessee County, Michigan, police department, if only as an honorary. See the swearing-in video here, complete with the presentation of a badge.

Did Kane Brown Go to the Military?

Kane Brown had a one-time dream of being a member of the United States Army, even going through a test and preparing to be sent off to basic training. But there was one deal he couldn’t make. According to Taste of Country, Brown told People of the ordeal, “They told me I had to get my tattoos removed first. I was like, ‘Hell no!’ So then I ended up getting a job at FedEx.”

Was Kane Brown on The Voice?

While Kane Brown was never a contestant on The Voice himself, he did make an appearance on the Season 22 finale of the popular NBC show to duet “Different Man” with former The Voice judge Blake Shelton.

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Did Kane Brown Sing at the Super Bowl?

Sort of. While he didn’t play at the stadium, Kane Brown was one of many artists featured during the 2023 Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest that led up to the big game.   

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