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Pierre Bourne’s Net Worth & Biography: His Ethnicity, Family, Career Beginnings, and More

pierre bourne's net worth pierre bourne performing on stage
Photo from Pi'erre Bourne's "Good Movie Tour" show at Saint Andrew's Hall, Detroit, Michigan in 2022. Image is in the Public Domain.

Pierre Bourne is a rapper and audio producer who found fame after producing several singles by Playboi Carti. Since then, he’s worked extensively with famous artists to bring their work to life. Several singles he’s worked with have appeared in the Billboard Top 100.

Thanks to his sudden fame, Pierre Bourne’s net worth has risen exponentially. Who is Pierre Bourne? What is Pierre Bourne’s net worth? In this article, discover everything you need to know about this up-and-coming artist.

Who is Pierre Bourne?

Pierre Bourne, also known as Jordan Timothy Jenks, is an audio engineer, record producer, rapper, and beatmaker. He’s made a substantial salary over his career thus far, shooting into fame when he helped produce Playboi Carti’s single “Magnolia” and 6ix9ine’s single “Gummo.”

Bourne has even become wrapped up in a viral meme. In 2017, his producer tag was sampled and allowed his tag to become widely known. It helped him rock to fame – leading to the position he holds in the rap world today as a prominent engineer, producer, and rapper. 

When Was Pierre Bourne Born?

Pierre Bourne’s birthdate is September 19, 1993, which makes Pierre Bourne’s zodiac sign Virgo. He was born in Fort Riley, Kansas, but he ended up moving to Columbia, South Carolina, which is where he spent the majority of his younger years.

Pierre Bourne’s Ethnicity 

There isn’t much information about how Pierre Bourne’s ethnicity, as he simply identifies as American. However, his mother is Beliezian-American, and his cousin, fellow rapper Papoose, is of Liberian descent, leading us to believe that Pierre Bourne is at least part Beliezian and part Liberian. 

Where is Pierre Bourne From?

Pierre Bourne became rich and began to earn a significant amount of cash a little later in his life. However, he began his years in Fort Riley, Kansas. As a child, he moved to Columbia, South Carolina, which is where he spent the majority of his time when he was young.

Bourne also spent much of his summer with his grandmother in Queens, New York. He had several homes as a child, which greatly influenced his career and taste in music as he got to know DJs and rappers present in each city. 

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Where Does Pierre Bourne Live?

There isn’t too much information out there about how Pierre Bourne has used his copious amounts of dollars to live. However, it seems he spends his time between New York and Los Angeles. 

Pierre Bourne has also commented on potentially living in Paris, France. He could end up there in the future.

How Tall is Pierre Bourne? 

Reportedly, Pierre Bourne’s height is five feet and seven inches. Of course, those are just reports – Pierre Bourne could be taller or shorter than this projected number.

How Much Does Pierre Bourne Weigh? 

According to several sources, Pierre Bourne’s weight is around 172 pounds. Again, his weight could be higher or lower than this educated guess. 

How Did Pierre Bourne Become Famous? 

Pierre Bourne’s songs were not the thing that made him famous, like many other artists. Bourne had some producing experience in 2016, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he managed to get his first big break. 

In 2017, Pierre Bourne had the opportunity to produce Playboi Carti’s track “Magnolia,” a debut commercial mixtape from an album of the artist’s name. After the release of this song, Bourne’s producer tag went viral and opened up more opportunities to work with other artists.

After the viral producer tag, Bourne worked with artists like Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, Young Nudy, Kanye West, Drake, Nav, 21 Savage, Duwap Caine, and more. Since then, he’s continued to excel in his career.

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jim brown and kanye west sitting at a table at an event
Image from Shutterstock.

Pierre Bourne’s Parents 

Pierre Bourne grew up with his mother and father, spending most of his time with them in the Carolinas. According to sources, his mother was a first-generation Belizean-American in the military, and his father runs a two-man and a truck trucking business. 

Bourne also spent significant time with his uncle and grandmother. They were both involved in the most formative years of his life. 

Pierre Bourne’s Siblings

Pierre Bourne grew up as an only child and, therefore, has no siblings. It’s likely this also helped influence who he grew up to be later.

Who is Pierre Bourne Dating

There isn’t too much information about Pierre Bourne’s girlfriend, but he reportedly broke up with someone named Casey a few years ago. He is now single, though there may be someone he hasn’t mentioned on the internet.

Pierre Bourne’s Net Worth 

Although Pierre Bourne’s yearly income is not incredibly high for a star producer, as he has a reported net worth of $3-$7 million. Though we sure wouldn’t say no to that sort of cash.

Thanks to his sudden rise in success over the years, it’s very likely he could see a significant increase in his net worth and overall value as he continues to work with other famed rappers and artists.

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How Did Pierre Bourne Get Rich? 

Pierre Bourne’s albums and the songs he worked on were a large part of what made him rich. By far, his work producing songs like “Gummo” are some of the biggest income earners for the artist – some sources report him earning nearly half a million from the tune.

Music production, songwriting, and rapping ability led to multiple streams of income for Bourne. He’ll likely see a rise in his wealth as time continues to press forward.

Pierre Bourne’s Cars 

With the wealth he has, it makes sense that Pierre Bourne would be comfortable paying a higher price point to increase his estate in the world of cars. There isn’t much information about his vehicles, but he was photographed with an MK4 Supra in 2023. 

Pierre Bourne’s House

There isn’t much information about how Pierre Bourne chose to spend his money on a home. However, we may see that as his career continues to increase, he may invest in a variety of properties around the world.

How Much Does Pierre Bourne Make Per Show? 

Pierre Bourne’s tour isn’t live yet. However, tickets will sell for a decent amount when it is. It’s predicted that Bourne makes around $15,000 per show, depending on the booking process and who he tours with.

How Much Are Pierre Bourne Tickets? 

There is a significant difference in what you will pay for the cash price of a Pierre Bourne ticket. Some of the more expensive tickets can cost around $143, while the cheaper ticket selections will only run you around $40. It depends on the location and the popularity of the venue.

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How Much Does Pierre Bourne Charge for a Feature? 

Pierre Bourne is paid around $15,000 for a feature. It’s a significant amount for his performances.

Pierre Bourne’s Tattoos 

Like most rappers and producers who have a lot of revenue, Pierre Bourne has spent a good amount of cash on tattoos. A few of them include a music leg sleeve and small tattoos on his arms and torso. 

Early Life

Pierre Bourne was born in Fort Riley, Kansas, but spent the majority of his childhood and early years between Colombia, South Carolina, and summers at his grandmother’s place in New York. This time in New York raised his interest in artists on the East Coast like G-Unit and Dipset. He spent much of his free time making beats on his uncle’s computer.

Bourne was inspired by his uncle Dwight, later in his teen years, admiring his position as a graphic designer and rapper. He decided to go to college to be a rapper – though that would soon prove to be a miserable endeavor for the talent. He left college after a year and ended up leaving to study music engineering at SAE Institute in Atlanta.

Much of Pierre Bourne’s childhood was spent around music and being encouraged by others. After the foundational points of his early years came the rest of his career.

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In Atlanta at the SAE Institute, Pierre Bourne met stars like DJ Burn One. This talent encouraged Bourne to create his own instrumental music, rather than relying on ones that were already created. He ended up drifting away from samples before graduating. He was then hired by the studio the duo worked for as a full-time sound engineer.

Not too long after this point, Pierre Bourne was hired by Epic Records as a sound engineer. He stayed there for an entire year but ended up leaving to focus more on his rapping career.

Pierre Bourne then went on to work with other artists. He’s produced with standouts like Playboi Carti, Kanye West, and more to create some of the best productions on the market. Many albums he’s worked with have appeared on the Billboard Top 100.

Bourne’s later years have brought out his style. He and Young Nudy released a collaborative song in 2019, and it debuted at 167 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart.  

In 2021, Bourne won a Grammy for his work on an album by Kanye West. There’s so much more to his career thus far in collaboration and unique creation – he’s had many adventures in his short seven years of fame. 

What Type of Rapper is Pierre Bourne?

Pierre Bourne is considered a rapper that falls under the hip-hop and trap category. He also tends to fall into the autotune singer category, depending on the type of performance he’s taking on onstage.

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Where Did Pierre Bourne Go to College?

Pierre Bourne didn’t amass his wealth overnight, and he had to go to school before embarking on his college journey. Bourne attended Winthrop University, which is a small liberal arts college in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He studied graphic design at this location.

He dropped out of Winthrop after a year. After that, he worked before studying sound engineering at the SAE Institute in Atlanta. 

Who Has Pierre Bourne Produced For?

A significant chunk of Pierre Bourne’s income came from his talent as a producer. He’s produced for artists like Kanye West, Travis Scott, 6ix9ine, 21 Savage, and more to help him rise to the point where he is today.

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