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Destroy Lonely’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career Beginnings, and More

Destroy Lonely's net worth rapper destroy lonely on stage performing
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Destroy Lonely, real name Bobby Wardel Sandimanie III, is a professional rapper and songwriter. He’s originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and is on pace to take the world by storm. He’s the son of famed rapper I-20, and he’s produced one successful studio album thus far.

Although he isn’t at the top of the charts yet, Destroy Lonely has made a solid impact in his short time on the rap scene. In this article, we’ll dive into Destroy Lonely’s net worth, where the artist is from, and other information you probably didn’t know about the up-and-coming talent. 

Who is Destroy Lonely?

Destroy Lonely is a rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Destroy Lonely’s albums thus far consist of his debut studio album If Looks Could Kill. The artist is the son of rapper I-20.

Before his first studio album, Destroy Loney released mixtapes like No Stylist. It was artistic endeavors like these that helped him get noticed by Playboi Carti in 2021.

When Was Destroy Lonely Born? 

Destroy Lonely’s birthdate is July 30th, 2001, which makes Destroy Lonely’s zodiac sign Leo. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. But he was raised in Decatur, Georgia, for most of his childhood.

Destroy Lonely’s Ethnicity

Destroy Lonely’s ethnicity is African-American. As far as we can tell, that’s the only ethnicity Destroy Lonely claims.

Where is Destroy Lonely From?

The “If Looks Could Kill” rapper is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He spent most of his life raised with his siblings in Decatur, Georgia. 

Where Does Destroy Lonely Live?

Destroy Lonely was raised in the Atlanta area, and that’s where he continues to reside today. The artist remains committed to his hometown and is signed to Playboi Carti’s record label, which is also located in the area.

How Tall is Destroy Lonely?

According to several sources, Destroy Lonely’s height is around five feet and ten inches. He’s around average for a typical man his age. 

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How Much Does Destroy Lonely Weigh? 

Destroy Lonely’s weight is predicted to be around 154-163 pounds. Again, this measurement is relatively standard for a man his age. 

How Did Destroy Lonely Become Famous? 

Destroy Lonely might be on his way to earning significant cash now, but it wasn’t always that way. The rapper grew up in a musical household and began releasing originals on the music platform SoundCloud at age 15.

His fan base grew, and he became friends with artists like Nezzus and BigSmokeChapo. After releasing some music with them, he was noticed by Playboi Carti’s Opium label and took his career to the next level.

Destroy Lonely’s first studio album came out in mid-2023. His fanbase is growing, and he’ll see more fame as his music is recorded and released professionally. 

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Destroy Lonely’s Parents 

Destroy Lonely is the son of I-20, a rapper signed to Ludacris’s Disturbing tha Peace Records. The deep-voiced southern rapper is best known for his affiliation with the famous rapper Ludacris. 

There is no information available about Destroy Lonely’s mother. However, we do know that I-20 has never married, so whoever Destroy Lonely’s mother is, it isn’t the wife of I-20.

Destroy Lonely’s Siblings

Destroy Lonely’s sisters and brother are part of who drove him to become an artist. He has two younger sisters and one older brother, though all are half-siblings. However, he often reports feeling more like an only child than one with siblings. 

Who is Destroy Lonely Dating?

Destroy Lonely’s girlfriend is reportedly Ariel Chuka, an Atlanta-based hairstylist. She often posts pictures of Destroy Lonely on Instagram.

Destroy Lonely’s Net Worth 

Although Destroy Lonely is still in the earliest stages of his career, that doesn’t mean he earns little in the world of dollars. According to, the rapper’s net worth is around $800,000, though the amount he physically takes home is less than that.

How Did Destroy Lonely Get Rich? 

Destroy Lonely got rich and amassed the early stages of wealth he has today through his rap albums and social media postings. 

Since he first became a rapper, Destroy Lonely has released his debut studio album, worked as a featured artist on Ken Carson’s A Great Chaos, and signed to Playboi Carti’s label, among other things. These all lead to the income he’s experiencing today.

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Destroy Lonely’s Cars 

Like many successful artists, Destroy Lonely has made cars part of his estate. For a high price, he’s likely secured several excellent vehicles that are sure to turn heads on the Atlanta highway.

There isn’t too much information about Destroy Lonely’s exact car models. However, a video was posted to YouTube that reveals he owns at least a Mustang and a few other nice vehicles. 

Destroy Lonely’s House

There is little information about what house Destroy Lonely decided to purchase with his income. However, we know his home is still located in Atlanta, where he does most of his work. 

How Much Does Destroy Lonely Make Per Show? 

There isn’t too much information out there about how much Destroy Lonely’s songs make him per show. However, he does have a successful YouTube channel. There, he earns around $10,000 a year on YouTube and even more through his various performances, songs, and features released in a typical year.

Destroy Lonely is embarking on a tour for the end of 2023 and going into the rest of 2024. There will be more information about how much he makes per show after the tour ends.

How Much are Destroy Lonely Tickets?

If you want to go to Destroy Lonely’s feature on Playboi Carti’s tour, you will need tickets. Ticketmaster reveals that the price for a Destroy Lonely concert ticket is $85-$1,660. The price point depends on where you want to sit. Also, it’s critical to note that Destroy Lonely is a featured artist – these tickets are primarily for Playboi Carti.

Most cheap tickets are far in the back, while the pricier ones are much closer. Sometimes, you can get standing-room tickets up front for a little cheaper than what they charge for regular seats up front. 

Destroy Lonely did have his own tour for No Stylist in 2022. This time, however, he’s getting more exposure by working alongside Playboi Carti. It’s likely his solo tickets will cost more after this endeavor.

How Much Does Destroy Lonely Charge for a Feature? 

Part of the revenue for Destroy Lonely comes from his ability to charge for a feature. Typically, you will find the price for a feature of Destroy Lonely to be $10,000-$20,000. 

Of course, the price point of a Destroy Lonely feature will depend on several factors. Items like the demand of the market, and the extent of the feature, will have a large impact on the cost.

Destroy Lonely’s Tattoos 

With his money, Destroy Lonely can get tattoos. There is no official resource or information about all that he has, but a few fans were able to take a closer look at some of the ink on his skin.

A few significant Destroy Lonely tattoos include a cyber sigilism on his hand, a spider web behind his ear, and a mouth with a tongue sticking out on the side of his head. He’s posted them on Instagram at some point, though he has provided little explanation as to their meanings.

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Early Life

Before Destroy Lonely was paid a decent “salary” for his work, he was a little kid growing up in Atlanta. He spent many of his younger years freestyling with his rapper father, I-20.

When Destroy Lonely hit sixth grade, he decided to be homeschooled (with the approval of his former teacher) by his grandmother. He re-entered public school in ninth and tenth grade, and unfortunately, he found himself hooked on Xanax. 

Destroy Lonely spent much of his years in isolation, which is part of why he began recording his rapping endeavors at just fourteen. His two friends – Texaco and Nezzus – were his first co-artists and producers of most of his earliest work. Eventually, he would gain traction with the 2019 release of “Bane.”


Destroy Lonely’s career began when he began working with his pals Texaco and Nezzus to make music. They made music in a recording studio at the school, first recording the endeavor NezzusDestroyed. Eventually, “Bane” kicked Destroy Lonely into a whole new category. 

In 2020, Destroy Lonely released the album </3 and his song “Bane” garnered widespread recognition. As a result, he was noticed by Playboi Carti and signed to the artist’s label thanks to the iconic music video for his song “Oh Yeah.”

Destroy Lonely has had several career-changing opportunities since then. He’s been in Playboi Carti’s video for “Sky,” appeared as a performer at Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, and announced a tour for his mixtape No Stylist in 2022. 

Since then, Destroy Lonely released If Looks Could Kill on May 5th, 2023. It will be exciting to see where this album and his upcoming tour with Playboi Carti takes him in the coming years.

rapper ludacris on stage holding a microphone and pointing to the audience
Rapper Ludacris. Image from Shutterstock.

Is Ludacris Related to Destroy Lonely?

Ludacris is not related to Destroy Lonely, but there is a connection there. He is the son of I-20, a rapper who is known for being one of the first people to sign to Ludacris’s label Disturbing tha Peace in the first years of the 2000s. 

What Subgenre is Destroy Lonely?

Destroy Lonely’s songs and albums currently fall under hip-hop, trap, and cloud rap subgenres. 

Why is Destroy Lonely Called Destroy Lonely?

Destroy Lonely’s name is a culmination of his past experiences. When he was younger, he found himself addicted to various substances that sought to “Destroy” his life. As a teen, he spent much time alone, leading to the “Lonely” portion of his name. He put the two together to create his current stage name. 

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