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Can You Go to a Concert if You’re Pregnant? The Ultimate Guide

can you go to a concert if you're pregnant? a pregnant woman sitting on a bed holding her stomach
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You’ve just received the best news! You are about to have a mini-you running around in just a few months. While this is likely joyous, you might be stressing about those concert tickets you recently bought.

So, can you go to a concert if you’re pregnant? We’ve got all the answers. Keep reading to learn all about concerts, loud music, and more during your pregnancy.

Can You Go to a Concert if You’re Pregnant?

According to medical professionals, whether or not you can attend a concert while pregnant will vary from person to person. While one concert during the 9 months you are pregnant is unlikely to cause damage, you probably can’t go to a concert every week. This is because there are several aspects of a concert that can be dangerous to a pregnant woman and her developing baby, and they are as follows:

a pregnant woman by a window holding her stomach
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1. Crowds

When you are pregnant, you will need some extra space to move around. In a crowded concert venue, it is likely that someone could accidentally bump into you and knock you over—which could cause harm to your unborn baby.

2. Secondhand Smoke

Some concerts allow smoking indoors, which can be dangerous to your unborn child, especially if the concert space is small.

3. Sudden Loud Noises

While not as dangerous at the beginning of your pregnancy, loud noises could stress you or your baby and could cause premature labor.

4. Standing for Long Periods of Time

Pregnancy is demanding on your body, and standing for too long could cause you to feel faint. Fainting in a crowd (while pregnant at a concert) could be dangerous for you and your baby.

If you are reading this and panicking, don’t worry just yet, as there are some precautions you can take so you can attend a concert while pregnant.

Precautions to Take At a Concert While Pregnant

Although concerts can be dangerous for pregnant women, you can do the following to ensure the safety of your unborn child after checking with your doctor.  

1. Choose Assigned Seating

Avoid the dangers of crowds (or a mosh pit) by choosing assigned seating that is off the floor area. This will also help you to be able to rest when your body needs to and give you a place to sit if you feel faint.

2. Attend Outdoor Concerts/Check Smoking Rules

If you are worried about there being a lot of smoke, you could choose only to attend outdoor concerts while pregnant, as the smoke should dissipate more quickly. You can also look at the rules of indoor concerts before buying tickets, as most prohibit smoking, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about secondhand smoke anyway.

3. Sit Far from the Stage

While there is no way to prevent you or your baby from being stressed by loud music, sitting as far in the back as possible can help prevent hearing damage or your baby from being stressed by loud noises. This is not guaranteed to work, however, so you may want to discuss it with your doctor before you attend a concert if this is a concern for you.

4. Don’t Attend Alone

It is not recommended to attend a concert alone while you are pregnant. Having a friend with you will make it easy to send them for help if you need it.

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Is Loud Music Bad While Pregnant?

Subjecting a developing fetus to loud music frequently while pregnant can damage the baby’s hearing. Attending one concert while pregnant is unlikely to cause this level of damage, but if you usually attend 1 to 2 concerts per week, you’ll probably need to cut back majorly during your pregnancy.

Is it Bad To Go To a Concert in Early Pregnancy?

There is limited research about whether concerts are bad for you while pregnant, especially during the early trimesters when the baby can’t yet hear (hearing develops at 18 weeks). However, it is generally recommended to avoid concerts during the early stages of pregnancy for several reasons, like secondhand smoke and increased stress levels.

Either way, before you buy tickets to your favorite show, it is recommended to speak with your doctor. They can better advise you on whether it will be safe for you to attend a concert while pregnant.

Can You Stand Next to Speakers at a Concert While Pregnant?

Because loud music can damage the ears of your developing baby, it is not recommended to stand next to speakers at a concert if you are pregnant, as there is no way to protect their hearing.

Additionally, the area around the speakers can tend to be crowded, which can also be dangerous for a pregnant woman. It is recommended if you do attend a concert while pregnant that you stay near the back so you can exit the area if needed.


Overall, if you have just found out you are pregnant and are wondering what will become of your concert tickets next month, you’ll want to talk to your doctor before you panic. Chances are, you can safely attend a concert or two during your pregnancy, but you should plan to cut back if you are used to regularly attending concerts prior to your pregnancy.

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