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Jessie Murph: Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign, and More

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It seems Jessie Murph is living the life that most teenagers on TikTok could only hope for. This small-town girl started her career on the popular video-sharing social media platform, where she went viral for her song covers and lip-sync videos.

Today, however, Jessie Murph is a full-blown singer and celebrity. Signed with a record label, topping charts with original songs, and even a debut album, it seems there’s no slowing down for this rising star. Who is Jessie Murph? Find out in this article. 

Who is Jessie Murph?

Jessie Murph is an American singer, songwriter, TikTok content creator, YouTuber, and influencer. The artist has been recently making music news with her gritty, soulful voice and original music that combines hip-hop, country, and pop genres.

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When Was Jessie Murph Born?

Born on the 22nd of September, 2004, Jessie Murph’s birthdate makes her a Virgo. Jessie Murph’s zodiac sign definitely fits her personality since this star sign is often associated with being hardworking, humble, intellectual, and introspective.

Where is Jessie Murph From?

The “Wild Ones” singer is originally from Athens, Alabama. The city is home to a population of 25,000 and is recognized as one of the oldest cities in the state of Alabama.

Jessie Murph’s Ethnicity

Since she’s fairly new to the industry, very little is known about Jessie Murph’s ethnic background and ancestry. As of writing, all we do know is that she’s a white American.

How Tall is Jessie Murph?

Pictures and videos of the songstress make it clear that Jessie Murph is a member of the short girls club. Standing at 5 feet and 2 inches, Jessie Murph’s height makes her just an inch taller than Ariana Grande.

How Much Does Jessie Murph Weigh?

Given her slight height, Jessie Murph’s weight also places her in the petite category. Although this isn’t a topic the singer has talked about, some sources estimate that she weighs around 120 lbs.

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How Did Jessie Murph Become Famous?

Jessie Murph knew from a fairly young age that she wanted to be a music star. But coming from a humble home and family in Alabama with no background in professional music, the Hollywood hopeful had to find her own means.

She started a YouTube account and a TikTok profile where she posted videos of herself singing covers of popular songs or lip-syncing, and she grew her popularity over time. On YouTube, her oldest upload comes from 2017 and features an 11-year-old Murph singing a cover of the hit song “Titanium.”

With a natural talent for songwriting, Jessie began writing her own compositions in her bedroom. All the while, the budding star continued to post videos on her socials, quickly gaining traction and soon acquiring the attention of music producers.

In 2021, the starlet signed a record deal with Columbia Records and released a new song and her debut single, “Upgrade.” The song garnered 6.7 million views on YouTube.

That same year, she released a second single, “Always Been You,” which earned 12 million views on YouTube and peaked at 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 5 on the NZ Hot 40.

Her debut mixtape Drowning came out in 2023 and featured “Always Been You” as its lead single.

Other hits from the mixtape lineup include “Pray,” which peaked at number 66 in the UK, and “Heartbroken,” a collaboration with Diplo and Polo G. The song reached the 64th spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

By far, the star’s most successful song has to be “Wild Ones.” Featuring country rapper Jelly Roll, the song rose to the 41st spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and totaled 19 million views just three months after being published.

Presently, the breakout artist is busy on her tour as she brings her music to various music festivals and events across North America and Europe.

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Jessie Murph’s Parents

Jessie has never mentioned her parents’ names, but she has made it clear that they’ve been supportive of her career. Both of her parents are also musically inclined, and the young star states that they were influential in developing her taste for music.

For a while, however, when Jessie was only just beginning on TikTok, her family wasn’t immediately accepting of her new hobby. Their traditional, religious background made them feel a little uneasy with the kinds of songs and lyrics they would hear, especially since Murph had a penchant for hip-hop.

Nevertheless, Jessie Murph has managed to change their perceptions and secure their full support as she navigates the music industry. In one TikTok post, Murph shared a 5-second clip of her mom crying in bed after learning Jessie Murph’s tour dates would keep her away for two months.

Jessie Murph’s Siblings

Not much is known about the “Heartbroken” singer’s siblings except that she has one brother named Garett Murph. Jessie Murph’s brother makes appearances on her TikTok videos as well, most notably as they sing a song written by Jessie for their mother.

Who is Jessie Murph Dating?

Jessie Murph’s boyfriend and relationship status have been a hot topic since the singer’s videos started blowing up. Currently, Murph is single, but she has taken jabs at the intense interest in her dating status by posting bait videos about her alleged ‘boyfriend’ on TikTok.

Does Jessie Murph Play Any Instruments?

The singer-songwriter is a self-taught musician and plays a number of instruments, including the piano, guitar, and ukulele. In most of her early videos, the singer can be seen playing the ukulele as she sings covers of popular songs.

When Did Jessie Murph Join TikTok?

Jessie Murph started her TikTok in 2019. According to the singer, she and a friend decided they would both start TikTok accounts with the objective of growing a follower base and becoming internet celebrities.

What is Jessie Murph’s Net Worth?

Her sudden rise to stardom has allowed the young singer to grow her net worth through a variety of means. Revenue earned through her socials, music streaming services, concerts, ticket sales, and album sales place the “Pray” singer’s total net worth between $200,000 and $1.5M.

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What are Jessie Murph’s Albums?

As of writing, the singer has yet to release her first full-length album. According to some sources, the compilation will include all original songs that incorporate country, pop, and hip-hop.

Who are Jessie Murph’s Music Idols?

Growing up, the singer shared that many of her favorite songs were from Grammy award-winning artists like Sheryl Crow and Bill Withers. 

However, as she developed her own musical preferences outside of her parents’ recommendations, she learned to love Rihanna, Hozier, and Lizzo.

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Jessie Murph’s songs leverage her vulnerable, evocative voice to touch young audiences and listeners trying to navigate the nuances of romance, relationships, and love. Needless to say, her pretty face and petite stature also give her all the trappings of a young internet star.

Since being signed in 2021, Jessie Murph has slowly but surely risen through the charts as one to watch. The singer has had five of her original songs rank across hot 100 charts across the country, and in neighboring parts of the world.

Concert and tour sales for the young pop music star have also been fairly successful. For the most part, the singer can thank her solid internet fan base for supporting her through to her professional singing career.

Aside from her success in the music business, Jessie Murph also does pretty well as an internet star. On her TikTok, the teen celebrity has 10 million followers and over 200 million likes. On YouTube, Jessie Murph boasts over 600,000 subscribers.

Currently, the singer is working on dropping her debut album and is allegedly writing and recording fresh material to include in it. However, despite her busy career as a musician, the teen states that she is still in school and hopes to graduate high school soon.

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