The 20 Best Photographer Insurance Plans (Ranked)

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Photographers are there at any music event to capture whatever action is going on, fighting through crowds and obstacles to get the best shot of creatives like Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, or Nicki Minaj. Unfortunately, anything can happen to your camera, which can get in the way of your job, or your pictures could be stolen online without you being properly compensated for all your hard work.

That’s where photographer insurance comes in. For a photographer who wants the best for their tools and images, it’s best to buy protection in advance. Get comfortable as we dive into some of the best photographer insurance plans on the market.

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1. The Hartford

First on our list of the best photographer insurance plans is The Hartford, offering an A+ financial rating and availability over the phone or in person. You can tailor your package to fit your individual needs, and their help center employees are available all hours of the day if you have questions about your plan or need to file a claim.

2. Simply Business

Simply Business is optimal if you want access to quick compare quotes and insurance coverage on the same day. You get COI instantly after purchase, and they work with superior, top-rated carriers to provide their photographers with the best coverage on the market. 

3. Next Insurance

Next Insurance is an excellent choice for photography insurance if you want a program that’s easy to access and offers many packages to photographers with most of their access online. They have licensed agents for optimal advice, quotes, and coverage on the same day, and their quotes are extremely affordable, which is always a plus.

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4. Full Frame Insurance

If affordability is a priority on your list, Full Frame Insurance is your new best friend in the insurance industry. You can get your quote and policy in less than ten minutes, and access to an online account allows you to manage all your claims and information easily while you are on the go taking photos.

5. Thimble Insurance

Photographers who need options for something more flexible will enjoy Thimble and their available selections for annual or short-term insurance coverage. The prices are very affordable, and the app makes it easier than ever to purchase a plan in minutes for your upcoming photoshoot for creatives like The Jonas Brothers.

6. Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox Insurance is one of the largest photographer insurance providers, offering coverage for photographers across all 50 states in the USA. They have multiple coverage options and have 120 years of experience to boast so you know they know photography insurance better than most companies!

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7. Harborway Insurance

Harborway Insurance is another selection on our list of the best photographer insurance plans, excelling for small and micro photographer business options. They even offer additional coverage options like inland marine coverage in the event you need to store items off-premises or have a unique shoot scheduled.

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8. Accredited Insurance

Accredited Insurance is a winner for the general liability insurance it provides for photographers, offering extensive protection that’s available in all 50 states. They are known for their stability, integrity, and high-quality workmanship, which connects with their excellent rating from AM Best.

9. Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance has been around for more than 160 years and has some extensive experience providing photography insurance for interested customers. They have many excellent coverage options, but their strongest point is their Professional Liability backing, which can come in handy when you take a rare photo that you later have to file a copyright notice for. 

10. biBERK Insurance

BiBERK is an insurance company from Berkshire Hathaway, offering dependable photography insurance from a reputable household name. They provide simple quotes available online in an instant, and you will find plans that cover everything from general liability to cybersecurity in the case that your computer, with all your professional images of stars like Taylor Swift, is ever compromised.

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11. Cerity

Cerity is one of the best photographer insurance plans because it offers ample worker compensation options, quick coverage, simple policies, and much lower price points than many competitors. This plan exists in every state except Ohio, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming.

12. USG Insurance

If you’re worried about the cybersecurity aspect of running a photography business, USG Insurance is an excellent choice. They offer excellent protection from cyber attacks that originate from somewhere beyond your company and are backed by North American Data Security.

13. Insureon

Insureon is always a solid option for photography insurance, bringing online quotes from multiple providers. You can get anything from inland marine security for equipment traveling outside the office, to general liability for common risks you may encounter while working for your photo company. 

14. Hill & Usher

Hill & Usher has long been one of the best photography insurance companies for decades, providing coverage aimed toward those who work in videography and web design. You can create a free quote on their website, and they offer studio content in their policies, along with liability and camera equipment.

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15. TCP Insurance

TCP is a solid insurance option, especially if you want immediate access to a quick quote. They provide general liability coverage, inland marine options, short-term rental equipment protection, business personal property protection, and more for confidence while you’re out doing your job and taking photos of professionals like Selena Gomez and Beyonce.

16. PPA Photocare

PPA, or the Professional Photographers of America, offers excellent plans for professional photographers. They are one of the best photographer insurance plans for new photographers because, if you qualify, you get low-cost protection with this Lockton Affinity-based group.

17. State Farm

State Farm is another excellent choice if you want to stick with one of the best photographer insurance plans from a brand with a national reputation as an insurance provider for photographers and beyond. You get to build a policy that’s suited to your needs, and it includes coverage such as loss-to-income coverage, hired auto protection, and more.

18. Eversure

Eversure is an award-winning company when it comes to photography insurance, offering services for amateurs and professionals alike. You can opt-in for traditional camera coverage, worldwide coverage for traveling, and even accidental loss coverage in case there is a theft of any of your technology. 

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19. Progressive

Progressive is an excellent choice if you want to go with a more mainstream choice for your photography insurance needs. Progressive is famous for being able to customize their insurance plan to fit the needs of the customer, and they have a long-standing reliable reputation among customers.

20. Aaduki

Aaduki is a semi-new insurance opportunity on the market, boasting two decades of experience supporting photographers and more. They have affordable premiums and provide coverage for portfolios, equipment, sets, props, money, and more for your adventures at events for artists like Jay-Z.

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