Sheryl Crow’s Net Worth: Her Career as Best in the Business

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Sheryl Crow is the goddess of pop, rock, and country. She has dominated the music world with chart-topping hits, showing her multi-talented nature not just as a vocalist but also as a musician, playing instruments as diverse as guitar, piano, harmonica, and autoharp. 

With a career like that, it’s no wonder the “Love is Free” singer has a massive net worth to show for it, too. Who is Sheryl Crow, and how did she accrue her massive wealth and riches? Find out Sheryl Crow’s net worth and all there is to know about the Sheryl Crow biography below.

Sheryl Crow’s Net Worth

Sheryl Crow’s net worth in 2023 is approximately $75 million, an impressive $6 million increase from 2022.

Of that $75 million net worth, her yearly income and salary is $6 million or more, a whopping $0.4 million monthly.

How Did Sheryl Crow Get Rich?

Sheryl Crow has grown her massive income and net worth over the years across many platforms, including singing and making music and appearing in multiple films and TV shows, proving how far she can stretch her talents.  

The “Sign Your Name” singer also has several brand endorsements to her name, which have also been attributed to her growing revenue over the years. Some of her most notable partnerships include Best Buy, Got Milk, AARP Services Inc., NASCAR, GAP Clothing, and more.

She is also a best-selling author of her cookbook, More Than 100 Delicious Recipes Inspired by the Seasons, which has also added to her growing wealth.

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Sheryl Crow’s Cars

Sheryl Crow has been known to own several cars over the years, but there is one that is her most notable. What kind of car does Sheryl Crow drive?

Fans shouldn’t be surprised to spot her driving around in a white 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL convertible.

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Sheryl Crow’s House

Sheryl Crow’s main piece of real estate is her 50-acre home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Along with the main house, she built her own barn, which houses a recording studio, a saloon for throwing parties, and horse stables.

Crow told Country Living that having a recording studio on site is “ideal because I’m a single mom. I can go to work just down the driveway.”

That’s not all. The property has a third building that she says serves as a church so she can stay close to her Christian faith.

“When I bought this property, I thought it would be nice to have a space that has nothing to do with work – just a quiet and sacred place to gather,” the “Letter to God,” singer said.

Crow also uses her large home to display several collections, including antique books, vintage boxes, equestrian-inspired pieces, and glass cloches.

How Much Does Sheryl Crow Make Per Show?

Sheryl Crow makes between $300,000 and $612,500 a show. No wonder her net worth is so high.

How Much Are Sheryl Crow Tickets?

Despite her international fame, Sheryl Crow takes care of her fans by ensuring the cost of tickets for her concerts doesn’t require them to spend a whole lot of dollars. You can find tickets as low as $28 apiece for some of her shows.

How Did Sheryl Crow Become Famous?

Sheryl Crow started her career as a backup singer for several high-profile acts, including the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Don Henley of the Eagles, and Rod Stewart, throughout the 1980s.

The “Run Baby Run” singer broke onto the music scene with her smash 1994 debut studio album Tuesday Night Music Club, which included hits like “All I Wanna Do,” “Strong Enough,” and “Leaving Las Vegas.” Not surprisingly, it hit #1 on several Billboard charts.

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Sheryl Crow’s Career

Sheryl Crow’s career is one of the most successful of any female singer/songwriter in the business today. She has released ten studio albums, one holiday album, and several compilations.

After her debut launched her into international superstardom, Sheryl Crow released her self-titled sophomore album in 1996. It includes some of the most popular Sheryl Crow songs, including “Home,” “Everyday is a Winding Road,” and “If It Makes You Happy.”

From there, she released The Globe Sessions in 1998, which featured several of her own co-written creations like “My Favorite Mistake,” “There Goes the Neighborhood,” and “Maybe That’s Something.”

One of the biggest Sheryl Crow songs off her fourth studio album C’mon, C’mon (2002) was the fun-loving “Soak Up the Sun,” which remains one of her signatures to this day.

Other Sheryl Crow albums over the years have included Wildflower (2005), Detours (2008), Home for Christmas (2008), 100 Miles from Memphis (2010), Feels Like Home (2013), Be Myself (2017)and Threads (2019)

Even with her busy schedule releasing so many chart-topping albums, she has continued to find time to appear in three films and 15 television shows. Many of her television appearances included her appearing as herself, such as in One Tree Hill (2004), Hannah Montana (2010), and NCIS: New Orleans (2017).

When Was Sheryl Crow Born?

Sheryl Suzanne Crow was born on Feb. 11, 1962.

Sheryl Crow’s Zodiac sign is Aquarius, meaning her attitude is very go-with-the-flow, and she doesn’t let stress get to her. If her songs are any indication, it’s pretty right on with the bohemian, laid-back sound of “Soak Up the Sun” and so many others.

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Where is Sheryl Crow From?

Sheryl Crow was born and raised in Kennett, Missouri.

Sheryl Crow’s Ethnicity

Sheryl Crow may be American and white on the surface, but she has several different cultures in her background. She is of English, Scottish, German, and Welsh descent.

How Tall is Sheryl Crow?

Sheryl Crow’s height is approximately 5 feet, 3.5 inches tall.

How Much Does Sheryl Crow Weigh?

Sheryl Crow knows what it means to stay fit and healthy. She is a tiny 112.5 pounds.

Sheryl Crow’s Parents

Sheryl Crow is the daughter of Wendell Wyatt Crow, a lawyer and trumpet player, and Bernice Crow, a piano teacher. It’s easy to see where she got her musical talent from.

She’s the third of four children, growing up with two older sisters, Kathy and Karen, and one younger brother, Steven.

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Sheryl Crow Early Life

Sheryl Crow had an active childhood. While attending Kennett High School in Missouri, she was a majorette and an all-state track athlete. She was also a social butterfly as a member of the pep club, the National Honor Society, and more.

Crow didn’t have her sights set on being an international superstar right away. She attended the University of Missouri in Columbia, where she received her degree in music education, and upon graduation, taught music at Kellison Elementary School in Fenton, Missouri.

It all changed when she was introduced to Jay Oliver, a local musician and record producer, who helped her enter the world of advertising jingles for businesses such as McDonald’s and Toyota.

She already was making bank with that, earning $40,000 for the McDonald’s jingle alone. Soon, she was on tour as a backup singer for multiple acts, beginning in 1987, and she was quickly on the road to the spotlight.

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Where Does Sheryl Crow Live?

Sheryl Crow currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sheryl Crow’s Children

Despite being unable to maintain a significant long-term relationship, Sheryl Crow took her dreams of being a mother into her own hands.

Did Sheryl Crow have a baby, and who is Sheryl Crow’s child? In May 2007, Crow adopted a two-week-old boy named Wyatt Steven. Three years later, in June 2010, she adopted another baby boy she named Levi James.

Who is Sheryl Crow Dating?

That’s a loaded question. How many husbands has Sheryl Crow had? None, but she has had several high-profile relationships over the years, some of which have teased a potential marriage down the line.

Who are Sheryl Crow’s ex-boyfriends? Sit back because the list is extensive. Crow’s first confirmed relationship was with songwriter and musician Kevin Gilbert from 1993-1995.

Two years after splitting with Gilbert, Crow was linked to rock legend Eric Clapton from 1997-1998. During their time together, she and Clapton gave fans a treat with several performances together, but the relationship behind-the-scenes was rocky. Her song “My Favorite Mistake” is rumored to be about their tumultuous relationship.

Other notable romantic links include actor Owen Wilson, Kid Rock after working on their duet, “Picture,” Josh Charles, Ryan Seacrest, Hank Azaria, John Cusack, Steve Bing, and John Cassimus.

Crow’s biggest long-standing relationship was with cycling champion Lance Armstrong from 2003-2006. The pair even got engaged in 2005, but Armstrong ended the relationship just a year later.

Her most controversial relationship came in 2011 when she had an affair with musician Doyle Bramhall II while he was connected to vocalist Susannah Melvoin at the same time.  

Is Sheryl Crow in a relationship now? No.Since 2011, Crow has remained single, meaning the answer to the question, did Sheryl Crow hook up with Blake Shelton is also no. The fun 2022 banter between the two stars that suggested otherwise was a joke. Shelton later confirmed that the “joke” story was the only story. 

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Sheryl Crow’s Tattoos

Sheryl Crow has one tattoo, a tribal butterfly on her back.

Sheryl Crow Health

Sheryl Crow has had her share of health struggles over the years. One of her biggest challenges came in 2006 when she was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a non-invasive form of breast cancer.

Did Sheryl Crow get a mastectomy? No. To treat her breast cancer, “The First Cut is the Deepest” singer underwent a lumpectomy and seven weeks of radiation therapy.

To help other women catch the disease early as she did, she partnered with Kristi Funk, her surgeon, to open the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center for breast cancer screenings and mammograms. Now, all women are “Strong Enough” to face their diagnosis head-on, just like her.

Does Sheryl Crow have dementia? Sheryl Crow does not have dementia, but in 2015, she announced that she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. The tumor was found after Crow sought medical advice due to forgetting her lyrics on stage on multiple occasions.

Some of her health problems have come with a humorous story or two.

How did Sheryl Crow lose her front teeth? While playing at a bar in St. Louis, Crow was hit in the mouth by an armful of mugs after a waitress lost her balance.

Oddly enough, that was the second time she lost her two front teeth. She also lost them once as a child, though it’s unclear how. 

Sheryl Crow’s Awards

Sheryl Crow has received numerous awards, from the Academy of Country Music Awards to American Music Awards to Billboard Music Awards and even nine Grammy Awards and everything in between.

She hasn’t only been awarded musically, however. The “Steve McQueen” singer has been recognized with several honorary doctorates from her alma mater, the University of Missouri, as well as Southeast Missouri State University.

Also, in 2006, Crow was named the American Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award recipient. Awards council member and famed director Steven Spielberg presented her with the award during the Los Angeles ceremony.

What Does Sheryl Crow Do Now?

Sheryl Crow may have stepped back from the spotlight in recent years, but she remains close in the hearts of her fans, and she hasn’t forgotten about her high-profile friends.

It appears she’s perfectly content with her teenage boys in her cozy Nashville home, and we applaud her for that. More power to her!

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