Who is BTS? 32 Interesting Facts About the South Korean Boy Band BTS

BTS at the 2018 MelOn music awards.

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Who is BTS? BTS is arguable the most successful boy band of this generation. This South Korean boy band consisting of seven (yes seven) members originally began in the hip-hop scene. Later, they progressed into Korean-pop music, or K-Pop. Some call BTS The Bangtan Boys or Bangtan Sonyeondan which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. 

The members of BTS consist of RM, V, Jungkook, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, and Jimin. RM, or Kim Nam-Joon, is the leader of the group, however, each member has their own quirks and personality traits.

Here are 32 fun facts about BTS that you probably do not know.

What does BTS mean?

In America, the acronym BTS generally means “behind the scenes”, however BTS in Korean (방탄소년단) stands for the Korean expression “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”.

RM Learned English Watching “Friends”

RM has admitted that he learned to perfect his grasp of the English language by watching the hit American comedy “Friends.” Known as the leader of the BTS, RM might have been on to something with this strategy as he is the only member to claim to speak fluent English.

The Band Provides a Boon to South Korea’s Economy

While it is no surprise to learn that BTS boasts considerable wealth, what many of the fanbase, otherwise known as the BTS Army or Adorable Representative M.C for Youth, might not realize is how much money they pump into the economy of South Korea. Recent reports guesstimate that BTS is responsible for an infusion of approximately $3.6 billion into the Korean economy.

BTS Has Mastered Social Media

There is no doubt that BTS has mastered the art of reaching their Army through the use of social media. BTS boasts the distinction of being the first Twitter account based in Korea to reach a whopping 10 million followers.

BTS in 2013 at a fan meeting.

Yoongi Loves the Cartoon Character Kumamon

Min Yoongi is partial to the brown bear cartoon character known as Kumamon. The bear is the mascot representing the Kumamoto prefecture based in Japan, representing the country’s playful nature and welcoming spirit.

Origins of Jimin’s Scar

Jimin has a barely visible scar located just above his right eye. He once said in an interview that the scar is the result of being accidentally hit as a child.

Crossy Road Addicts

Every member of BTS has admitted to once being addicted to playing the popular mobile game called Crossy Road. They even went so far as to tweet the game’s creators asking for merchandise, later posting pictures of them posing with the game’s stuffed chicks.

RM is Exceptionally Smart

RM, also known as Rap Monster once revealed that his IQ score on a test taken during his second year of high school was an impressive 148. This number would put him in the range where he would qualify to take the Mensa International Test.

Taehyung Likes to Snuggle When Sleeping

Taehyung has admitted that he likes to sleep hugging a pillow or whoever happens to be in the bed with him. He said that he needs to be snuggled up to something to sleep soundly with BTS members having pictures to prove it.

Inspiration for Song “Baepsae”

The song “Baepsae” is based on an old Korean proverb. Also known as “Silver Spoon,” the song warns that trying to keep up with others will only result in self-destruction and the inability to be true to yourself.

They Once Lived in a One-Room Apartment

Although it may seem hard to imagine now that they are living the best life with all of their wealth, BTS was once barely scraping by trying to make ends meet. During this time, they lived together in a one-room apartment.

BTS at the American Music Awards in 2021.

The Band Took 3 Years to Come to Fruition

BTS was not an overnight K-Pop band sensation, taking approximately three years to come together. Big Hit Entertainment held auditions for the group in 2010, however, BTS did not make its debut until 2013.

V Reads to Fall Asleep

When battling bouts of insomnia, Kim Taehyung, known as V said that he will turn to a book to read. He said that the words will quickly put him to sleep once he starts reading.

Suga’s Itty Bitty Waist

Suga is the envy of girls everywhere with his waist size that fluctuates between 28 and 29. Because of this tiny waist, he said it is often hard to find pants that fit him well.

Jimin Has the Most Nicknames

Jimin has no shortage of fun nicknames. Some of his most unique monikers include Mochi, Chimchim, Prince of Busan, Jiminie, and more.

Suga’s Past Life as a Rapper

Before joining up with BTS, Suga was an underground rapper bearing the stage name of Gloss. This previous experience made him a natural fit to take over the lead rapping duties for BTS when he came on board.

Jungkook Has a Microwave Phobia

Jeon Jungkook is mercifully teased by fellow BTS members for being scared of the microwave. He claims that he worries that it will explode at any time.

BTS during a photoshoot for Korea Dispatch in Las Vegas in 2019.

BTS Was Almost Not the Name of This Band

Although it is difficult to imagine this K-Pop group of seven going as anything other than BTS, there were other names in the running at one time. The group almost went by the name Big Kidz or Young Nation.

Jin Tried to Cut His Own Hair

Jin once went wild and tried to cut his own bangs. Not only did he cut his hair on his own, but he also filmed the process with his iPhone.

Jungkook’s Alternate Career Goals

If this musical career does not last forever, Jungkook has additional career aspirations. He has made it no secret that he dreams of becoming a tattoo artist, letting his creativity shine through in this artistic endeavor.

RM and Halsey’s Connection

While some BTS fans or Army are aware of the connection that RM has with American pop artist Halsey, what is most adorable is that the two have a secret handshake. There are even videos that detail this fun connection between the two pop culture superstars.

Jeon Jungkook is also Known as the Golden Makna

Maknae translates to “youngest person” in Korean, which perfectly fits since Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS. The Golden part of the nickname comes from his multiple talents as a vocalist, dancer, and rapper.

BTS Created the First K-Pop Emoji

The emoji, which was launched on Twitter, is a bulletproof vest with BTS in the middle. Interestingly, though, this emoji has been mistaken by some Hollywood celebrities to mean “behind the scenes.”

BTS Now Stands for Beyond the Scene

In 2017, BTS rebranded, and instead of meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts, their initials now mean Beyond the Scene. 

J-Hope is the Only Member of BTS Without Pierced Ears

Jung Hoseok, otherwise known as J-Hope, has reportedly said that he wants to “keep the purity of them” thus not piercing them.

BTS performing in Paris in 2018.

BTS Had the First K-Pop Album Hit the Top of the Billboard 200 Charts.

With their song, Love Yourself: Tear, which was part of a series called Love Yourself, BTS was honored with the first foreign-language album to hit the top of the Billboard 200 charts. This honor had not been given in 12 years previously.

J-Hope Was Once Rejected by JYP Entertainment

Before becoming a BTS band member, J-Hope auditioned and was rejected by JYP. The BTS fanbase, or Army, is forever grateful for that rejection.

The Band Broke Justin Timberlake’s Record in the Billboard Music Awards

The Top Social Artist, which was won by Timberlake several times, was claimed in 2017 by BTS. This made them the first K-pop group to win this award.

BTS is Known for Producing its Own Music

The members of this iconic group are known to not only perform their songs but also write, edit and record their own music. This includes songs on the albums Skool Luv Affair, Love Yourself, and many more.

J-Hope Grew up in Gwangju, Which is Known for the Gwangju Uprising 5.18

The tragedy which occurred in 1980, left about 150 people dead in their protest seeking democracy. BTS’s song “Ma City” speaks a message about this event.

BTS has Given Back to the Community Through Various Charities such as Unicef

When the group got together with Unicef, they raised $1 million dollars in just 2 days. BTS has also given back to other organizations as well.

The Band Sends a Message in Their Songs and Music Videos

BTS band members weave in messages to the BTS fandom of hope and self-love throughout their music. Through their lyrics and music videos, BTS stresses the importance of taking care of your mental health and standing up for what is right.

BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul was filmed at Seoul Olympic Stadium

This concert film starring the members of BTS was filmed in Seoul, Korea during their world tour in 2018.



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