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Minnesota’s Keny Grey focuses on making music for ASL community, Releases “Wow”

Keny Grey has been working a 9-5 job in “Corporate America” for the past few years and making music on the side.

Not long ago, he realized he wasn’t happy with his job and his lack of time to focus on music. So, in November of 2020, he made a plan to quit.

He crunched the numbers, then saved up enough money to cover his living expenses for approximately 365 days.

The first song created since taking the leap as a full-time artist, is titled “Wow” released on New Years. “Wow” is an undeniably catchy pop tune that he recorded in the comfort of his studio apartment in Uptown.

Few may notice his album cover is an illustration of him motioning the word “Wow” in sign language. Keny has multiple family members who are deaf, which fuels his passion for involvement in the ASL community.

According to the World Health Organization, 446 million people are affected by hearing loss. That’s over 5% of the world population— 34 million are children.  

Keny’s goal is double fold. Not only is he trying to make a sustainable living through music before he runs out of money, but he’s also determined to change the way all content is created; spreading the importance of captions so those with hearing loss can enjoy music.

Keny has been documenting his journey of making music and counting down the days until he runs out of money on his Tiktok account.

Click here to support Keny Grey and his mission.

Written by Bo Weber

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