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  • how did Jim Morrison die
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    How Did Jim Morrison Die? The Death of a True Rockstar

    Jim Morrison was a famous American singer and songwriter who was best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band The Doors. His poetic lyrics, wild personality, unpredictable performances, and distinctive voice have made him an icon in rock history. “Light My Fire” from the band’s self-titled debut album became the number one single […] More

  • Miley cyrus bio

    Miley Cyrus’ Biography, Net Worth and More

    Miley Cyrus is a well-known and outspoken American artist, singer, songwriter, actress, and influencer.   First hitting the spotlight on the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana, Miley has since grown as a performing artist. She has released several number one hits over the last decade and has left her mark on the music industry.   Her music […] More

  • Prof at Soundset - Photo by Chris Taylor

    Crucial Facts About The Minnesota Rapper, Prof

    Who is Prof? Prof the rapper, born Jacob Anderson is a performer with a sense of humor. A native son of Minnesota, Prof has become a prominent name in his home state and could be tipped to take the world by storm. Let’s find out more about this wild rapper known for his crazy on-stage […] More

  • Olivia Rodrigo. Photo Courtesy of brett jordan Via Flckr.
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    How Did Olivia Rodrigo Get Famous?

    It seemed as if 18-year-old singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo came out of nowhere, leaving many people asking, “how did Olivia Rodrigo get famous?” Olivia released her first album titled, Sour, in the summer of 2021 and has quickly become one of the most discussed singers and performers in the music business. As the year comes to […] More

  • dean martin facts

    Who is BTS? 32 Interesting Facts About the South Korean Boy Band BTS

    Who is BTS? BTS is arguable the most successful boy band of this generation. This South Korean boy band consisting of seven (yes seven) members originally began in the hip-hop scene. Later, they progressed into Korean-pop music, or K-Pop. Some call BTS The Bangtan Boys or Bangtan Sonyeondan which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”.  The […] More

  • dean martin facts

    21 facts about rapper Travis Scott

    Who is Travis Scott? Travis Scott is a very successful rapper that has built a name for himself (and with help of others) in the music industry. Why is Travis Scott so popular? Well, because he’s Kylie Jenner’s “baby daddy.” Having close relations with the Kardashian family is a sure-fire way to become famous, not […] More