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40 Celebrities Who Love Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has always been a divisive figure, especially since his time serving as President of the United States. With the reelection looming, Trump is even more controversial as a potential frontrunner.

Celebrities are often very vocal about their politics, though some are more subtle. Many have expressed their love for the former president in person and through internet means.

Are you looking to learn more about prominent celebrities who love Donald Trump? Keep reading to find out!

1. Jason Aldean

jason aldean in a brown jacket and cowboy hat holding an award
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Jason Aldean has been a big name in the country world for a long time, boasting tunes like “Dirt Road Anthem ” and the controversial “Try That In A Small Town.” He’s one of a few celebrities who love Donald Trump, very vocal about his support for the man even though he claims he is a performer and not a politician.

2. Roseanne Barr

roseanne barr giving an interview on stage
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Ever-controversial comedian, actress, writer, and producer is a Donald Trump supporter. She even gave him advice, appearing at a Donald Trump rally and shouting bizarre chants. 

3. Kanye West

jim brown and kanye west sitting at a table at an event
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Kanye West was a bit of a surprise when he announced his support for Trump at the beginning of his presidency. While the rapper’s support for Trump hasn’t seemed to waver, Trump seemed to lose respect for the artist after he announced his presidential run in 2020. This doesn’t change the fact that Kanye West is still somehow one of the celebrities who loves Donald Trump more than almost any other celebrity.

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4. Kodak Black

who is kodak black. image of the rapper arriving for an event in a lime green suit
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Kodak Black is a well-known rapper who shot to fame after the release of his song “No Flockin’” in 2014, which rose to the Billboard Hot 100 after a rerelease. He’s been supported by Trump in the past and announced his support for the politician and businessman via Twitter, especially after Trump helped him get out of jail.

5. Kelsey Grammar

an actor standing on stage in an empty theater
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American actor Kelsey Grammar rose to his status after landing a role in the sitcom Cheers as Dr. Frasier Crane, later starring in his spin-off series. He voiced he backed Trump in the 2020 election and stated he will continue to support him in the next.

6. Keemstar

the making of a podcast a computer and microphone
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Keemstar is a well-known streamer, podcaster, and YouTuber who mostly expressed his support for Donald Trump – via the internet. On Twitter, he thanked the man for his term and expressed excitement at the idea of more Trump time in the Oval Office.

7. Gene Simmons

gene simmons in an interview in a black outfit and sunglasses
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American musician Gene Simmons is best known for being “The Demon” bassist and co-lead singer in the band Kiss. Although his love of Trump seems to have gone down over the past few years, Simmons still reported he would support the businessman in the next election.

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8. Rick Harrison

the cast of pawn stars on the red carpet including rick harrison corey harrison and chum lee
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Rick Harrison is next on our list of celebrities who love Donald Trump, known for his role on the show Pawn Stars as the owner of the store Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. He still supports Trump and appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference. 

9. Isaiah Washington

producer isaiah washington arriving at an event
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Isaiah Washington is an actor and a producer best known for his role in the long-lasting series Grey’s Anatomy. He famously left the democratic party and announced his support for Trump after getting fired from Grey’s Anatomy for using a slur.

10. Lil Wayne

lil wayne with a microphone and his hair flying in the wind
Chicago, Illinois / United States – Saturday, August 3rd, 2019: Lil Wayne performs at Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Chicago. Image from Shutterstock.

Rapper Lil Wayne endorsed Trump as president in 2016, and that support seemed to pay off for him when Trump pardoned him in 2020 as one of his last acts in office. Lil Wayne has met with Trump several times and expressed his appreciation for the politician and celebrity. 

11. Johnny Damon

johnny damon holding a bat on the baseball field
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Former baseball outfielder for the Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics, and more is a prominent supporter of Donald Trump. He’s been a long-time supporter of the man, appearing at a Trump rally in 2016 and sending him birthday wishes.

12. Conor McGregor

conor mcgregor arriving at an event in monaco
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Conor McGregor is a prominent mixed martial artist and boxer, staking a claim to the former titles of Ultimate Fighting Championship Featherweight and Lightweight Champion. He’s announced his love for Trump many times over Twitter and even seems to embody the man’s tactics in his own country of Ireland. Could a presidential run be in the cards?

13. Robert Davi

robert davi in a suit arriving at an event
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Next on our list of celebrities who love Donald Trump is Robert Davi, an actor, filmmaker, and singer known for roles in films like The Goonies. He appeared on Fox Business to defend his love of the former president. 

14. Corey LaJoie

corey lajoie walking at a racing event
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Motor racing driver Corey LaJoie has been loud and proud about his support for Trump. In 2020, LaJoie announced he would drive a racecar with “Trump 2020” painted into the design – and he did.

15. 50 Cent

50 cent on stage with a microphone
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Rapper 50 Cent has had a long and successful career, born in South Jamaica and moving to Queens before beginning his hit career in 1996. He seems to go back and forth on his love of Trump, so it’s tricky to know where he stands today. However, he did support Trump in the past.

16. Jack Brewer

surreal image of a football or soccer player kicking a ball on a field
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Former football player Jack Brewer appeared as a football safety for the Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and our own Minnesota Vikings. Though he hasn’t been super vocal about his support lately, Brewer spoke against the media’s claims about Trump and spoke at the Republican National Convention. 

17. Kid Rock

kid rock performing on stage
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Kid Rock is a musician, singer, and rapper who has long been behind Donald Trump. He’s doubled down on his support, even speaking to him over the phone and offering advice.

18. Kristy Swanson

kristy swanson arriving at an event
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American actress Kristy Swanson is next on our list of celebrities who love Donald Trump, best known for her role in the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’s very vocal about her support of Trump, tweeting about her wishes for him to be president again and even meeting him in the Oval Office when he was president. 

19. Trace Adkins

trace adkins on stage singing in a grey shirt and black pants
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Prominent country singer Trace Adkins has long been a supporter of Donald Trump. The ”Somewhere In America” singer was on Trump’s show, The Celebrity Apprentice, and has refused to back down from his support of the man on evening shows with hosts like Bill Maher. 

20. Stacey Dash

stacey dash arriving at an event
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Stacey Dash, known for her role as Dionne Marie Davenport in the movie Clueless, has renounced her ‘arrogant’ approach to her support of Trump – but she hasn’t revealed she’s not on his side. She even argued that her character in Clueless would have been an anti-feminist republican. 

21. Kirstie Alley

kirstie alley on the red carpet in a colorful dress
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American actress Kirstie Alley got her first big break when she appeared as Rebecca Howe on the show Cheers. The late actress endorsed Trump in 2016, though it seemed she was a little more uncertain of her decision after retaliation from the public.

22. James Woods

actor james woods arriving at an event
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Actor James Woods is famous for his fast-talking roles, masterfully portraying characters like Hades in the animated Hercules and Walker in White House Down. He’s defended Trump multiple times on social media and is known to mock Democrats.

23. Ted Nugent 

ted nugent on stage performing
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Singer Ted Nugent is another well-known artist who has a history of loving Donald Trump. He’s referred to the former president as one of the greatest in the modern world and even nearly named an album after something Trump called him – “the greatest Handsome Devil in the world.”

24. Wayne Newton

wayne newton and a woman on the red carpet
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Legendary Las Vegas singer and star Wayne Newton has previously announced himself as all-in on Donald Trump. He even attended the final Trump debate in 2016 as a guest of the man himself. 

25. Aaron Carter

aaron carter performing in a stadium
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The late Aaron Carter grew to fame as a teenage pop sensation, releasing a total of four studio albums over his career. Before his tragic death, Carter had gone back and forth between his support for Trump, though had previously endorsed him.

26. Jack Nicklaus

golfer jack nicklaus swinging a golf club
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Professional golfer Jack Nicklaus supported Donald Trump in the past and has stated he’s ready to back the man again in the next presidential race. He’s known for heaping plenty of praise on his personality. 

27. Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks performing on stage
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Azealia Banks began her career as a rapper in 2008, switching between studios like XL Recordings and Interscope. Banks has defended her choice to support Trump time and time again. She recently stated she’d be voting for him again in 2024 because he’s ‘funny.’ 

28. Mary Hart

mary hart on the red carpet in a balck dress
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American television personality Mary Hart created controversy when she appeared at Donald Trump’s 2020 Fourth of July event. She hasn’t been explicit about her support for Trump but also hasn’t taken anything back – which says a lot in today’s climate. 

29. Dennis Quaid

dennis quaid arriving at an event
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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, actor  Dennis Quaid revealed his support for how then-president Donald Trump was handling the situation. His actor brother Randy Quaid also loves Trump.

30. Lil Pump

lil pump on the red carpet in a white jacket
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In 2020, rapper Lil Pump doubled down on his support for Donald Trump – even after Trump seemed to refer to him as ‘Lil Pimp’ after he performed at a rally. As far as we know, he’s still a fan of the former president. 

31. Stephen Baldwin

stephen baldwin at an event sitting in a car
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A list of celebrities who love Donald Trump couldn’t be complete without actor Stephen Baldwin. He was one of the first people in Hollywood to reveal his love for the man and stuck to his stance so firmly it caused a rift with his daughter, Hailey Baldwin. 

32. Sexyy Red

female rappers performing in shadow
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Rapper Sexyy Red first grabbed the attention of the world in 2018 and snagged her spot as a celebrity after collaborating with Summer Walker in the ever-controversial video “Sense Dat God Gave You” in 2022. In a conversation with Theo Von, she revealed she liked Donald Trump.

33. Scott Baio

scott baio giving an interview for cnn
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Scott Baio is an actor best known for his portrayal of Chachi Arcola on the hit sitcom Happy Days. He’s a very vocal Trump supporter, even feuding with fellow actor Patton Oswalt over his views on Twitter.

34. Waka Flocka Flame

rapper waka flocka flame on stage performing
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Rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently announced his support for Trump on Twitter by posting Trump’s presidential plans and even changing his profile picture to Trump. He managed to spark some solid debate online over the vocalization of his support. 

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35. Willie Robertson

jason aldean and willie robertson arriving at an event
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Willie Robertson is a well-known personality, recognizable for his part in the TV series Duck Dynasty. He’s spoken at several Trump rallies and continues to stand behind the man – even though many members of his family disagree politically. 

36. Jon Voight 

jon voight at an event
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Jon Voight had a dramatic shift throughout his life from a member of the counterculture to a serious Republican. The actor has posted several videos on social media declaring his allegiance via slightly strange tangents – like seemingly supporting the actions on January 6, 2021.

37. Mariano Rivera

mariano rivera pitching a ball for the new york yankees
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Next on our list of celebrities who love Donald Trump is former professional baseball pitcher Mariano Rivera. Rivera has often defended his love of Trump, appearing on shows like Fox & Friends to do so.

38. DaBaby

dababy performing
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Rapper DaBaby revealed he was a fan of Trump in 2022, crediting him for acts like removing Kodak Black from jail. His allegiance kicked into gear after Kodak Black was pardoned, and he continues to support Trump.

39. Herschel Walker

herschel walker signing books
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Heisman Trophy winner and politician Herschel Walker is an admirer of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has even defended Herschel Walker publicly several times. Seems like just yesterday that the Minnesota Vikings sold ten years of talent and three Super Bowls to acquire him.

40. Mike Tyson

celebrities who went bankrupt mike tyson in a suit holding his fist up
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Last up is Mike Tyson, who has been friends with Donald Trump long before he became president. The former professional boxer continues to defend Trump and they often appear at public events together, such as UFC 287 in 2023.

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