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19 Famous Rappers Who Cheated On Their Partners

famous rappers who cheated on their partners tyga onstage performing in a black shirt
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Cheating and infidelity among celebrities is a topic that perpetually interests people, as is proven by the continued success of TMZ. Musicians of all genres are guilty of breaking the seventh commandment, and rappers are no exception.

For this article, we’ll explore high-profile adulterers from the dominant form of music today. Here are 19 famous rappers who cheated on their partners.

1. Swizz Beatz

alicia keys and swizz beats
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First on our list of famous rappers who cheated on their partners is Swizz Beats. 

Before the rapper was able to put a ring on Alicia Keys’ finger, Swizz Beatz was previously married to R&B singer Mashonda. After he filed for divorce, he immediately wed Alicia Keys just a few months later. 

This situation led Mashonda to accuse Swizz Beatz of cheating on her with Alicia Keys. Despite this, they now co-parent civilly

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2. Ja Rule

ja rule and ashanti performing at christmas time
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Ja Rule’s history of cheating with Aisha Atkins, his high-school sweetheart whom he later married, has long been the subject of controversy. 

From hooking up with his prison cellmate to being involved with Ashanti, the singer never got a break from all the gossip. One of the most widely known instances is his connection with Superhead.

In Superhead’s book Confessions Of A Video Vixen, she revealed that they were involved romantically while Ja Rule was still in a relationship with Atkins.

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3. Offset 

up close photo of the rapper offset
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Migos member Offset is next on our list of famous rappers who cheated on their partner. 

The rapper married Cardi B in 2017. A mere year later, he got caught in a tricky situation when a video of him with a naked woman in a hotel went viral. Soon after, model Celine Powell claimed that she was pregnant with Offset’s baby. 

The two rappers later filed for divorce but were able to reconcile and move on from Offset’s extramarital affairs.

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4. Diddy

p diddy dressed all in black with his finger pointing up
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Diddy is also allegedly one of many famous rappers who cheated on their partners. It is said that he betrayed his longtime girlfriend Cassie after ten years of being together with OnlyFans model Gina Huynh.

The “I’ll Be Missing You” rapper had a previous record of infidelity, as evidenced by rumors of his cheating on Kim Porter during their relationship and having a child with another woman.

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5. Notorious B.I.G.

notorious big record next to its cover on a white background
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Biggie and Faith Evans’ marriage was not free from infidelity. 

The “Hypnotize” rapper was reported to have cheated on her with several women, including Lil Kim, earning him a spot among famous rappers who cheated on their partners.

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6. Nelly 

the rapper nelly performing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Next on our list of famous rappers who cheated on their partners is the illustrious Nelly. 

The “Dilemma” rapper and Ashanti were together for almost a decade, but things went south when Ashanti found out Nelly was messing around with other women. 

In a 2015 episode of The Meredith Vieira Show, Ashanti revealed that the reason behind her split with Nelly was because of the rapper’s betrayal.

Recently, though, Nelly and Ashanti rekindled their relationship.

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7. Tyga 

tyga onstage performing in a black shirt
Image from Shutterstock.

Perhaps one of the most infamous cheating controversies goes to Tyga. The rapper was dating the dashing Kylie Jenner when it was revealed that he was hooking up with the transsexual actress Mia Isabella. 

The actress released screenshots of text messages and NSFW pictures between the two online, blowing up the internet with #Tyga trending on Twitter.

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8. Wiz Khalifa

wiz khalifa
PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC- JUNE 28 2018: Wiz Khalifa raps on a stage with his band at the Aerodrome festival in Prague, Czech Republic. Image from Shutterstock.

Amber Rose got the world’s attention when she stated that Wiz Khalifa cheated on her.

The two tied the knot in 2013, but just a year later, their marriage came to an abrupt end when Rose reportedly caught Khalifa having sex with two women at the same time. 

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9. Nas

rapper nas on stage in a multicolored outfit singing
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Prominent East Coast hip-hop artist Nas is said to have been unfaithful to his ex-wife Kelis, which lands him on our list of famous rappers who cheated on their partners. 

The couple got married in 2005, with Kelis filing for divorce a mere four years later amid allegations of cheating.

10. Dr. Dre

Dr dre on the red carpet in a black hoodie
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Dr. Dre also got entangled in a messy case of reported infidelity while married to Nicole Young, making him another of the famous rappers who cheated on their partners. 

Young reported that Dr. Dre cheated on her with not just one but three women, including the singer Crystal Sierra. 

Sierra later dropped a music video that subtly alluded to being a victim in her relationship with Dr. Dre.

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11. Chris Brown

chris brown in a blue hoodie and green pants on stage
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Chris Brown is perhaps the most obvious on our list of famous rappers who cheated on their partners. 

On top of allegedly emotionally and physically abusing his ex-partner, Rihanna, the “Under The Influence” rapper was also tied romantically to Karrueche at the same time.

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12. Fabulous 

the rapper fabulous on the red carpet
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Fabulous has been together with his girlfriend, Emily Bustamante, for a long time. Though he has denied rumors of his marital infidelity, some evidence says otherwise. 

In 2019, a picture of him and a mystery woman surfaced on social media, sparking a lot of controversy and pointing to cheating.

He was also indicted for domestic violence back in 2018 when a camera caught him knocking out Emily’s front teeth. In 2023, the rapper alluded to their separation through an Instagram story, claiming that he was giving up on his marriage.

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13. Fat Joe

rapper fat joe on stage performing
Image from Shutterstock.

Next on our list of famous rappers who cheated on their partners is the legendary Fat Joe. Things almost went south for the “All The Way Up” rapper and his wife, Lorena Cartagena, in 2012. 

Lorena reportedly found out about his extramarital affair with a woman from Dubai when one of her close friends sent pictures of the two together. 

Luckily for him, they managed to work through the problem and put the past behind them.

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14. Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg on the red carpet in a kobe bryant jersey
Image from Shutterstock.

Shante Taylor and Snoop Dogg have been together for as long as we can remember. But the high school sweethearts almost came to the brink of breaking up when Snoop Dogg admitted cheating on her. 

Fortunately, they were able to forgive one another and work things out.

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15. Wyclef Jean

rapper wyclef jean on stage performing
Image from Shutterstock.

Wyclef Jean and Marie Claudinette have been together since 1994. Despite a strong and lasting marriage, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies for the two love birds. 

His wife reportedly had to go through two of his infidelities, including affairs with Lauryn Hill and his manager, Lisa Ellis.

16. Akon

rapper akon giving an interview
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Though he’s kept his personal life relatively secret, it’s been revealed that rapper Akon has had four wives. There are rumors that he has had multiple wives at once.

Instagram model Celina Powell exposed her relationship with the rapper when she leaked a video and screenshots of her in bed with a sleeping Akon. It’s unclear what women he was married to at the time.

17. Safaree

rapper safaree in a black shirt arriving for an event
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Safaree has always been known to be a ladies’ man. He married Erica Mena in 2019 and even welcomed two children into their lives. 

However, despite this commitment, he allegedly sometimes strayed.

On the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the couple would often accuse each other of being a cheater and catching one another in the act of infidelity.

18. T.I.

rapper TI on stage performing shirtless
Image from Shutterstock.

Throughout the years, T.I.’s marriage to Tiny Harris was reportedly filled with betrayals and acts of unfaithfulness. The rapper frequently found himself in the headlines of the media due to allegations of adultery. However, it seems that Tiny was able to stride the path of forgiveness as the two went on to continue their relationship.

19. Waka Flocka Flame

rapper waka flocka flame on stage performing
Image from Shutterstock.

Last on our list of famous rappers who cheated on their partners is Waka Flocka Flame. The rapper has admitted to having an affair and cheating on his wife, Tammy Rivera, on multiple occasions. 

In 2022, Tammy finally called it quits after nearly a decade of marriage.

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