50 Cent: Interesting Facts about the rap star and entrepreneur

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50 Cent shares the headlining Bill with his group G-Unit for the Radio One BirthDay Bash Atlanta Georgia June 18, 2016 At Phillips Arena. Image from Shutterstock.

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Shooting to fame with his first major-label album, Get Rich or Die Trying, 50 Cent became an internationally renowned star and a household name. Since then, he’s broadened his base with acting work, video games, boxing promotion, and even an incredibly lucrative investment in a beverage company.

Let’s unveil some need-to-know information and lesser-known facts about one of rap’s bad boys!

What is 50 Cent’s net worth?

The “I Get Money” hitmaker has famously boasted about how much ‘bread’ he makes, yet the question remains…just how much money does 50 Cent have?

In 2022, 50 Cent’s net worth was rumored to be $30-40 million following lengthy lawsuits and a bankruptcy filing in July 2015.

This is a sharp fall from the vast wealth he accumulated in his earlier years.

50 Cent is reported to have made $260 million from his various schemes including films, music, video games, and a flavor of vitamin water.

At his peak, he was worth north of $100 million.

It seems ‘easy come, easy go’ is his motto as 50 is a lavish spender.

When two separate lawsuits hit the star around 2015 he decided to strategically file chapter 11 to protect the assets he did have. 

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50 Cent retiring from rap?

Is 50 Cent retiring from rap? Probably not, but it seems the rapper is quite happy to pursue other projects like the Power television series in which he acts and executive produces.

His company, G-Unit Film and Television, is also behind the new series Black Mafia Family.

It’s provoked a persistent rumor that 50 is retiring from music altogether and has been further fueled by persistent comments he’s made.

In 2007, 50 Cent claimed he’d quit releasing albums as a solo artist if Kanye West outsold him.

When Kanye’s Graduation album went on to outsell Curtis by 266,000 units however 50 backed down, claiming it was a publicity stunt. 

In 2021, 50 Cent says his next album may be his last with a somewhat cryptic Instagram post. 

Who is 50 Cent dating?

50 Cent is currently dating Jamira Haines, a 25-year-old Cuban-American model with 1.3 million Instagram followers.

Yet 50’s rap sheet with the ladies is pretty extensive and he’s dated some famous women.

This includes R&B vocalist Ciara from 2007 to 2010, Vivica A. Fox, and in 2010 a brief relationship with comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler.

How did 50 Cent get his name?

If you’re wondering what 50 Cent’s real name is it’s Curtis James Jackson III. 

Apparently, he took the stage name 50 Cent shortly after serving 6 months in boot camp after an undercover police officer caught Jackson selling cocaine.

He was already rapping and the nickname was a reflection of ‘personal change.’

Why 50 Cent? Well, the real 50 Cent was a nickname given to the 1980s Brookyln robber, Kelvin Martin.

Curtis chose that nickname because he felt an association with the criminal.

Of the name change, he reflected: “I’m the same kind of person 50 Cent was. I provide for myself by any means.” 

I think that translates to don’t mess with him!

How big is 50 Cent?

Known for his imposing physique, if you were wondering how tall 50 Cent is, there’s a little disagreement on the topic. 50 himself claims to be 6 ft 1 in.

He is recorded as weighing 207 pounds (94kg) as of 2022. 

50 cent at an event wearing red and a suit coat in plaid
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Where does 50 Cent live?

Though born and raised in Queens, New York, 50 was known for having an enormous mansion in Connecticut complete with 19 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, and 17 acres of attached land.

He’s since moved to Houston, Texas, though his precise address is pretty tricky to find.

Apparently, he’s expressed an interest in what people are calling the Darth Vader house that’s got everyone talking after the property hit the real estate market in 2021.

How many times has 50 Cent been shot?

Known for his criminal past and troubled upbringing events boiled over in 2000 when 50 Cent was shot 9 times outside his grandmother’s house in Queens, New York.

The bullets hit his hands, arms, face, chest, and legs and the star was lucky to be alive, spending 13 days in the hospital.

Why did 50 Cent get shot?

It seems one of 50’s tracks detailed the criminal exploits of reputed “crack kingpin” Kenneth McGriff who took umbrage.

His response? According to Billboard, he supposedly told Darryl Baum to shoot 50 Cent.

Darryl was murdered 3 weeks later.

50 Cent’s Vitamin Water

Fans of 50’s music may not know the “21 Questions” singer was involved in the beverage industry.

In fact, he made a deal in the early 2000s with Glacéau and even helped promote the drink Formula 50. 

Later, when Coca-Cola bought Vitamin Water’s parent company, Glacéau for an eye-watering $4.1 billion dollars, 50 Cent made a substantial amount of money.

50 cent on stage with a microphone
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How much did 50 Cent sell Vitamin Water for?

According to Forbes, 50 Cent earned $100 million from selling Vitamin Water.

50 Cent Bankrupty

In 2015, 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy after he was ordered to pay millions for ripping off a headphone design from another company. He also had to fork over more cash after posting a sex tape.

50 Cent kids

Family fallouts are rarely pleasant, so it isn’t too surprising that 50 Cent’s son Marquise has a troubled relationship with his rap star father.

There are claims they’re estranged, and the two have often resorted to trading barbs at each other on social media.

The discord may arise from the fallout between 50 Cent and Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Thompkins, who split in 2008.

50 is since reported to have paid $1.36 million in child support towards his estranged partner.

The disharmony deepened after the birth of 50’s second son, Sire, was born in 2012.

There’s since been bad blood that’s often taken the form of unpleasant comments left on Instagram.

Of the situation, 50 Cent has said, “I didn’t think that success would cost me my firstborn but it’s the situation it is.”

A personal tragedy

50 Cent had a particularly tragic upbringing.

Born in Queens, New York, 50 was brought up in its South Jamaican neighborhood.

However, while still young 50’s father left, leaving him to be raised by his mother Sabrina. Tragedy was compounded when Sabrina died in a fire when he was only 8 years old.

This left him to be raised by his grandparents. 

There’s a silver lining however, as 50 has since described his grandmother as the “love of his life” and someone who could always be relied on to “love him unconditionally.”

50 Cent’s boxing history

50 Cent was interested in boxing from a young age. He took boxing lessons from the age of 11. 

According to a Blender article, his young criminal life and love of boxing may have come together at times in slightly troubling ways.

More recently, 50 became involved in the world of boxing promotion when he formed his own company TMT (The Money Team).

He was briefly joined in his venture by renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather, yet apparently the two parted ways shortly after.

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