Crucial Facts About The Minnesota Rapper, Prof

Prof at Soundset - Photo by Chris Taylor
Prof at Soundset - Photo by Chris Taylor

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Who is Prof?

Prof the rapper, born Jacob Anderson is a performer with a sense of humor. A native son of Minnesota, Prof has become a prominent name in his home state and could be tipped to take the world by storm.

Let’s find out more about this wild rapper known for his crazy on-stage performances and unusual music videos.

Where is Prof from?

Prof is originally from the ‘crime-ridden’ area of Powderhorn in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

He was born into a troubled home. His track “Baby Jacob” describes the emotional and financial strain the family was under with the prospect of another child.

When his mother Coleen eventually divorced Prof’s father, she left with his three elder sisters.

He describes being left behind, a situation that resulted in a period of traumatic physical abuse by his father that helped shape him and his subsequent music.  

His father burned Prof’s childhood home down during a Bipolar manic episode.

How old is Prof?

If you were wondering How old Prof is, he was born in April 1984, making him 37 years old at of the time of this writing.

Prof at Soundset - Photo by Chris Taylor
Prof at Soundset – Photo by Chris Taylor

Who is Prof’s DJ?


Prof’s music and career

In the early-2000s, Prof used to perform with Rahzwell, a hype artist who featured on his first album, Absolutely (2006).

His first big break apparently came during a “drunk show” at the Dinktowner bar in Minneapolis where their raucous antics helped catch the eye of Stophouse CEO Mike Campbell.

Prof became a co-owner of Stophouse, and released 5 of his 7 albums under them.

He’s since signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment and released two albums with them, Liability (2015) and Pookie Baby (2018). More on this later.

Prof has had a mixed bag of reviews from the critics. Minneapolis City Pages describes him as a top 20 rapper in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Twin Cities daily planet described his music as ‘asinine and narcissistic’.

Yet attention from press outlets has been a consistent thorn in the side of Prof and it’s long been touted that local press has failed to grant him the attention he believes his popularity merits. 

Of this, he states: “We’ve tried just to make it to a level where we can just be bigger than any of the local press and say, ‘Fuck You’”.

His unique style, irony, and humor have also ensured prof’s music videos have made a serious impact on Youtube.

My personal favorite is “Time Bomb”, where dress up as the guys from Trailer Park Boys, complete with a dancing (and likely drunk) Lahey.

Prof’s Most Popular Songs To Date

  • Prof – “Squad Goals” (3.9 million views)
  • Prof – “Andrew the Giant” (11 million views)
  • Prof – “Time Bomb” (7 million views) 
  • Prof – “Light Work” (10.3 million views)

Prof Tour

Prof tours pretty regularly. If you want to catch his wild on-stage antics, check out his Prof’s tour dates.

Prof’s Day Off

He’s also released an online TV show: Prof’s Day Off, in which he details his downtime while touring, complete with partying and other shenanigans.

Prof at Soundset - Photo by Chris Taylor
Prof at Soundset – Photo by Chris Taylor

Record label drama and allegations 

Prof was dropped by Rhymesayers record label in June 2020 after allegations of misogyny.

The precise details are vague yet the label stated “We failed to not only vet the signing of Prof but also calling into question the intentions behind his music, messaging and content more strongly.”

This may relate to allegations of sexual misconduct made against DJ he worked with named DJ Fundo, from 2009-2016.

It may also relate to offensive tweets made in the past. Prof has since been apologetic about his past behavior and his sexual comments on his Twitter.

He noted that for him, Prof became a completely separate persona; a character that sometimes became difficult to break away from, and that he admittedly took too far.

Written by Anna Paulson


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