The Spice Girls: Why They Broke Up, Where They Are Now, and More

The Spice Girls
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The Spice Girls are an English girl group that came together in 1994, astounding the pop world with their catchy lyrics and smash hits. They were at the top of the pop charts in the 90s and their music is still played today.

In their time in the spotlight, the Spice Girls brought in extensive revenue thanks to their excellent performance abilities and incredible music. Ready to learn more? We’ll go over the names of the Spice Girls, the members, an explanation of why they broke up, each of their nicknames, and other information you probably didn’t know.

Spice Girl Names and Members

Five women make up the Spice Girls – Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Mel B, and Melanie C. Together, they channeled their individual personalities to form an incredible group with hit after hit on the pop charts.

The group came together when two would-be managers decided to put out an open casting call to make their own all-girls singing group. Halliwell, Beckham, Bunton, Melanie Brown, and Melanie C all caught the eyes of the managers during their audition, eventually becoming members of the group.

Of course, few people know the pop group by their real names. They are more commonly known by their nicknames.

the spice girls
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Spice Girl Nicknames

The Spice Girls members are mostly known by their nicknames, each defining a specific personality trait or general characteristic. This was one of the fan’s favorite things about the group, as it made the girls seem more relatable than when using their full given names. 

Mel B was Scary Spice. This nickname came to life because she was loud during a photo shoot and tried to take over the situation. From then on, her intimidating personality became part of her famous image.

Emma Bunton was called Baby Spice for a few reasons.

First, she replaced an original member and adopted her nickname to match those that were already in the group. Second, she was the last to join and thus was the newest member, making her the “baby” of the group. 

Victoria Beckham was named Posh Spice thanks to her refined attitude and expensive designer outfits. She was classier than the other members, with even her nickname elevating her image to a seemingly higher status.

Geri Halliwell got the nickname Ginger Spice thanks to her hair color and dazzling personality. She was always on fire, whether in her appearance or her speech.

Finally, the last member Melanie C was branded Sporty Spice because she often wore sporty outfits and was constantly on the move. She has the most athletic appearance of all the girls in the group.

Who Are The Spice Girls?

The Spice Girls are a girl singing group that appeared in 1994 after an open casting call was put out looking for female singers.

Each member beat out hundreds of other women, all of them coming together with distinct personalities and appearances. Their creation was made to compete with other popular boy bands like the Backstreet Boys.

The Spice Girls were well-known for their “girl power” ideals, speaking to young women with their pop anthems.

Their first album sold 23 million copies, the most of any girl group at the time. The Spice Girls were a powerhouse and although they are no longer what they once were, they have yet to be matched since their reign.

During their career, the Spice Girls sold more than 100 million records around the world and won several Brit Awards and American Music Awards. They are one of the best-selling British artists and girl groups of all time.

Through their mentor and manager, Simon Fuller, the fivesome quickly shot to musical success and celebrity status. 

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the spice girls
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Why Did The Spice Girls Break Up?

Although the Spice Girls made an incredible splash in the music industry, they didn’t last for very long. In fact, the girl group broke up in 2000, going on a hiatus until 2007.

Once they got back together, they awkwardly held comeback performances until Victoria Beckham declined to participate in a reunion performance in 2019, leading the Spice Girls to cancel the remaining shows on their world tour. 

There are many mixed opinions on why the Spice Girls broke up. However, the departure of Geri Halliwell in 1998 shook the quintet and the women never performed the same again.

It’s reported that Halliwell and Melanie C additionally had a feud behind the scenes, although everything appeared normal in the headlines and on stage. But that’s showbiz. 

Another theory on their breakup is their purpose as a music group. Although they were successful, they were put together to serve the purpose of beating out boy groups that were popular in the 90s.

They didn’t come together organically, which could have been another factor behind their early breakup as the group may have lacked some natural chemistry. 

Seeing as their competition, the boy groups, are now also something of the past, maybe the girls no longer have the drive to continue producing number-one songs. 

There were rumors and speculation in 2022 about another Spice Girls reunion tour being in the works. However, as of May 2023, no concrete information has yet to materialize.

Fans will have to continue to hope this girl band of the past will one day be getting back together though we doubt they will ever produce new music.  

How Did the Spice Girls Get Their Names? 

Although many assume the Spice Girls gave themselves their iconic nicknames, it was a beautiful accident that occurred midway through their careers. An article in 1996 in the Top of the Pops provided their nicknames and they became so widely popular that they stuck.

The band, media, and fans all grew attached themselves to the names and they became an integral part of the group’s image. Although there is slight controversy over whether or not the girls enjoy their nicknames, there is no arguing that they are part of what defined their personalities as singers to the media and fans.

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Where Are The Spice Girls Now?

Nowadays, the Spice Girls have taken their money and left fame behind, moving forward to do different things. Each singer went in a different direction though most have remained celebrities and they all hold the title of mama in one way or another. 

Geri Halliwell was the first to leave the Spice Girls. Since then, she’s released solo songs, given birth to a daughter, and gotten married. She was also a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and the X Factor.

Victoria Beckham also had a successful solo singing career. Since leaving the Spice Girls, she’s released a clothing and beauty brand, married soccer legend David Beckham, and had multiple children who are now adults themselves.

Mel B also went solo. Since her time with the Spice Girls, she’s danced on Dancing With the Stars, been an ambassador for the island of Nevis, and recently got engaged to her long-time boyfriend.

Emma Bunton also went after a solo career once she left the Spice Girls. She has judged and been on several reality shows. She also got married and has had two children in recent years.

Finally, Mel C had the best-selling solo album of the bunch. She’s acted, been in several relationships, and had a child in her time since the girl group.

the spice girls nicknames
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How Did The Spice Girls Get Rich?

The Spice Girls earned excellent money during their short time in their girl group. There were several ways they brought in that revenue.

One of the primary ways the Spice Girls earned money was through their album sales. The women sold millions every time they released a new piece, bringing in incredible dollar amounts and cuts for everyone involved.

The women also brought in cash from their concerts. Every ticket sold meant more income in their expanding pockets. The Spice Girls additionally earned money from their tours around the world. 

One of their most famous performances was their reunion performance at the London Olympics. After years of being on hiatus, there is nothing like a giant stage performance like the Olympics to lead the way for a group of five girls getting back together. 

Spice Girls Marriages

The Spice Girls made quite the income in their professional careers, but that’s not all that matters to them. Many have found themselves in relationships and struggling through the challenges that come with romance.

Victoria Beckham has the most well-known spouse in the group, marrying soccer legend David Beckham. They met at the height of the Spice Girls’ popularity and have been together ever since.

Mel C was with Thomas Starr, a property developer, for almost ten years. However, they split up in 2012 when their daughter was three years old. She then began dating Joe Marshall, her now-manager, and they have been together ever since.

Emma Bunton met Jade Dones at the height of her career. Although they aren’t officially married, there was a proposal and the duo currently have two children together. 

Mel B has also had several relationships. She was first married to dancer Jimmy Gulzar, then was in a relationship with Eddie Murphy. She then was married to producer Stephen Belafonte for ten years before they divorced in 2017.

Finally, Geri Gervasi dated screenwriter Sacha Gervasi. She was engaged to tycoon Fabrizio Politi, then married to racecar driver Christian Horner.

Spice Girls Children

The Spice Girls earn quite the compensation for their fame, but that’s not all they have. Each has given birth to children over the years, starting families of their own.

Victoria and David Beckham have the most children out of the group with four, Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham, and Harper Beckham. Victoria’s first child, Brooklyn, recently married his long-time girlfriend, Nicola Peltz.

Mel B had three children with three men, Jimmy Gulzar, Eddie Murphy, and Stephen Belafonte. Her daughters are Phoenix, Angel Iris, and Madison. She’s gone through most of her life as a single parent, working hard for the sake of her children.

Emma Bunton has two kids with her partner Jade Jones. Her children are Beau and Tate, each creeping into their teenage years.

Geri Horner also has two kids with two partners, Sacha Gervasi and Christian Horner. Her kids are Bluebell Madonna and Montague George Hector Horner.

Finally, Mel C has a single daughter, Scarlet Chisholm Starr, with her ex Thomas Starr. Her drive is to care for her child, even as a single mother.

the spice girls tour dates
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Spice Girls Royal Wedding Controversy

In 2018, there was some controversy as some of the Spice Girls were invited to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince Henry and Megan Markle. Somehow this got turned around in the news, and many readers thought this meant the girls would be performing at the wedding.

While this is certainly not the case, and only Victoria, Geri, and Emma were invited to the wedding, many fans held out hope that they would perform at the inauguration of Prince Charles. 

This clearly didn’t happen, despite the rumors on Twitter. Personally, we think Prince Charles is more of a fan of the Beatles than the Spice Girls. 

Spice Girls Tour Dates

As of right now, there are no plans for current or future tour dates for the Spice Girls. Even if there was, we suspect they would sell out instantly and it would be difficult to find tickets.

Unfortunately, British pop fans might be out of luck when it comes to holding out for a reunion tour. 

Final Thoughts

The Spice Girls made quite a name for themself in the 90s, earning an extensive salary and rising to fame with incredible songs from “Spice Up Your Life” to “2 Become 1.”

Although they didn’t last very long, their music and iconic nicknames are still present in our society today and are a major source of nostalgia. 

From their talent show auditions to the Olympics closing ceremony, whenever you hear the iconic “Wanna-be” lyrics, think of the incredible Spice Girls and their brief-yet-impactful journey up the UK charts and pop charts around the world.

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