17 Cool Facts about Demi Lovato: Her Favorite Things, Stints in Rehab, and More

demi lovato in a black lacy top on the red carpet
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Demi Lovato has had quite the career since she first stepped into the spotlight, from acting on Disney Channel to producing her own songs. However, that’s not the only thing you should know about her.

To learn more about this talented singer and actress, strap in as we dive into 17 cool facts about Demi Lovato.

1. She Loves Dogs

a maltipoo on a lawn of green grass
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First on our list of facts about Demi Lovato is that she loves animals – especially puppies. She got a yorkiepoo named Batman in 2015 and a Maltipoo named Cinderella a few years later in 2017, animals she has cared for and loved since she brought them into her life.

2. Demi Lovato isn’t Her Full Name

demi lovato in a red dress on the red carpet
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Although Demi Lovato sounds like a cool name for a child, the title isn’t her legal name. Demi Lovato’s first name is Demetria Devonne Lovato, a name that is quite the mouthful for someone who wants to make a profession out of being a performer onstage. 

3. She Has Multiple Ethnic Backgrounds

flags from many different countries blowing in the wind
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Demi Lovato has an extensive background filled with people from all around the world. She reported taking a background test and learning she was partially Scandinavian, Spanish, British, Irish, and Native American, to name a few locations where her ancestors are from.

4. She Was Born in New Mexico

a blue sky with balloons in new mexico
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Demi Lovato was born on August 20, 1992, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a location in the United States where very few celebrities are from. Her father was an engineer and a musician, while her mother was a former cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys.

5. She First Appeared On Barney and Friends

selena gomez in a red dress on the red carpet
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Demi Lovato’s first appearance in acting was on Barney and Friends, appearing as a seven-year-old with Selena Gomez on the show. Her career grew exponentially from that point until she became the star we all know today. This was also the beginning of a lifelong friendship between Demi and Selena.

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6. She Was Home Schooled

a stack of books, an apple, and abc blocks on a table
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Next on our list of facts about Demi Lovato is that she was home-schooled. Her parents gave her her education due to the bullying she experienced in public school. She apparently still hasn’t recovered from the experience.

7. She’s Allergic To Pine

a pine tree against a sky blue background
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Demi Lovato is allergic to pine, which means she’s never had a real Christmas tree inside her home. Unfortunately, she’s also allergic to cats, so she can’t have one of those either.

8. Her Fans Have A Unique Name

demi lovato on a pink counch on stage
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As with many famous artists, fans of Demi Lovato have created a name for themselves – the Lovatics. It’s a sign of their love for the singer, which apparently has no bounds and edges on hysteria.

9. She Has A YouTube Documentary

demi lovato in a black lacy top on the red carpet
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There are multiple documentaries about Demi Lovato’s life, all available on YouTube for anyone to watch in their spare time. There’s Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, and a four-part series called Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil.

10. She Hates Jeans

jeans hanging on wooden hangars in a store
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Demi Lovato has been very open about her journey to loving herself and her body, and part of that means rejecting jeans. She’s revealed that jeans don’t make her feel good.

11. She Has Tons of Tattoos

demi lovato in an off the shoulder gown which shows her tattoos
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Next on our list of facts about Demi Lovato is that she has a ton of tattoos, each with a different meaning. She has over 25 she has revealed, ranging from words to images documenting vital parts of her personality and life.

12. Her Favorite Colors Are Black and Red

a black sky with a red firework
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Demi Lovato once revealed her favorite colors are black and red, each fierce and striking in different ways. She loves red because it’s close to pink but not as girly.

13. She’s Very Active

demi lovato on stage in a sweat suit
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Although she’s struggled with addiction and other things throughout her life, Lovato remains active when she has the chance to get outside. She’s known to surf and play volleyball whenever she finds herself on the beach in California.

14. She Was Mini Miss Texas

texas flag flying against a blue sky
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When Demi Lovato was a little girl, her mom had her compete in many beauty pageants. In 2000-2001, she even won Mini Miss Texas and proudly held the honor for her state.

15. She Loves Jiu-Jitsu 

two men engaging in jiu jitsu on a white mat
Image by Jonathon Borba on Unsplash

Demi Lovato loves to remain active for her mental and physical well-being, especially after her recovery and rehab experience. She’s known to take part in Jiu-Jitsu and obtained her purple belt recently, a promotion raising her skill level by several notches.

16. She Loves Mexican Food

dishes of mexican food on a table
Image by Roberto Carlos Romandos on Unsplash

Second to last on our list of facts about Demi Lovato is that she loves Mexican food, especially the American version of Mexican food in the iconic Taco Bell chain restaurant. She is especially fond of the classic Mexican Pizza.

17. She Went to Rehab Twice

demi lovato with short slicked back hair
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In 2018, Demi suffered a near-fatal overdose which ended with the singer entering rehab for a few months. After her release, she didn’t say sober, instead choosing to indulge from time to time but in moderation. This wasn’t enough and the singer ended up spending some time in rehab again in 2021.

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