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VOLK’S “Pop Song” Channels Glam and Rock in Showcasing Minnesota Designer

Photo by Smouse

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 08:21 pm

From the opening shot of VOLK’s newest music video, the Nashville duo mixes together the historic kitsch of the PNA Hall with the high fashion from Minneapolis’ own Dr. Zwack. The visual contrast of the century-old venue and the fresh fashion support VOLK’s newest song like a cradle, adding to an accomplished line of high-level music videos.

No stranger to Mojo, Eleot Reich and Christopher Lowe released their second single “Pop Song” from their upcoming sophomore album, On the Other Hand, You Have Five Fingers. Planning for a spring 2024 release, VOLK expands its catalog with a video that represents a collision between different art forms to celebrate themes like diversity and affirmation of life.

Photo by Smouse.

“Pop Song” blitzes forward as a radio-polished single that is catchy enough to linger in your head, while artistically dense enough to garner repeat after repeat play. I’m warning you, it’s infectious, and yes, VOLK revels in the rebellious glow of it.

Photo by Smouse.

Continuing to make a name for their creative and high-value production videos, “Pop Song” follows in that path with creative director and collaborator Patrick Pierson. The over-the-top 90s-inspired video features a slew of techniques, starting off with an epic 37-second one-shot that leads us up the stairs, through a mass of models, and straight towards the powerhouse vocals of Eleot Reich on drums. 

“Step right up, skip the line

Atmosphere’s so hot it’s gonna unionize”

Photo by Smouse.

The glam then engulfs the video, featuring spectacular closely spaced drone flybys and a clever casino-slots editing shuffle from the ‘cloakroom.’ The video serves as a showcase for a song designed to remind people how important our relations are to one another at a show from floor to stage. That partnership is crucial to our survival as social creatures. Filmed all in one day, “Pop Song” is a Benatar-inspired, call-to-action anthem infused with Angus Young hooks that heralds a stadium rock tour. 

“‘Pop Song’ is quite plainly the song you quit your job to. We dare you to, at the very least, call in sick, go for a joyride, and crank this tune,” states VOLK.

The video also serves to show off Dr. Zwack’s newest collection called “Dr. Love,” a reference to a KISS song. The couture collection features all silk and leather that integrates nature and nature prints. Featuring animals and symbols in leather appliqués, the outfits exhibit a diverse swath of textures, form, and mojo mystery. The video is a smorgasbord of those looks, glimpses into an iconic vision and eye-catching collection.

The eclectic diversity in the clothing and forms used on the talented collection of models necessitates multiple views of the video, soaking in flashes of colors and textures at play. The drone flybys of the cast, along with the confetti shower are the epitome of eye candy.

Photo by Smouse.

“Pop Song” is a gluttony of goodness that gorges its way into your head. The video cranks that feeling up with ripping guitar work and a David Lynch-evoking bridge scene that bathes in a dark, ominous tone with a surrealist feel. The eerie visuals expertly coincide with the unsettling phaser/synth breakdown; all exploding in a confetti shower of glam and glitter. 

VOLK continues to construct an image based on its music that is electrified by fashion and visually distinct from so many other bands. That swagger is reason enough to hop in the car, roll down all four windows, and sing along to the pop song.

“Take my hand, got to feel the relation

And just sing along, sing along to a pop song”

Photo by Smouse.

Full behind-the-scenes photos are available from the making of this music video.

Written by Smouse

Having spent 13 years recording and producing Minnesota artists, along with running a small record label, Smouse is a passionate advocate of musicians and artists in Minnesota.


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