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Tana’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career, and More

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Although the rap industry is flooded with artists battling for prominence, teen musician Tana has defied the odds. Despite his young age, Tana has managed to fight his way through tight competition in the hip-hop and rap scene to become a professional rap artist signed with an official record label.

With no backers and no connections, Tana used what tools are available to any teen – the internet and platforms like TikTok – to live out his musical dream. Now poised for international stardom, Tana has his sights set on bringing his music to a wider, global audience. Who is Tana? What is Tana’s net worth? Learn more about Tana’s rags-to-riches story with this comprehensive bio.

Who is Tana?

Steven Lewis, better known by his stage name Tana (stylized as tana), is a teen hip-hop and rap sensation who went viral on TikTok and Soundcloud in early 2020. The teen maintained his momentum with fresh, original songs written and recorded in his bedroom closet, which would eventually get him signed with a record label.

When Was Tana Born?

Born on November 14, 2006, Tana’s birthdate makes him a Scorpio, which is characterized by an intuitive, creative, and ambitious nature. Considering the “14” singer’s story, it’s easy to see that Tana’s zodiac sign perfectly encapsulates his personality.

Tana’s Ethnicity

Tana touts an American nationality but is allegedly Afro-Latino by blood. This has not been confirmed by the artist himself.

Where is Tana From?

Tana was originally from Columbus, Georgia, where he grew up with his mother and older brother.

Where Does Tana Live?

In one interview, Tana states that he still resides in Columbus, Georgia, and has no plans of moving any time soon, which makes sense considering his young age.

How Tall is Tana?

Although he might appear lean and long in music videos and photos, Tana’s height is just 5 feet and 5 inches. It’s expected, however, that he might gain a few inches, given that he’s still in his teens.

How Much Does Tana Weigh?

Tana’s weight isn’t really something that the young rap star talks about. Some sources speculate, however, that he could weigh between 120 and 140 lbs. 

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How Did Tana Become Famous?

From a young age, Steven Lewis always felt a connection with music. In his early teens, he studied how to craft his own beats and engineer music on free software like Audacity by watching tutorials on YouTube.

Deeply influenced by artists like xxxTentacion, Tana started recording his own music, leading to the release of his breakout single “Prada.” The song quickly became viral across various social media platforms and gained the young rap prodigy the attention of other artists in the genre.

The rising talent would follow up the success of his first single by releasing several mixtapes, including Recreation, Quan, and Planet Sosa. However, only the latter would remain on SoundCloud after the former two were deleted.

In 2021, just a year after starting his career, Tana would skyrocket to new heights of fame and popularity as his single “Antisocial,” on which he collaborates with Slump6s, would go viral.

After that, Tana found himself at the receiving end of several collaboration projects with artists like Lil Tecca, KA$HDAMI, midwxst, yvngxchris, SSGKobe, Xhuloo, and Yung Fazo. With his name becoming more and more prominent on the DIY hip-hop and rap scene, Tana would later sign a record deal with Galactic Records, a subsidiary of Republic Records.

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Tana’s Parents

Early in his childhood, Lewis’s parents divorced, leaving the future rap star in the care of his mother, Shettina, who works for the insurance agency AFLAC. His biological father, Steven, works as a professional truck driver and has been uninvolved in Tana’s upbringing.

Shortly after his parents divorced, Tana’s mother remarried, and they moved into his step-father’s home in Columbus.

According to Tana, his mother and stepfather have been supremely supportive of his music career, going out of their way to purchase the equipment and gear he needed to record music even before becoming a professional artist.

Tana’s Siblings

The “Red Eye!” singer comes from a blended family with numerous siblings. By order of birth, Tana’s brothers and sisters are as follows: Nono, Isaiah, Carrie, Simone, and Nico.

Tana was born right after Isaiah. According to the star, he’s close with all of his sisters and brothers regardless of whether they’re biological, half-siblings, or step-siblings.

Tana’s Net Worth

Despite being fairly new to the industry, Tana’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 and $2 million.

How Did Tana Get Rich?

Like most artists who get started on the web, Tana makes most of his revenue from views and plays on music streaming websites, social media platforms, and of course, on YouTube music.

Aside from that, the “Prolly” singer also makes substantial income from collaborations, music sales, and ticket sales for tours and concerts.

Tana’s Cars

As of writing, there is no available information about any cars owned by the young rap star. Apparently, Tana prefers to keep the details of his personal life hidden, including any wealth or investments he has accumulated.

Tana’s House

In the same way that Tana’s cars aren’t made public domain, the star prefers to keep his estate and properties under wraps. All we know now is that the “Knoya” singer still resides in Columbus, Georgia. Some speculate that he still lives in the same house with his family. 

It’s kinda wild, considering the wealth he has already amassed. 

How Much Does Tana Make Per Show?

Although this has not been confirmed, some sources state that Tana could be paid anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 per show. I’m sure venues will be forking out more dollars in the future for this budding superstar.

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How Much Are Tana’s Tickets?

Ticket prices for Tana’s concerts range in prices depending on venue and whether any other artists will also perform at the event. You should expect to pay between $50 and $108 to see Tana perform live.

How Much Does Tana Charge for a Feature?

Tana charges between $2,000 and $5,000 for a feature. Makes for a pretty impressive salary.

Tana’s Tattoos

The hip-hop prodigy only recently got his tattoos, flaunting them during small venue performances he posts on his Instagram stories. While two tattoos on his right arm are obscured, the one on his left forearm – a larger piece with the word “Papa” in cursive – is much more apparent.

Early Life

As a young child in school, Tana was deeply invested in sports. He played on the school’s football team and enjoyed his part as running back for six years until he sustained minor leg injuries that forced him to stop playing by the 5th grade.

After his athletic hobby was cut short, Lewis found himself searching for any other way to express himself and let out his emotions. Music became a suitable outlet that allowed the then 11-year old to explore his creativity while releasing pent-up feelings.

Tana almost instantly latched on to his newfound hobby, fuelling him to do whatever he could to sustain it. That’s when he decided to take on a job at a local bread factory, loading loaves and other bread products into trucks to be delivered to stores within their city.

Describing his home life, Tana states that he had everything he needed. Although there was a period of time before his mother remarried that they struggled financially, his mom always did what she could to provide for him and his biological brother.

After his stepdad entered their lives, Tana states that their life changed for the better, allowing them to move to a bigger house with more siblings that he shares a tender relationship with.


Tana’s trajectory as a rap and hip-hop artist wasn’t entirely expected since he never really hoped to make it big in the music scene. To the Georgia state native, music was just a means for him to express himself and occupy his spare time.

Today, the star is considered one to watch in the rap and hip-hop scene. Currently, he has released 3 EPs, namely Recreation, Nyctophilia, and Dale.

His debut studio album GAULTIER was released in 2023, while his sophomore album BANA came out in 2024. The star has announced a third record album entitled Tana, but has yet to provide an official date for its release.

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Where Did Tana’s Name Come From?

The “Hell Yeah” singer has always been a fan of both BabyTron and Fredo Santana. As soon as he started his music career, he knew that he wanted to pay homage to both of his biggest rap influences, which paved the way for his original stage name “Baby Santana.”

He has since shortened the handle, however, given that the original name was a bit of a mouthful. Today, the artist simply goes by the name “Tana.”

What Age Did Tana Start Making Music?

According to the star, he had written and recorded his first song by the time he was 11 years old.

What Kind of Rap Does Tana Make?

While he doesn’t like placing his music into specific categories, the artist has often been considered an underground trap, rap, and hip-hop artist. Despite his record deal, Tana still releases music independently through his online music streaming profiles.

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