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Black Sherif’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career, and More

black sherif singing on stage
an image of black Sherif wowed as he listen to his fans at the Ghana Institute of Journalism sing his second sermon song word by word. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 09:36 pm

Hailing from Ghana, Black Sherif is a rap star hoping to change the hip-hop landscape with his catchy, contemporary sound combined with the style of his cultural roots. Having only started his professional music career in 2019, Black Sherif has come a long way from his humble hometown, making waves as a full-blown, multi-award-winning musician and rapper.

Deeply rooted in his Ghanaian culture, Black Sherif has become the pride of his home country, which has also helped him develop a cult following among his fellow Ghanaians. Who is Black Sherif? What is Black Sherif’s net worth? Find out more about this breakout artist and his rise to fame with this complete bio.

Who is Black Sherif?

Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, known better as Black Sherif (and formerly as Blacko), is a Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter. He rose to fame in 2019 after sharing a few DIY tracks on YouTube.

When Was Black Sherif Born?

Born on January 9, 2002, Black Sherif’s birthdate designates him as a Capricorn. Black Sherif’s zodiac sign is described as being ambitious, hardworking, and disciplined, which the rapper definitely embodies.

Black Sherif’s Ethnicity

Black Sherif has made his ethnic roots a cornerstone of his musical persona. The rapper boasts his Ghanian heritage and is a member of the Ashanti tribe.

Where is Black Sherif From?

Mohammed Sherif hails from the Konongo community in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The location is home to impoverished families that survive off of mining.

Where Does Black Sherif Live?

Despite his confident on-stage persona, Black Sherif prefers keeping personal details of his life – including where he lives – private. It’s not entirely sure where the rapper has chosen to live, but netizens suspect that he has possibly taken residence in either LA or London.

How Tall is Black Sherif?

Black Sherif’s height is said to be 5 feet and 11 inches, however he tends to look much taller in videos and photos because of his lean physique.

How Much Does Black Sherif Weigh?

According to sources, estimates of Black Sherif’s weight range from 60 to 70 kg.

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the rapper black sherif receiving an award. black sherif's net worth
Black Sherif at 3Music Awards 2022 organized by 3Music Network on the March 26, 2022 at the Grand Arena, Accra of the Accra International Conference Centre. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Black Sherif Become Famous?

Sherif has always had a penchant for music. In the hypermasculine landscape of his hometown in Ghana, shy, timid, quiet boys like himself struggled to find their place in the community, so music became a refuge for the future star.

In 2018, the “Second Sermon” singer started experimenting with lyrics, typing them into his phone’s notes application and toying around with the words until he was satisfied. By 2019, he recorded his first single, “Cry For Me,” which he self-released on YouTube.

Happy with his work, the hip hop artist continued to create new songs, following up the success of his first new single with original new tracks like “Money,” “First Sermon,” and “Second Sermon,” all of which were met with the positive response of a growing internet-based audience.

Not wanting to lose momentum, Black Sherif would release “Kwaku the Traveler” in March of 2022. The single rose to the top of the Ghanaian and Nigerian Apple Music Charts, quickly becoming his most successful track.

This success placed the rapper in the position to release his debut album, The Villain I Never Was, with the lead single “45.” The album earned Black Sherif unprecedented popularity in Ghana and also boosted his presence in other parts of the Western world.

That same year, despite being new to the music industry, Black Sherif was nominated in various award shows in 14 different categories. 

With nominations at the Entertainment Achievement Awards, 3 Music Awards, Ghana Music Awards, and Ghana Music Awards UK, Black Sherif took home the trophies in categories including Best New Artist, Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Act of the Year, Song of the Year, and Male Vocal Performance of the Year.

The winning streak would continue on until 2023, with his most prestigious awards issued by the BET Hip Hop Awards and Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. That year, Black Sherif won all nine awards he was nominated for, including Best Music Video and Artist of the Year.

Black Sherif’s Parents

Black Sherif prefers keeping the details of his personal life and family relationships away from public view. So it came as a surprise to his fans when the artist shared a photo of what appeared to be his family, with his mother sitting on his right.

Although very little is known about his parents, some sources have shared their names – Frimpong and Ante Marie. During an incident concerning the topic of Sherif’s single “Oh, Paradise,” the rapper’s mother was quick to come to his defense after backlash from an ex-girlfriend’s father.

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Black Sherif’s Siblings

Similar to the way he handles his parents’ identities, Black Sherif protects his siblings from the prying eyes of the media by keeping their identities hidden. There is a photo of Black Sherif’s brothers circulating the internet, however, and both appear much younger than the star.

It’s not certain whether the singer-songwriter has any other siblings than those in the photo.

the rapper black sherif at an event. black sherif's net worth
Wikimedia Ghana User Group partnered with 3 Music Awards to take photos of Ghanaian musicians, actors, actresses, and celebrities who attended the award show for the 500 Notable People Project. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Who is Black Sherif Dating?

A name that often appears when searching the web for the identity of Black Sherif’s girlfriend is Clementina Konadu. His girlfriend from back in senior high school, Black Sherif speaks highly of his late girlfriend and even dedicated the song “Oh, Paradise” to her memory.

The young woman passed away at the age of 17 after an outbreak of H1N1 influenza and meningitis claimed the lives of more than ten students on campus. The loss deeply affected Sherif, and he states that the pain was much worse than any breakup could cause.

After revealing the inspiration for his hit single, Konadu’s father lashed out at the rapper and claimed that he was monetizing Clementina’s death. Although he demanded an apology from the award-winning musician, Black Sherif has yet to address the issue directly.

Currently, Black Sherif remains single, however, because of his secretive nature, it’s possible that he could be dating someone outside of the media’s radar.

Black Sherif’s Net Worth

Black Sherif’s net worth has soared since he entered the rap scene. Today, the “Soja” singer is reportedly worth over $2 million.

How Did Black Sherif Get Rich?

Streams on music streaming services like Spotify, as well as downloads and digital music sales on services like Apple Music and Amazon Music, all contribute to Black Sherif’s revenue. The artist is also fairly popular on YouTube music where he has 900,000 followers and millions of views on each video, which also brings in the dollars.

Ticket sales for concerts, merchandise sales, royalties, and features also add up to his monthly income.

Black Sherif’s Cars

Black Sherif prefers to keep his wealth on the down low, but videos have surfaced on the web showing two cars gifted to the rapper by A-List Management and Brasa to celebrate his win as Artist of the Year in 2023. The rapper received a Miniature Mercedes-AMG G63 and Suzuki Jimny Brabus G800.

Black Sherif’s House

Not wanting to attract the attention of intrusive paparazzi, Sherif has chosen to keep any estate and properties he has under lock and key. Some sources claim, however, that aside from an LA mansion, the breakout rapper also acquired a property somewhere in Madrid, Spain. He must have a lot of cash on hand to be able to afford that.

How Much Does Black Sherif Make Per Show?

Some sources have shared that Black Sherif charges as much as $40,000 per show. Numerous news outlets have reported the same incident concerning Black Sherif and show organizers not seeing eye to eye with fees, however the rapper’s team points out that the cost of travel often requires a steeper charge.

black sherif's net worth

How Much Are Black Sherif Tickets?

Ticket prices to see Black Sherif in concert range from $40 to $180. Looks like he earns quite a bit from his shows.

How Much Does Black Sherif Charge For a Feature?

As a trending, popular personality in the realm of rap and hip hop, everyone wants to get a piece of Black Sherif. A feature from the star allegedly costs as much as $50,000 depending on the number of verses, among other specifics of the project. 

These features certainly add a lot to Blak Sherif’s salary.

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Black Sherif’s Tattoos

A tattoo of a mountain goat on Black Sherif’s forearm has attracted attention from fans and onlookers, claiming that it resembled a demonic symbol or even the Illuminati. According to the rapper, the tattoo is nothing more than a symbol of resilience – a quality that he appreciates in the animal.

Early Life

Growing up in his local community in Ghana, toxic masculinity was still deeply ingrained in the male population and had a negative impact on the future rap sensation. As a timid young boy, Sherif didn’t really fit the persona of what a male “should be,” at least by the local standards. 

Music served as a refuge for the young man and gave him an escape from the pressure he felt outdoors.

As a growing teen, he immersed himself in the musical and lyrical style of Kanye West, Drake, Saint Jhn, Travis Scott, Stormzy, J Hus, Mugeez, and Sarkodie, who performed some of his favorite songs of all time.

Other more upbeat artists like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Rihanna would also find their way into the musician’s playlists since he’s also always had a penchant for DJing, although he claims he isn’t really that good at it.

While his music might make it seem like Black Sherif grew up on the troubled streets of the Ghanaian slums, the artist claims that he was actually raised in a fairly comfortable household. His family wasn’t rich by any means, but they were far from poor.

Aside from music, Black Sherif has also always been a fan of dancing. He doesn’t necessarily volunteer his dancing abilities, but there are videos of the artist showing off his moves on more than one occasion.

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black sherif's net worth


A common theme throughout Black Sherif’s original songs is the struggle of being a youth on the streets of Ghana. 

Interestingly, however, the star himself has never actually had to experience the difficulties of street life and claims that he “chose” to live as he does to immerse himself in the challenges that face so many Ghanaians.

His own mother questioned his choices, but the immersion seems to have paid off. Songs like “Second Sermon” have become the anthem of the streets of Ghana, encapsulating the difficulties of everyday young men and women who deal with the rough life in the urban landscape.

Black Sherif has made it his mission to create music that teenagers can relate to, music that he once needed when he was a teen feeling out of place. 

But aside from providing a refuge in song for teens in tough times, Sherif also recognizes it as his goal to bring the humble locale of Konongo and his Ashanti roots to the world stage.

Presently, the rap star is on tour predominantly in Europe, where he has a fairly large fan base, thanks to the continent’s large Ghanaian population. The hip-hop artist’s schedule is packed with tour dates across London, Birmingham, and other parts of the UK.

Where Did Black Sherif Get His Name?

Initially, the rapper took on the stage name “Blacko,” but decided to go with Black Sherif. According to him, the word “Black” represents his African roots, while “Sherif” aside from being his name, identifies him as a practicing Muslim.

Is Black Sherif Signed With a Record Label?

As of writing, Black Sherif isn’t signed with a major record lable yet. His first album The Villain I Never Was was released under his own label, Blacko Management. Currently, he’s signed with RBA and Empire.

Does Black Sherif Write His Own Songs?

Black Sherif takes pride in his lyrics that tell the story of countless struggling Ghanaians. As an artist, Sherif claims that writing is the most tedious part of the process and that he likes to take his time to capture the meaning that he wants to convey.

Did Black Sherif Win a Grammy?

Presently, the “Konongo Zongo” singer has yet to be nominated for the Grammy Awards. The artist has expressed a desire to reach that stage, however, and hopes to do so with his sophomore album.

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