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2Rare’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career, and More

2rare's net worth

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 09:36 pm

His larger-than-life personality, light airy beats, and fast-talk rap style have propelled 2Rare to the center of the rap scene. Built from the ground up, 2Rare’s career started off from humble beginnings and grew from the multi-talented artist’s sheer will and persistence.

Today, 2Rare is a recognized and well-loved rap star hoping to change the hip-hop landscape with his fresh sound and creative lyrical style. Who is 2Rare? What is 2Rare’s net worth? Find out more about this rap artist with this complete and comprehensive bio.

Who is 2Rare?

Naseem Rafeeq Young, best known by his stage name 2Rare, is an American rap and hip-hop musician. He is the first artist to ever sign with Second Estate Records.

When Was 2Rare Born?

2Rare’s birthdate is August 12, 2000, which means he’s a Leo. 2Rare’s zodiac sign is said to be generous, ambitious, determined, and passionate, which definitely fits the rapper’s description.

2Rare’s Ethnicity

The “Big Bag” rapper is a black American. Some sources claim that 2Rare’s parents are of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent, especially since the rapper touts the emoji flags for both countries in his Instagram name.

Where is 2Rare From?

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2Rare has spent most of his life in the same community.

Where Does 2Rare Live?

It’s speculated that 2Rare continues to live in his family home in Philadelphia. However, it’s likely that he has also already purchased a separate home in LA to support his musical career.

How Tall is 2Rare?

Although some netizens dub him a “short king,” 2Rare’s height is actually pretty average at 5’8″.

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How Much Does 2Rare Weigh?

The artist hasn’t really disclosed the specifics of his weight, but some fans speculate that 2Rare’s weight might range from 130-140 pounds.

rapper 2rare in an interview in 2022
2Rare in May 2022. Image by Talkofthetown on Wikimedia Commons.

How Did 2Rare Become Famous?

Naseem Young had a few family members who would rap and sing casually. According to the artist, his clan had a natural knack for music and performance, but none of them really took their talents too seriously.

During an off-season from his high school football team, Young found himself feeling bored, prompting him to book an hour-long recording session at a local music studio. This was when he came up with his first ever track, “Switch Sides,” for which he also recorded his first music video ever.

By this time, Naseem had developed such a deep liking for his newfound hobby that when school started, he would miss classes regularly as he spent most of his time making new music.

Skipping classes also meant that Young was constantly missing out on football practice, which ultimately ended whatever hopes he had of going pro. Now with his football career out the window, Naseem focused all of his energy on making new music.

After a few months experimenting with different sounds, the future rap star came up with “No Brotherly Love” and “Big Bag,” which would go on to become viral hits.

His feel-good sound and somewhat comical on-screen persona made 2Rare a breed of his own. Inspired by childhood comedy idols like Martin Lawrence and Kevin Hart, 2Rare wanted to set himself apart from the all-too-serious rap scene with his light, upbeat sound and style.

His viral success led to him signing a record deal with Second Estate Records, which offered him an $800,000 cash advance upon sealing the deal. And that’s when 2Rare was born.

Naseem Young had always felt that there was something different about him, which is why he had chosen “Rare” to be part of his moniker. According to an interview, the rapper made a promise to himself to keep his music light, upbeat, and positive, considering how much negativity was already available on the scene.

In one podcast, he explained that he wanted to reach a wide audience with his music and he wanted to make it possible for everyone to enjoy life and have fun to the sound of his rap songs. That’s why he maintains a positive, optimistic sound even in his more recent releases.

In March of 2020, 2Rare sealed his fate as a rap star when he dropped “Big Drippa,” his debut record single. The rap song would soar to the 15th spot on Spotify’s top 50 charts and amassed a million views within months of posting.

Not wanting to slow down his momentum, 2Rare followed up the success of his debut single with “Cupid Remix” – his take on the 1996 chart-topper from 112. The rap star’s cover of the 1996 classic earned instant viral success on TikTok, dubbed “the party anthem to rule them all.”

Since then, the hip-hop artist has been on the receiving end of a frenzied swarm of other artists and personalities wanting to collaborate with the up-and-coming hip-hop star.

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2Rare’s Parents

According to some internet sources, 2Rare’s parents are first-generation US immigrants from Nigeria and Ghana. Although he doesn’t talk about them much, he did mention that the reason why he prefers to release happy, positive, lighthearted music is because he wants his mom to be able to appreciate it, too.

2Rare’s Siblings

The “Q-Pid” rapper doesn’t mention any siblings in interviews, but it has been confirmed that he has at least one brother. 2Rare’s brother is said to be older than the rap star, and his name remains undisclosed.

Who is 2Rare Dating?

Countless videos are posted on TikTok, speculating as to whom the breakout rapper might be dating. As of writing, 2Rare has been linked with YouTuber and internet personality Brooklyn Frost; however, the two maintain that they’re just friends.

As of writing, 2Rare’s girlfriend remains unknown, but most sources claim that the hip-hop personality is still single and isn’t looking to date any time soon.

2Rare’s Net Worth

2Rare’s net worth has obviously continued on a steady upward trajectory since he entered the music scene. Today, 2Rare’s net worth is an estimated $2 million.

How Did 2Rare Get Rich?

2Rare makes a hefty income from music sales on digital music services like Apple Music and Amazon Music, streams and plays on online platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, as well as royalties and merchandise sales.

The “Big Bag” singer is pretty active on the video-sharing platform, with over 2 million followers and 64.3 million likes. Tours, concerts, and features also add to 2Rare’s monthly revenue.

2Rare’s Cars

Given his rise to fame and his growing wealth, it’s no surprise that 2Rare has made some upgrades to his line-up of cars. Although he likes to keep things lowkey, the “Rare’s Room” rapper did post a Mercedes-Benz EQC on his Instagram.

2Rare’s House

There is no information as to whether 2Rare has decided to make the big investment leap and purchase a property. 

However, considering how much time he spends in LA, it’s not unlikely that the artist may have already sealed the deal on an estate in Los Angeles.

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How Much Does 2Rare Make Per Show?

Considering the hype surrounding the rising talent, it’s expected that he would get a pretty good salary with what he makes at his shows. Although it isn’t confirmed, some sources speculate that 2Rare could earn as much as $5,000 per show.

How Much are 2Rare Tickets?

Tickets to 2Rare’s shows sell for an average of $60, depending on the venue, the set, and the number of other artists who might make an appearance.

How Much Does 2Rare Charge for a Feature?

Because of his popularity, 2Rare has the leverage to charge as much as $10,000 for a feature, give or take. This price may change depending on the number of verses, among other specifics.

2Rare’s Tattoos

2Rare has numerous tattoos on his arms, chest, and neck. The most notable of them all is a large upper arm memorial tattoo piece that features a portrait of an unnamed child (presumed to be his late brother) and the number “92” underneath it.

Early Life

2Rare doesn’t talk much about his earlier years. We do know, however, that at a point in his high school life, he was deeply invested in becoming a professional football player.

Aside from that, Naseem Young doesn’t talk much about his childhood. In an Instagram post, he shares a photo of himself from his younger years alongside other children assumed to be his cousins or brothers.

According to some sources, the “Toxic Ish” rapper had a fairly colorful playlist growing up, devouring music from various genres. Some of his unlikely favorites included Kanye West, Kehlani, Rihanna, Pharell, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Eminem, and The Weeknd.

Growing up, 2Rare was also a big fan of comedians like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, and Chris Tucker, who he enjoyed to listen to. He says that their infectious comedy and lighthearted personas inspired him to adapt the same qualities to keep his audience feeling upbeat and positive.

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Young has spoken often about his driven nature and how he always puts his all into whatever work he finds to do. For the most part, Naseem attributes his success in the music industry to this one-track-mind mentality.

However, aside from his persistence and effort, 2Rare’s success also largely comes from his clever use of social media. The rap talent knows exactly how to engage with his TikTok audience, responding to comments and posting fun dance videos to keep his followers entertained.

Collaborating with other influencers and social media personalities, 2Rare also has a knack for growing his follower base and reaching beyond the rap music audience.

As of writing, 2Rare is still reeling in the success of his first ever studio albumTruth or Rare. Released in September of 2023, his debut album (released by the Second Estate/Warner record label) features the lead single “Lady Cop.” Many thought it should was the album of the year.

The release of his first full-length album has also kept the rapper busy on tour, bringing his fresh, light, and positive vibe to various cities in the United States. 

Despite his packed schedule, though, inside sources state Young is cooking up new recordings and making music to use for his new album, which we hope comes soon. Until then, we’ll just keep adding his music to playlists on our favorite streaming services like YouTube Music.

Aside from promoting his own work, 2Rare also opens for various rappers and musicians on their concerts and tours. Most recently, GoRilla was headlining in Connecticut with 2Rare as her opening act.

What Kind of Music Does 2Rare Make?

The rap and hip hop musician creates unique music that veers away from the heavy, dark themes that most songs explore today. According to the artist, there’s way too much darkness and negativity on the music scene today, and he hopes to bring fun back.

Did 2Rare Collaborate with Drake?

2Rare made an appearance in the music video for Drake’s song “Sticky,” which rose to the 5th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The release debuted in 2022, but 2Rare had nothing to do with the development of the song or its lyrics.

He also doesn’t rap in the single. However, he does have a dance battle with Drake in the video.

Does 2Rare Have Any Nominations?

As of writing, 2Rare has yet to have any music award nominations. However, considering the trajectory of his career and his ability to maintain his upward momentum, it’s likely that he might earn a nomination soon.

The talented artist hopes to earn a Grammy nomination or a BET Hip Hop Music award in the future, but says he isn’t in a rush to rise through the ranks and simply wants to enjoy the ride.

Does 2Rare Write His Own Songs?

Yes, the “Rare Steppa” rapper writes all of his own 

songs and is lauded for his ability to write fun, pop music-style lyrics that uplift listeners and inspire a partying mood. Presently, however, 2Rare has not been credited for writing songs for other artists, and uses all of his original lyrics for his own projects.

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