16 Kelly Clarkson Facts: Her Favorite Things and More

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Kelly Clarkson is the loveable, powerhouse performer that proved her talent on the first season of American Idol, and she’s been number one in our hearts ever since. The self-proclaimed “open book” has given us hits for days and now graces our televisions daily with her hit talk show. There’s so much we know about her, but also so much more we can still learn.

Here are 16 Kelly Clarkson facts we bet you never knew before.

1. Kelly Clarkson Turned Down Record Deals

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Our list of Kelly Clarkson facts kicks off with one that may come as a surprise to many.

American Idol may have been the reason the world was gifted with her amazing talent, but it wasn’t the “Miss Independent” singer’s first shot at the music business. Before appearing on the now-famous show, she was offered two different record deals that she turned down.

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2. Kelly Clarkson Was on Sabrina

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Look really close the next time you watch Season 6, episode 20 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, “The Whole Ball of Wax.” You may just see Kelly Clarkson, who played an extra on the episode, which was directed by Happy Days star Henry Winkler. 

3. Kelly Clarkson Once Abandoned a Date

kelly clarkson with her two children on the hollywood walk of fame
Kelly Clarkson with her two children. Image from Shutterstock.

During an appearance on The Ellen ShowKelly Clarkson revealed during a game of Celebrity Confessions that when she was 18, she went on a date that ended in the future From Justin to Kelly actress leaving her date at the restaurant after an hour of listening to him complain about how short he was.  

“I’m going straight to H***; I’m aware,” Clarkson told DeGeneres. “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

At least the story earned her $10,000 for ULTA Beauty’s campaign for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

4. Kelly Clarkson was a Cocktail Waitress

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Before she was the famous singer of “Since U Been Gone,” you may have seen Kelly Clarkson in Arlington, Texas, working as a cocktail waitress at a comedy club. You also might have seen her at Hyena’s Comedy Club in Fort Worth, Texas. 

5. Kelly Clarkson Wrote a Children’s Book

a small child reading a pictures book
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As if singing and hosting a talk show weren’t enough, Kelly Clarkson proved yet another hidden talent when she penned a children’s book inspired by her daughter called “Rive Rose and the Magical Lullaby.” She even wrote an original song for the book that readers can listen to when they buy the book.

6. Kelly Clarkson’s Childhood Idol

screenshot of phylicia rhadstad in the cosby show
Screenshot of Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show

Kelly Clarkson once named Clair Huxtable, played by Phylicia Rashad of The Cosby Show, as her idol growing up during an interview with Us Weekly.

A mom of five and a successful lawyer, there was a lot of female empowerment in that character. She has also cited that she admires Dixie Carter from Designing Women, which she has claimed as her favorite TV show.

7. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Color

kelly clarkson on the red capret wearing a black dress
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Some of these Kelly Clarkson facts get specific. Don’t just pick something blue; make sure it’s cobalt blue if you want to catch the “Because of You” singer’s eye.  

8. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Food

a slice of red velvet cake sitting on a plate
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Sweet and salty, you’ll win the “Behind These Hazel Eyes” singer over with a slice of red velvet cake or a bowl of Chili’s chips and salsa mixed with a bit of ranch dressing.

9. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Drink

a glass half full of water against a white background
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Kelly Clarkson likes things pure and simple. More than anything, you’ll most likely catch her sipping a nice glass of water.

10. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Singers

Reba McEntire close up image
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We love it when we find out that our favorite singers have celebrity idols just like us. This entry on our list of Kelly Clarkson facts reveals that some of her favorite artists include Reba McEntire, Mariah Carey, No Doubt, and Celine Dion.

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11. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Song

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Despite her list of favorite artists, her favorite song is “I’m Kissing You” by Des’ree. 

12. Kelly Clarkson’s Hobbies

up close look at a board game with pieces and dice on the board.
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Just like in her professional life, Kelly Clarkson is a jack of all trades in her personal life, too. You can find her doing things from reading books, playing board games, watching movies, and even watching sports in her spare time. 

13. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Book

the book jane eyre laying on a wooden bench
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Kelly Clarkson is a fan of the classics. Her favorite book is “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte.

14. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Movie

kelly clarkson on the hollywood walk of fame
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Kelly Clarkson may be about great literature when it comes to reading, but she’s all about adventure and laughs when it comes to film. Her favorite movie is the 1985 film, The Goonies. 

15. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Board Games

kelly clarkson in a silver fringe dress holding up a microphone
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Who doesn’t love a good game night? If you ever get the chance to have the “Piece by Piece” singer over for a fun night in, be sure you have Farkle, Scrabble, Boggle, or Sequence on hand.

16. Kelly Clarkson’s Favorite Sports

a basketball lying on a field
Image by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

Kelly Clarkson may know about all things girl, but she’s also not afraid to sit down with the guys. Her favorite sports include basketball, football, and baseball.

Among those sports, her favorite teams include the Dallas Mavericks, the Texas Rangers, the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, and the Dallas Cowboys.

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