14 Crazy Facts About Lil Jon: His Real Name, Guinness World Record, and More

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Most people know Lil Jon as an American rapper who is famous for helping to create the “crunk” genre of music. Having been a part of the East Side Boyz, they brought a unique sound to the hip-hop scene with their debut album, “Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album.”

Lil Jon has gone on to continue the crunk genre in his solo career which has brought him an amazing amount of success. He has had a phenomenal career as both a rapper, music producer, and actor.

If you are wondering about some interesting Lil Jon facts, keep reading below.

How Tall is Lil Jon?

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Although Lil Jon has a large presence in the rap music industry, his actual height is on the lower side of average. He stands at about 5 feet 6 inches tall.

What is Lil Jon’s Real Name?

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Lil Jon was born Jonathan Smith on January 17, 1972, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised as one of five children born to a father who was a former aerospace engineer in the military and a mother who was in the medical field, also in the military.

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Lil Jon is a Huge Hockey Fan

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It has been reported that Lil Jon is a huge fan of hockey, a love he has been known to share with his son, who is said to play hockey. While he was a big fan of the Atlanta hockey team, he has also been a commentator for the NHL for other teams across the country.

Lil Jon Once Set a Guinness World Record

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When most people think of Lil Jon, they do so knowing that he is a rapper who created the crunk genre of hip hop. But, did you know that Lil Jon once set a world record for the chain that he wore? It is true, the diamond pendant that read, “Crunk Ain’t Dead” was large enough to earn him a Guinness World Record.

He Created a Beverage Line

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While other rap artists often go into clothing lines and other products as part of their public profile, Lil Jon chose to go a different route. He created a beverage line called “Crunk Juice” that is said to have also influenced his album with the East Side Boyz, Crunk Juice. The juice is an energy drink with a twist of being infused with alcohol.

Did You Know that Lil Jon Started as a DJ?

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Despite growing up in a strict home, his parents allowed him to pursue his desire to be a DJ by hosting parties in their basement home. Although this was his start, Lil Jon soon moved on to DJing at clubs and eventually, after graduating high school, was hired by So So Def music label.

Lil Jon Has His Show on HGTV

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Alongside Anitra Mecadon, who is a home builder and designer, Lil Jon hosts the show, “Lil Jon Wants to Do What?” on HGTV. In this show, the pair works with Atlanta-based homeowners to transform their homes beyond their imaginations.

People Refer to Lil Jon as the “King of Crunk”

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Lil Jon has been known by many names throughout his life, having been born Jonathan Smith in the early 1970s. Since then, after helping to create the crunk genre of hip hop, he has often been referred to as the King of Crunk.

Known for the Words, “What,” “Yeah,” and “Okay”

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Many celebrities `become known for their various catchphrases or mannerisms that they do when they are in public. Lil Jon is no different in that respect having coined the words, “What,” “Yeah,” and “Okay” throughout his music during various ad-lib parts.

Did You Know That Lil Jon is a Philanthropist?

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In addition to being a DJ, rapper, and actor, Lil Jon has been widely known for his philanthropic gestures. He has given generously to the United Negro College Fund, and American Diabetes Association, and also gave about $70,000 to a school in Ghana to raise funds for water and other items that were necessary for living.

Lil Jon was a Skater as a Teenager

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When you think about someone who is as embedded in the rap and hip-hop culture as Lil Jon, it is hard to believe that he was not always in that world. When he was a teenager, however, he and his buddies became a part of the skateboarding culture in Atlanta.

Lil Jon’s Son Has Followed in His Footsteps

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It seems that the DJing apple does not fall far from the tree, at least in Lil Jon’s family. It is a fact that his son, professionally known as DJ Young Slade, has followed in the footsteps of his dad and is a successful DJ.

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Lil Jon Was Raised in a Military Family

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Lil Jon, having been born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, lived his life in a middle-class military family. His father is a former aerospace engineer while his mother has worked in the medical field, and also in the military.

He Also Has an Acting Career

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Lil Jon is a performer who truly has done it all as the celebrity personality that he is. This means that he has not only been an influential rapper and DJ, but he has also crossed over to acting as well. He has been a part of several movies such as Date Movie, Scary Movie 4, and Soul Plane and has also had guest appearances on other television shows.

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