25 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

slash guitar player of guns n roses on stage playing guitar
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Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 05:31 pm

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and fall is approaching, and we all know what that means. Soon, you’ll receive invites from friends for a Halloween bash, and you know you want to have the best costume to take home the top prize for the Halloween costume contest. 

From a skeleton to a vampire and a pirate costume to Little Red Riding Hood, there are many things to choose from. As we get older, however, taking on some of our favorite celebrities, whether they’re actors or musicians, is always the most fun. 

Halloween may be all about scaring people but have no fear when deciding what to wear. Here are 39 of the best celebrity costume ideas for Halloween 2023, separated for men and women, to make your decision easy.

What Musician Should I Dress Up As?

You can’t go wrong with the plethora of options for both men and women when it comes to Halloween costume ideas for your favorite musicians. From rock to country and pop to reggae, the possibilities are endless. Luckily, we have gathered a few suggestions to get you started. 

Halloween Costumes For Women

1. Barbie

barbie and ken on the red carpet in front of the barbie sign
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While the men have Ken, the ladies can join in on all the rage with the perfect Barbie costume. Instead of Margot Robbie‘s all-pink look in the Barbie movie, you can channel the 80s and 90s Barbie workout look. Pick your favorite color between bright neon green, blue, or pink, and get a seven-piece set complete with a leotard, leggings, a headband, wristbands, leg warmers, earrings, and a fanny pack to complete the look. 

2. Dolly Parton

dolly parton singing on stage
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Dolly Parton is the most physically recognizable bombshell in country music, so putting together the right Dolly Parton costume will be easier than trying to steal your man back from “Jolene.” 

The most significant wardrobe piece is the big blonde wig. From there, make sure whatever outfit you choose, whether it’s a dress or a country singer costume, it’s nice and snug. You’ll never see Dolly wearing clothes that are too big for her. You may also consider extra padding to bring out her well-endowed frame. 

3. Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse nd blake fielder kissing
Image from Shutterstock.

Ladies, there are two key things to start your look for the perfect Amy Winehouse costume

The main thing to portray the “Rehab” singer is the big beehive-style wig and grill and some temporary tattoos to put all over your body.  

4. Billie Eilish

billie eilish on the red carpet
Image from Shutterstock.

When the “Ocean Eyes” singer came on the scene, it was clear she was one to watch, so you ladies may consider taking on her quirky persona for the night and fashioning the perfect Billie Eilish costume. 

To start, you’ll need a black wig with lime green highlights, neon cat-eye sunglasses, multilayer silver chains, and the classic green oversized shirt and shorts to complete the look.   

5. Sia

sia on the red carpet in her hat and face covering
Image from shutterstock.

If you want it immediately known that you’re donning a Sia costume, then there is one central piece you’ll need to acquire. 

You’ll need the instantly recognizable half-blonde, half-black bob-style wig topped with an oversized bow. 

6. Flo From Progressive

progressive building the american insurance company
Image from Shutterstock.

Let’s face it: she’s the queen of the commercials circuit, so you’ll be sure to give your friends a laugh when you show up in a Flo From Progressive costume

It’s easy to find the right short brown wig and headband paired with the signature white shirt and Progressive apron. Many of the necessary pieces come together, too, so you can “Bundle and Save” money while you’re at it. 

7. Ariana Grande

rudest celebrities ariana grande in a crop top on the red carpet
Ariana Grande on the Red Carpet in 2016. Image from Shutterstock.

Ariana Grande is a signature in the world of pop right now, and it wouldn’t be hard to emulate her signature look, either. 

For the perfect Ariana Grande costume, you only need a long, straight drawstring ponytail, a cropped spaghetti strap tank top, and some tight, fitted jeans. Add a headband with some cat ears in a microphone, and you’ll really own the look. 

8. Marilyn Monroe

how did marilyn monroe die? young mayilyn on the beach in a bikini
Postcard photo of Marilyn Monroe. Image is in the public domain.

There’s nothing wrong with going classic, and you’re sure to with Marilyn Monroe

With a quick search of ‘Marilyn Monroe costume,’ it’s easy to find her signature white halter dress. Pair it with the right wig and bright red lipstick, and they’ll ask you to sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” 

9. Rihanna

rihanna in a black jacket outside of a house
Image from Shutterstock.

Ensure you’re confident in your skin if you want to take on the “Pon de Replay” singer and step out in a Rihanna costume

While you have options of dresses or bodysuits, you’ll need to make sure whatever you choose is tight-fitting and extremely sexy to really take on Rihanna‘s look. 

10. Beyoncé

beyonce on stage in a gold outfit
Image from Shutterstock.

It’ll take some effort for the perfect Beyoncé costume, but it’ll be worth it.

Pick your sexiest outfit, such as a sheer turtleneck and jeans or a tight corset, and then pair it with those signature wavy, curly locks, and you’ll be feeling like the Queen B for the rest of the evening.

11. Whitney Houston

how did whitney houston die clive davis and whitney houston
Image from Shutterstock.

Whitney Houston was one of the most iconic vocalists of our time, so much so that she was called “the Voice” by many. Why not consider paying tribute to her with a Whitney Houston costume

It wouldn’t be challenging to put it together. The main thing to gather is a full curly wig and choose a classic outfit for the “I Will Always Love You” singer. 

12. Britney Spears

short singers Britney spears wearing a black outfit on the red carpet
Image from Shutterstock.

Britney Spears was the princess of pop throughout the 90s, during which time she gave some iconic looks making her one of the celebrity costume ideas for Halloween 2023 with many options to choose from. 

Any of them will make a splash at any party and drive all the boys crazy. May we suggest starting with one of these looks for your Britney Spears costume: the all-red metallic bodysuit and headset or her classic schoolgirl outfit from her “Baby One More Time” music video.

13. Taylor Swift

taylor swift on the red carpet in 2018
Image from Shutterstock.

With her vast Eras tour currently going on, the ladies might consider putting together a Taylor Swift costume in tribute to the “Blank Space” singer. For the older females looking to pull it off, you might consider a black fringe flapper dress or a tight, sequined mesh dress to emulate her more sophisticated look these days. 

You could also go with the flat-brim fedora hat paired with a wavy long blonde wig for the more fun Taylor Swift looks. 

Either way, be sure to pair it with her signature heart sunglasses. 

14. Princess Leia

princess leia statuse by jabba the hut
Image from Shutterstock

This could be one for women or one of the great costumes for kids if you want to channel the recent Obi-Wan series on Netflix.

You’ve got a few choices to put together a Princess Leia costume, including the sexy gold bikini and the white hood. Just make sure you have her signature buns for the perfect hairstyle.

You’ll be carrying the force of Carrie Fisher with you all night.

Halloween Costumes For Men

1. Ken

barbie and ken on the red carpet in front of the barbie sign
Image from shutterstock.

Like any Halloween, you might consider what’s been most popular in recent months. This year, that will definitely be the Barbie movie. There are so many different looks to choose from. Might we recommend a Ken costume that throws it back to the 90s workout attire? 

With just one click, you’re all set with a costume complete with swim trunks, a matching shirt, a pink tank top, wristbands, and a matching visor hat. You’ll be as stylish as Ryan Gosling with this look. 

2. Freddie Mercury

how did freddie mercury die? the wax statue of freddie mercury in the Netherelands
Image from Shutterstock.

What does it take to pull together the perfect Freddie Mercury costume and become worthy of taking on the persona of the Queen lead vocalist? Easy. 

While you’ve got a few options, the most classic look is a bright yellow leather belted jacket with some white pants, and you’ll be mistaken for Mercury’s twin. 

3. Prince

prince height prince on stage singing in a blue suit
Image from Shutterstock.

This “Purple Rain” singer is one of the most famous artists in the music business, as well as our hometown hero, so you can’t go wrong with a Prince costume as long as you put in the effort. 

While the late rock legend had many memorable looks over the years, one of his most popular had to be the black pants paired with a white ruffled shirt and a long purple coat. Add on his curly black locks, and you’re all set.  

4. Elvis Presley

elvis presley at the white house in 1970
Image is in the Public Domain.

If you’re stuck for an idea, there is no way that you men can go wrong with an Elvis costume. It’s quite simple to embody the King of Rock n Roll, and there’s no need to be cruel to your wallet while doing so. 

There are plenty of opportunities to purchase his classic white Vegas jumpsuit and cape online. Add some sunglasses and perhaps a wig, and you’ll be ready to shake your hips all night. 

5. Kanye West

kanye west sitting and giving an interview
Image from Shutterstock.

It doesn’t take much to become Kanye West. For clothing, all that’s required to start your Kanye West costume is anything that’s all black, whether it’s a hoodie, a blazer, or black pants. 

To really pull the look together, however, the key pieces are all black clothes, a gold chain and a Kanye West mask

6. Jimi Hendrix

jimi hendrix statue at madam tussands in las vegas
Image from Shutterstock.

It’s no secret that Jimi Hendrix is one of rock and roll’s most legendary guitarists, so for music lovers, you might consider putting together a Jimi Hendrix costume to impress all your friends. 

To portray the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, who has been described as “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music,” all you need is the black and gold jacket, the paisley scarf, and an afro hairstyle to complete the look. 

7. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson getting out of a car in a red outfit.
Image from Shutterstock.

There are many legendary music icons on this list of celebrity costume ideas for Halloween, but perhaps this one is the most iconic. For the perfect Michael Jackson costume, aka the King of Pop, you might consider taking it back to his most memorable look. 

Go to the classic days of “Thriller” with the red jacket that many haven’t soon forgotten. Pair it with black pants and a curly wig if you can find it, and you’ll be the hit of any Halloween party. 

8. Elton John

elton john in a blue suit and glasses on a TV show
Image from Shutterstock.

Elton John was one of the most famous artists throughout his career with such hits as “Candle in the Wind” and “Rocket Man.” 

He’s so popular that putting together an Elton John costume is a piece of cake. The critical points of the look are the oversized sunglasses and the bright metallic disco two-piece suit.  

9. Harry Styles

harry styles wearing all black on the red carpet
Image from Shutterstock.

Harry Styles is easily the most prevalent heartthrob of our favorite boy band, One Direction, so it’s not surprising that some guys out there may opt for a Harry Styles costume, even if it’s to get the ladies attention. 

It won’t be an easy costume to pull off, though, as there is no straightforward, bundled costume for the “Steal My Girl” singer, so you’ll have to do some searching and get creative if you want to get the look just right. Start with some temporary tattoos and a short, curly dark brown wig or a long one if you want to tap into those days. From there, he’s had a few different looks over the years. You can’t go wrong with a simple blazer or just a T-shirt and pants. 

10. Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg on the red carpet in a kobe bryant jersey
Image from Shutterstock.

If you want a super fun look for Halloween, consider putting together a Snoop Dogg costume.

There are three main pieces you’ll need to complete the perfect look. First, get yourself a printed tracksuit. Then, accessorize it with *some glasses, a bucket hat, a gold chain, and some rings. Top it off with a dreads wig, and you’ll be all set to embody the “Gin and Juice” rapper

11. David Bowie

david bowie on stage in a white shirt holding a microphone
Image from Shutterstock.

David Bowie was one of the most influential artists in the business, so he’s bound to be a fun person to dress up as. 

To complete your David Bowie costume, pick out your favorite sequined two-piece suit or perhaps a spaceman outfit, pair either with a mullet wig to pay tribute to his glam rock era, and you’re sure to be mistaken for the “Diamond Dogs” singer.  

12. KISS

the band kiss record next to the record cover
Image from Shutterstock.

If you want to revert to the true nature of Halloween, a KISS costume would undoubtedly do the trick. 

It will take a lot of parts, but you’ll surely win the costume contest with this one. First, get a long black wig, and pick one of the signature costumes from Spaceman Ace Frehley or the Demon, Gene Simmons. Then, be sure you have a steady hand or know someone else who does because you’ll want to get KISS‘s essential black-and-white face makeup just right, too. 

13. Bob Ross

two people displaying a bob ross costume
Image from Shutterstock.

Consider showing up as the mellow Joyful Painter for the next Halloween shindig. 

All you need for a Bob Ross costume is a button-down shirt, jeans, a belt, an afro wig, a beard, a mustache, and a paint palette to pull it off. 

14. Guy Fieri

guy fieri's face on a couple of bottle of hot sauce
Image from Shutterstock.

Want to be considered a world-class celebrity chef for the night? Then consider a Guy Fieri costume. You only need a blonde wig, a goatee, and sunglasses to get you started. 

15. Post Malone

why has post malone lost so much weight? post malone on stage singing
Image from Shutterstock

Post Malone has several options when picking the right outfits, so you’ll have to do some image searches to pick your favorite. Many are easy to replicate. 

The key to any successful Post Malone costume, however, is his signature face tattoos

16. Bruno Mars

bruno mars at the grammy awards
Image from Shutterstock

Putting together a Bruno Mars costume is a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys the “Just the Way You Are” singer

To get yourself started, look for a fedora hat, sunglasses, and a gold chain. From there, you can choose one of his most popular looks, from a trendy suit to a Dodgers baseball jersey. 

17. Donald Trump

celebrities who hate Donald Trump trump giving a speech and making a fist
Image from Shutterstock

With any former president of the United States, starting with a classic suit is always the first step. It’s the face that sells it. The perfect Donald Trump costume is no exception. Thankfully, there are plenty of realistic masks to help you out with that. 

18. An Island Boy

two pineapples wearing sunglasses on the beach
(There were no licensable images of The Island Boys) Image from Shutterstock.

You’ll have to get creative if you decide to put together an Island Boy costume because coming one-half of the viral sensations won’t be easily accessible. 

While no realistic wigs match the Island Boys‘ crazy hairstyles, you’ll get closer to the look you want with the right silver mouth grillz and some temporary face tattoos. 

19. Slash

slash guitar player of guns n roses on stage playing guitar
Image from Shutterstock.

If hard rock is your forte, you can’t go wrong with a Slash costume

To get the look started for the Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist, begin with the bushy curly wig, top hat, and aviator glasses. Then, all you need is a flannel shirt, jeans, and a guitar to complete the look. 

20. DeadMau5

deadmau5 on stage holding up his hands
Image from shutterstock.

Be prepared to spend some money if you’re looking to create a DeadMau5 costume

You can find some DeadMau5 masks on Etsy or eBay, but they won’t come cheap. It’s the price you’ll pay for the most critical part of the look. 

21. Bob Marley

Image of a Bob marley record with its case
Image from Shutterstock.

What does it take to become the Jamaican singer, songwriter, and musician known as one of the pioneers of reggae music? That’s easy. 

To start your Bob Marley costume off on the right foot, you’ll need an essential item: a Rasta top hat and a dreadlock wig to get it all started. 

22. French Montana

french montana on stage holding a microphone to his mouth
Image from Shutterstock.

Want to put together the perfect French Montana costume? That’s simple. 

To embody the “Unforgettable” singer, purchase yourself a Luxury Casual Gold Pattern Suit, and you’ll be set to party all night long. 

23. Willie Nelson

willie nelson playing guitar on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Willie Nelson is a living legend, so how could it not be fun to portray him for a night? 

To put together the perfect Willie Nelson costume, start with the “On the Road Again” singer’s signature braids and bandana. From there, you need a cowboy hat, some jeans, or even overalls to complete the ensemble. 

24. Marshmello

marshmello the DJ performing on stage
Image from shutterstock.

Want to get funky for Halloween? Consider dressing up as the electronic music producer Marshmello.

Getting the perfect Marshmello costume is easy. Just pair a white jumpsuit with an LED mask helmet, and you’re done.

25. 6ix9ine

6ix9ine the rapper on stage performing with Tekashi69
Image from Shutterstock

You’ll have to make some adjustments to make a 6ix9ine costume work. 

The only rainbow wig you can find to match the rapper’s rainbow locks is to purchase a women’s wig, thanks to it being a long-braided rainbow hair. Once you’ve got that, you only need a graphic t-shirt and a few chain necklaces to sell it.  

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