Bruno Mars: What you Need to Know About the “Uptown Funk” Singer

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Bruno Mars in 2021. This file represent one of the singers that inspired LXT production. Photo by LTX Productions.

Bruno Mars is an American singer and songwriter widely known for his various musical styles, including R&B, pop, rock, disco, reggae, soul, and funk. 

This musician and dancer plays various instruments, such as keyboards, drums, horns, piano, bass, and electric guitar. Having co-founded The Smeezingtons, a production team, Bruno Mars has gone on to release some of the most successful singles. 

According to Wikipedia, Bruno Mars is one of the top-selling musicians of all time, having sold more than 130 million records worldwide. He is also the first singer to have five diamond-certified songs.

Bruno Mars has received numerous nominations and awards, including four Brit Awards, 11 American Music Awards, 13 Soul Train Awards, and 15 Grammy Awards. He even holds three Guinness World Records. 

Featured in Time magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People back in 2011, Bruno Mars has also been included in Forbes’s Celebrity 100 list numerous times.   

If you a huge fan of Bruno Mars or are a music enthusiast who wants to know more about the musician, you have come to the right place. 

Who Is Bruno Mars?

Born in 1985, Bruno Mars is a famous singer known for his catchy music, different blended genres, retro quality, and upbeat lyrics. His birthday is October 8th. 

Having played the role of Little Elvis in Honeymoon in Vegas in 1992, he impersonated Michael Jackson and even appeared in a local revue for it. Bruno Mars learned to play percussion, bass, guitar, and piano independently. 

bruno mars tour
This is a photo of American entertainer Bruno Mars performing live during his 24K Magic World Tour. Photo by slgckgc.

What Is Bruno Mars’ Real Name?

Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. He got the nickname “Bruno” when he was a toddler.

After graduating high school, he decided to keep the name Bruno Mars, which has taken him far. 

Where Is Bruno Mars From?

Bruno Mars hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. He moved to Los Angeles once he completed high school. 

What Race is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars’ nationality is American, but his race is mixed due to the ethnicity of Bruno Mars’ parents, Pete Hernandez and Bernadette Hernandez. His mother is a Filipina, whereas his father is Puerto Rican.

Where Does Bruno Mars Live?

The musician can mostly be found in Los Angeles, as he considers the city his new home. Bruno Mars’ house is located at Fryman Canyon. 

That Californian property is worth $6.5 million and is close to George Clooney’s home. It is situated in a gated community and has a wine room, baths, saunas, a children’s playground, and a spacious infinity pool.

How Tall Is Bruno Mars?

If you have seen Bruno Mars next to other celebrities such as Taylor Swift, the chances are that you must have wondered about his height. Bruno Mars’ height is 5′.5“. 


How Much Is Bruno Mars Worth?

Bruno Mars’ net worth is around $70 million. His music has sold millions of copies, and he has worked on major campaigns that have allowed him to amass vast wealth. 

Is Bruno Mars Gay?

Since there is no denying that Bruno Mars is a living legend. Many people want to know if he is gay. Despite the rumors of being interested in men, Bruno Mars has denied them and mentioned that he is very much straight.

Who Is Bruno Mars Dating?

Bruno Mars has dated many famous women. However, he has never been married. 

Currently, the American singer is dating model Jessica Caban. They have been dating since 2011. Interestingly, his girlfriend was crowned Model Latina champion

Bruno Mars’ exes include Rita Ora and Emelle Berrabah. 


Bruno Mars grew up listening to his dad’s doo-woo and rock collection of Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Anthony, and Little Richard. He was always a massive fan of Elvis and knew how to impersonate him well. 

R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, and Michael Jackson are other artists who have influenced him. Bruno Mars also listened to rock groups like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, who inspired him to create his unique sound.

Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury, and Stevie Wonder are other singers he is a huge fan of.  

As for Hip-hop, Cody Chesnutt, The Roots, and Jay-Z have played a role in his music. Bruno Mars also admires Usher, George Clinton, Jack White, Jessie J, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, and Janet Jackson.

Musical Style

Bruno Mars is known for his blend of different music genres. He focuses on producing optimistic, carefree, and feel-good music by combining rock, reggae, soul, funk, R&B, and pop.

The lyrics composed by Bruno Mars cover male chauvinism, sexuality, and romance. He does not force creativity, and he lets inspiration come to him. 

Typically, Bruno Mars plays the piano or guitar while writing songs. 

bruno mars concert
Bruno Mars in Concert in 2011. Photo by Laura.

Musical Career

If there is one thing that everyone will agree on, it is the fact that Bruno Mars has had a very successful musical career.

When Bruno Mars moved to Los Angeles from Hawaii, he struggled to make it in the music industry. He did not give up, though, and started songwriting for the first time in his life.

Bruno Mars decided to give songwriting a go because he realized that he had to do everything independently. A friend introduced him to Phillip Lawrence, a songwriter who helped him learn the craft.

Phillip Lawrence and Bruno Mars even presented a song they wrote that another artist ended up performing. As he was broke, he had no option but to sell the song. 

This awakening experience led to him understanding that he could write songs to get into the business. 

Writing songs for other artists helped give Bruno Mars a platform to get recognized. He managed to write “Right Round” for Flo Rida, “Billionaire” for Travie McCoy, and “Long Distance” for Brandy.  

By 2010, Bruno Mars had become a household name. His vocals on “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy and “Nothing on You” by B.O.B. catapulted him to great success. 

In the same year, Bruno Mars showcased his first studio album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans, a blend of R&B and reggae pop.

The first album included number-one singles such as “The Lazy Song,” “Grenade,” and “Just the Way You Are.” Each of these became a huge hit worldwide. 

Inspired by funk, disco, reggae, and rock, Bruno Mars released Unorthodox Jukebox in 2012, his second album. It got him the top spot on the Billboard 200. “When I Was Your Man” and “Locked out of Heaven” were instant number-one hits. 

“Treasure” proved to be just as successful. Bruno Mars kept up his momentum and was featured in “Uptown Funk” with Mark Ronson in 2014, which became a sensation, topping many music charts, including UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100.

In 2016, Bruno Mars released his third studio album, 24K Magic, which focused mainly on R&B. He secured seven Grammy Awards, which he won for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and even Song of the Year. 

The third album consisted of songs like “That’s What I Like,” which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He even did a remix of “Finesse” with Cardi B.

Bruno Mars then paired up with Anderson Paak to release Silk Sonic, a collaborative album. “Smoking out the Window” and “Leave the Door Open” became huge hits. 

Why We Love Bruno Mars

Since Bruno Mars is a self-made star, he is true to his roots and known for being humble. He is rarely involved in any controversies.

With a huge fan following from across the globe, it is clear that Bruno Mars will continue to be a big name for years to come. There’s something about his music that makes it unique and worth listening to.


Written by Bo Weber

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