Who are The Island Boys and why are they famous? Everything you need to know about the Tiktok twins

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The Island Boys have become quite an internet sensation after their freestyle rap song “Island Boy” blew up online. The Florida twins sang a freestyle “Ima island boy” acapella in their outdoor pool and received millions of views and likes on TikTok.

Many people have now entered into the challenge of recreating the twins’ hairstyle, tattoos and perform the song in a way to imitate the twins. You still might be wondering, who are the Island Boys? 

Who Are The Island Boys?

The Island Boys’ real names are Alex and Franky Venegas. They are rappers from Florida who are identical twins. They were born on July 16th, 2001. They go by rap names  Flyysoulja, and Kodiyakredd respectively.

Where Are the Island Boys From?

The Island Boys are from West Palm Beach, Florida. They were raised by a single mother. Their father passed away when they were each only six years old.

While they attended good schools, they quickly became troublemakers. They are not shy to prove their bad-boy reputation. They’ve even posted videos on social media of the two with house arrest bracelets on.

Alex and Franky said they had been arrested since they were 13 for burglaries and robberies and even were sent to separate juvenile centers.

Mug shot of Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd

What ethnicity are the Island Boys?

The Island Boys were born in the USA, making their nationality American, however, their parents and ancestors are from Cuba. There is a video with one of the island boys on the phone with his mother confirming this fact.

Who are the Island Boys’ parents?

It is unknown who the parents of the island boys are. Nobody currently knows who Alex and Frankie’s mother is, or who their father was. We’ve done extensive searching of their last names, with no luck. If you find out, let us know!

Are the Island Boys from Indiana?

Originally born in Florida, Franky Venegas lived in Indiana for a bit before moving to New York, where he currently resides. Alex, however, still lives in Florida.

It,s been said that Frank was the one who had the most influence in the creation of Island Boys, as he was the one who had the musical spark.

Correction, it was Alex who came up with the song “Island Boy”.

What Do the Island Boys Do?

Franky has been pursuing a music career since 2020 and has released several songs, with the most famous ones being “9ine” and “Smoke.”

Previously, Franky went by the rap name Redd4x but later changed it to Kodiyakredd. Before their current song put them on the charts, they had previously collaborated on songs like “Smoke” and “Rain”, with different success levels.

How Did the Island Boys Get Famous?

While one of the twins has been in the music industry for about a year now, the Florida rappers have suddenly become a social media sensation, which has led to a larger social medial following on all the platforms, especially Tiktok.

This is thanks to them performing their song, which has the iconic line ‘I’m an island boy’ in a hot tub. People have used the island boy hashtag on different platforms and also created their versions of the song, which has increased its popularity.

@tooturnttony Y’all are a vibe.🤘🏽🏝 @flyysouljah @kodiyakredd #muchlove #islandboy ♬ original sound – Tooturnttony

Why Are the Island Boys Famous?

Alex and Frankie Venegas currently have a YouTube channel, which currently has just over 20,000 subscribers. On the channel, they post their music, audio, and video clips, plus vlogs.

However, it appears as if most of their time is spent on Tiktok responding to user comments. 

Honestly, it is difficult to say why the two of them are still so famous. It likely has something to do with their strange look, and overabundance of social media activity.

The Island Boys Iconic hairstyles

Let’s be real. The Island Boy hair is unique. One iconic feature that makes the island boy twins stand out is their hairstyles. They both have spike-like locks.

Alex’s hair is yellow, but Franky’s hair is generally brown with blond tips. Recently Franky has also dyed his hair blonde.

Many people have commented on the white line that Franky puts on his hairline. He says he uses a chalk barber pencil to achieve this unusual look.

In 2022, the island boys shaved their heads, which is an end to an unforgettable era of hairstyle that we will never forget.

@kodiyakreddReply to @scottiedaddiocb ##redd_4x ##foryoupagе ##fyp ##flyysoulja♬ original sound – Kodiyakredd

The Island Boys Tattoos

Apart from their iconic hairstyles, the twins also have numerous tattoos on different parts of their bodies. Alex has writings on his temple and the number 17 tattooed on his forehead. Franky, on the other hand, has an eagle on his forehead.

In an interview, Franky said that he started tattooing when he was 12 years old. He said that even as a young boy, he always pictured himself as a person with many tattoos.

He said that he got his hand tattoos when he was 14 and even has a tattoo on his sleeve showing love for his brother Alex.

He also has huge tattoos on his chest and neck. Alex also has numerous tattoos on his chest and neck and several on his face and hands.

The twins recently stripped off their tuxedos during a cheeky Love Island, which revealed that they also have tattoos on their bum.

Island Boys Net Worth

Although it appears they came from a wealthy family, the twin’s personal net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. This is expected to rise as their fame on Tiktok and Youtube increases.

Most of their income is from fans buying personalized videos from the website, Cameo. Their manager Dovi Benzer, nicknamed PokerTheJew, has recently come forward, stating The Island Boys owe him over $150,000. However, they are unable to pay him due to a lack of funds. 

This certainly has us questioning the twin’s true estimated net worth.

Island Boys Zodiac Sign

Their zodiac sign is cancer, a water sign represented by a crab. Since the water sign is ruled by the moon, their energy is said to be comforting, emotional, and homey.

People who fall under this zodiac are said to have a great connection with their environments, and they can perceive people’s moods and feelings.

Some of their characteristics are caring, emotional, nurturing, sensitive, nourishing, comforting, and homey.

What Do People Think About The Island Boy’s Songs?

Just like any other celebrity, the famous TikTok twins have had a fair share of negative comments and reactions from the public.

The Island Boys were guests on Youtuber Logan Paul’s online podcast, Impaulsive, Episode 305, when a verbal altercation with Paul’s co-host, George Janko, caused some tension between him and the Venegas brothers. The twins walked off the set and ended the interview.

While many people are gladly getting into the challenge of recreating their Island boy TikTok, some have ridiculed the song’s lyrics and style.

@tooturnttony Y’all are a vibe.🤘🏽🏝 @flyysouljah @kodiyakredd #muchlove #islandboy ♬ original sound – Tooturnttony

@flyysouljah##duet with @jtlshawtyyeah ##fypシ ##redd_4x ##flyysoulja ##SaveIt4TheEndZone♬ original sound – Flyysoulja

While most people say that the song is not good, it has become impossible to get it out of their heads since they listened to it.

People mocking the song say that the boys represent stereotypical Florida people and that the language in the song is disturbing.

Island Boys Social Media

If you’d like to follow them, the Island Boys TikTok accounts are @Kodiyakredd and @Flyysoulja.

Island Boys merch is now available for purchase in a variety of styles.

What is the Island Boy Song?

The first music video released by the Venegas twins is called ‘I’m an Island Boy’ and is often referred to in pop culture as the Island Boy Song.

What are the Island Boy Lyrics?

The Island Boy song rose to popularity quickly because of its repeated lyrics, “ima island boy” and  “I’m just an Island boy.” The rest of the Island Boy lyrics include lots of talk about guns, staring into the sun, and wanting to make it to the top of society.

Are the Island Boys on Spotify?

Yes, you can find the icon Island Boy song on Spotify, but note that it is published under the twin’s rap names as the artist.

What is an Island Boy?

Well, Franky and Alex Venegas clearly like to think they are Island boys, and the lyrics from their song can help define it further for you, but overall, an Island Boy is someone who hangs out on an island all day in the sun, which is a bit difficult to do if you live in New York.

Written by Bo Weber

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