The Island Boys: Their Viral Song, Jail Time, Net Worth, and More [Updated 2023]

two boys not wearing a shirt with tattoos on the body and at the pool one is sittingby the pool and one is standing in the swimming pool - the island boys
A screengrab of the Island Boys' Tik Tok.

The Island Boys became an internet sensation after their song “I’m an Island Boy” blew up online.

In the song’s viral video, the Florida twins freestyle in a pool, with their distinctive hairstyle and diamond teeth on full display.

The famous tattooed brothers have often made waves since the release of “I’m an Island Boy” in October 2021. They’ve had a feud with Logan Paul, run-ins with the law, and their fair share of relationship drama.

Who the heck are the Island Boys? Find out all about the Florida rappers below.

Who Are The Island Boys?

The Island Boys, whose real names are Alex and Franky Venegas, are Florida rappers that are identical twins. They were born on July 16, 2001. They go by rap names Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd.

Where Are the Island Boys From?

The Island Boys are from West Palm Beach, Florida.

There isn’t a lot of information on the Island Boys’ parents. They were raised by a single mother, and their father passed away when they were each only six years old.

While they attended good schools, they quickly became troublemakers. They are not shy to prove their bad-boy reputation. They’ve even posted videos on social media in house arrest bracelets.

Alex and Franky said they had been arrested since they were 13 for burglaries and robberies and even were sent to separate juvenile centers.

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What Ethnicity are the Island Boys?

The Island Boys were born in the USA, making their nationality American.

However, their parents and ancestors are from Cuba. video of one of the Island Boys on the phone with his mother confirms this fact.

What is the Island Boys’ Zodiac Sign?

Their zodiac sign is Cancer, a water sign represented by a crab. Since the moon rules the water sign, their energy is comforting, emotional, and homey.

Mug shots of the Island Boys.
Mug shot of the Island Boys, Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd

Who Are the Island Boys’ Parents?

It is unknown who the parents of the island boys are. Nobody currently knows who Alex and Frankie’s mother is or who their father was.

Are the Island Boys from Indiana?

Originally born in Florida, Franky Venegas lived in Indiana for a bit before moving to New York, where he currently resides. Alex, however, still lives in Florida.

It’s been said that Frank was the one who had the most influence in the creation of Island Boys, as he was the one who had the musical spark.

Instagram post between Music in Minnesota and a member of the Island Boys
Correction, it was Alex who came up with the song “Island Boy.”

What’s the Deal with the Island Boys?

Franky has been pursuing a music career as a rapper since 2020 and has released several songs, the most famous being “9ine” and “Smoke.”

Previously, Franky went by the rap name Redd4x but later changed it to Kodiyakredd. They had collaborated on hip hop songs like “Smoke” and “Rain” with some success.

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How Did the Island Boys Get Famous?

While one of the twins had some minor success, the Florida rappers became a social media sensation with their viral TikTok sensation “I’m an Island Boy.”

The song began trending and went viral in October 2021.

In the viral video, they perform the song, which repeats the now-iconic line “I’m an island boy.”

People then used the island boy hashtag on different platforms and created their versions of the song, increasing its popularity.

Why Are the Island Boys Famous?

Alex and Frankie Venegas have a YouTube channel, Big Bag Ent, which has over 240,000 subscribers. They post their music, audio, video clips, and vlogs on the channel.

It appears as if most of their time is spent on Tiktok responding to user comments.

The Island Boys are famous for their viral “I’m an Island Boy” video. The pair’s distinctive appearance and overabundance of social media activity also add to their notoriety.

What is the Island Boy Song?

The first music video released by the Venegas twins was called “I’m an Island Boy” and is often referred to in pop culture as the Island Boy Song.

While not the best rap song, and the duo won’t be winning any awards for their rapping, it certainly made an impression on the world.

What are the Island Boy Lyrics?

The Island Boys’ song rose to popularity quickly because of its repeated lyrics, “ima island boy” and  “I’m just an Island boy.”

The rest of the Island Boy lyrics include lots of talk about guns, staring into the sun, and wanting to reach the top of society.

What Do People Think About The Island Boy’s Song?

Just like any other celebrity, the famous TikTok twins have had a fair share of negative comments and reactions from the public.

While many people gladly got into the challenge of creating their own island boy TikTok, some have ridiculed “I’m an Island Boy”‘s lyrical content and style.

While most people say the song is not good, they admit that it has become impossible to get it out of their heads since they heard it.

Listeners mocking the song say that the boys represent stereotypical Florida people and that the language in the song is disturbing.

That said, it isn’t surprising that the Island Boys have not come close to hitting the Billboard charts. Though catchy, I don’t see the tattooed rappers winning a Grammy anytime soon. Kanye West, Eminem, and Drake they are not.

What is an Island Boy?

Franky and Alex Venegas clearly like to think they are Island boys, and the lyrics from their most popular song can help define it further for you.

But, overall, what does being an Island Boy mean? An Island Boy is someone who hangs out on an island all day in the sun.

@flyysouljah##duet with @jtlshawtyyeah ##fypシ ##redd_4x ##flyysoulja ##SaveIt4TheEndZone♬ original sound – Flyysoulja

The Iconic Island Boys’ Hairstyles

One feature that made the Island Boy twins stand out when they got famous was their hairstyles. They both had spike-like locks that were referred to as Island Boy hair.

Alex’s hair was yellow, while Franky’s was generally brown with blond tips. Franky eventually dyed his hair blonde.

Many people have commented on Franky’s white line on his hairline. He says he used a chalk barber pencil to achieve this unusual look.

In 2022, the Island Boys shaved their heads, which ended an unforgettable era of hairstyle that we will never forget.

Currently, they both have short hair that only barely covers their heads.

Are the Island Boys Tattoos Real?

Apart from the Island Boys’ hairstyles, the famous twins also have numerous tattoos on different parts of their bodies.

And yes, the Island Boys’ tattoos are real.

Alex has writings on his temple and the number 17 tattooed on his forehead. Franky, on the other hand, has an eagle on his forehead.

In an interview, Franky said he started tattooing when he was 12. He said that even as a young boy, he always pictured himself as a person with many tattoos.

He said that he got his hand tattoos when he was 14 and even has a tattoo on his sleeve showing love for his brother Alex.

He also has huge tattoos on his chest and neck. Alex also has numerous tattoos on his chest, neck, face, and hands.

The twins recently stripped off their tuxedos during a cheeky Love Island, which revealed that they also have tattoos on their bum.

How Much Did the Island Boys’ Teeth Cost?

The Island Boys have distinctive diamond teeth that also add to their unique appearance.

Reportedly, the twin rappers paid $300,000 each for the luxury of their diamond teeth.

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Island Boys’ Net Worth

How much money do the Island Boys have? The Island Boys’ net worth is $2-2.5 million dollars.

They’ve acquired this wealth from the massive success of their channels on YouTube, TikTok, and Cameo, in addition to merchandise and streaming sales.

The Island Boys’ Cameo account, their most popular official marketing tool, is available if you’re looking to get a shout out from them.

How Much Does it Cost to Book the Island Boys?

The Island Boys haven’t played many shows, so there’s no available information on how much it’d cost to book them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they were booed at their first show.

How much do the Island Boys charge for a feature? While they haven’t appeared on other rappers’ songs, they make $215 for personal videos and $600 for business bookings on their Cameo.

Why Did the Island Boys Go to Jail?

On February 7, 2021, the Island Boys home got raided by a S.W.A.T team. It led to the arrest of Andrew James Thomas, one of their close friends.

He was charged with attempted first-degree murder, probation violations from a prior robbery case, and weapon possession.

The social media stars cooperated and did not have to go to jail.

That being said, as previously mentioned, they were in and out of juvenile detention centers when they were young for various petty crimes.

Are the Island Boys Canceled?

The Island Boys have had their fair share of controversy, but they haven’t been canceled.

Aside from their run-in with the law, they’ve also been in hot water with their manager, had an infamous moment on Logan Paul’s podcast, and been accused of physical abuse.

The TikTok twins’ former manager Dovi Benzer said in the summer of 2022 that the Island Boys owe him over $150,000.

Even though the Island Boys’ net worth is $2 million, there’s still no word on whether they’ve paid Benzer back.

What Happened Between the Island Boys and Logan Paul?

The Florida rappers also had an infamous run-in with Logan Paul.

They were guests on YouTuber (and now WWE personality) Logan Paul’s online podcast, Impaulsive, Episode 305.

A verbal altercation with Paul’s co-host, George Janko, caused some tension between him and the Venegas brothers.

Janko suggested they save and invest their money in case music doesn’t work out long-term, causing them to be visibly irritated. The twins then mocked Janko, claiming that they make more money than him.

The twins walked off the set and ended the interview.

Later, the twins attended a boxing match between Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, and Tyron Woodley. When featured on the jumbotron, they were booed and thrown drinks at.

There were rumors that the tattooed twins were thrown out of the Jake Paul fight for throwing a shoe, but they deny this.

Jake Paul discussed his feelings about the Island Boys and, as you can guess, they aren’t very flattering.

Who are the Island Boys’ Girlfriends?

Like every rich and famous person, the Island Boys have had their fair share of female admirers. This has also caused controversy for the tattooed brothers.

Franky’s current girlfriend is influencer and content creator Amina. They began their relationship in mid-2022.

Though there have been rumors that Amina is underage, there’s no evidence that this is the case.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, one of the Island Boys revealed via Instagram that he had officially tied the knot with his girlfriend Kayla Thayla. The post, which was accompanied by a slideshow of photos of the couple, including several we deem completely inappropriate, was captioned, “Sometimes rainy days turn in sunny days I’m glad to say I love you [sic]” along with a red heart emoji and a dual pink heart emoji.

Sadly, many followers were not quick to congratulate the couple. Instead they did what the internet does best and criticize the pair. One commenter shared our sentiment of the photos, noting “Classy! Your mother must be proud! Lmao how sad…” while others alluded to a previous incident with his brother, writing “At least he ain’t kissing hes brother this time [sic]” and “I thought you only kissed your brother.”

Did One of the Island Brothers Hit His Girlfriend?

Kodiyakredd’s ex-girlfriend, social media influencer Montaisha, claimed that she ended the relationship because he was physically abusive.

However, she never pressed charges. Kodiyakredd and his brother fired back by posting videos that made Montaisha not look the greatest.

As for Franky’s brother Alex, he’s been tied to another influencer and content creator, Kaylathayla.

Did the Island Boys Cameo for the Military?

In early 2022, another Island Boys video went viral, this time of the Florida rappers promoting army recruitment.

“Big shoutout to Staff Sargeant Tamez, you’re changing lives, giving out $50k,” they said in a Cameo shoutout that was not authorized by the military.

Texas-based army recruiter Orlando Tamez purchased the video.

Are the Island Boys on Spotify?

Yes, you can find the iconic Island Boy song on Spotify, but note that it is published under the twins’ rap names as the artist.

Their songs are also available on Apple Music.

Other Island Boys Songs

Though no other Island Boys songs have been as popular as “I’m an Island Boy,” they released a handful of new tracks throughout 2022.

These include “Say So,” “Drill Flow,” and, most recently, “Flawda Jit.”

The famous Florida duo have yet to release a mixtape or their debut album.

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