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Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945, in Jamaica to an African father and Irish mother from wealthy families. Unfortunately, this did not give him the start he needed in life as he grew up in poverty and violence. At age 11, Bob Marley moved to Trench Town, one of the poorest slums in Kingston, where he learned about Rastafarianism and music from his friend Neville Livingston, who later became known as Bunny Wailer. Years later after his death, fans still want to know how did Bob Marley die? Here is everything you need to know about Bob Marley’s death.

When did Bob Marley Die?

Reggae superstar Bob Marley died in 1981.

How old was Bob Marley when he died?

Bob Marley’s exact birthdate is unknown, but most people say February 6, 1945, which means Bob would have been 36 years old when he passed away.

Bob Marley playing guitar and singing on stage
Bob Marley. Photo Courtesy of Eddie Mallin via Wikimedia Commons.

How did Bob Marley die? 

On May 11, 1981, Bob Marley passed away at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. 

Doctors said he had succumbed to cancer caused by a melanoma (skin cancer) that originated in his big toe and spread to his lungs and brain. 

The reggae legend was just 36 years old. To this day, fans still have questions about Bob’s sudden death. 

Was Bob Marley murdered? 

He was one of Jamaica’s greatest musicians and left a rich reggae and Rastafarian music legacy, but was Bob Marley murdered? Was he poisoned? 

His death certificate stated that he had succumbed to malignant melanoma (skin cancer), often fatal. 

But despite his diagnosis and recorded cause of death, rumors continue to swirl about whether Bob Marley was murdered.  

Fans beleive Bob Marley did not die from skin cancer

According to most reports, Bob Marley did not die from skin cancer. 

Bob Marley discovered a lump on his toe and ignored it until it became unbearable. He sought treatment in London shortly before traveling to Germany for concerts. 

However, by then, doctors had removed two tumors from Bob Marley’s brain and treated him for metastatic melanoma that had spread throughout his body. 

Bob Marley playing guitar and singing on stage
Bob Marley. Photo Courtesy of Ueli Frey via Wikimedia Commons.

Despite several claims, there is no concrete evidence of how he died exactly. There is still much speculation as to who is responsible. 

What were Bob Marley’s last words? 

“Money can’t buy life.” As he was rushed to a hospital in Miami, Bob Marley had just one thought on his mind: his children. 

In interviews and books, Rita Marley—Bob’s widow—has recalled her husband saying those words as he fell unconscious at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, on May 11, 1981. 

So, you better make sure that you learn how to live and live correctly. Do not take anything for granted.

Where was Bob Marley buried?

Bob Marley was laid to rest in a place called Nine Miles.

Image of a Bob marley record with its case
Image from Shutterstock.

What years was Bob Marley alive?

Bob lived from 1945-1981 and died on Monday morning, May 11, 1981, at 4:03 am EST (Greenwich Mean Time). 

What was Bob Marley’s religion?

Although a lifelong promoter of the Rastafarian religion, Bob Marley converted to Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity shortly before his death. It’s one of the most ancient forms of Christianity and has the biggest bible of any Christian sect.

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