Dolly Parton Net Worth, Height, Career and more

Dolly Parton Net Worth
Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld joins country music legend Dolly Parton on stage at the Grand Ole Opry during a live broadcast in Nashville, Tenn., on April 23, 2005. Rumsfeld visited Nashville to thank Parton, the Grand Ole Opry, and the American people for their support of U.S. troops. Photo taken by the US Air Force

As an American singer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Dolly Parton is well-known as a country music legend. Starting her performing career at a young age, Dolly has been in the music industry for more than 40 years.

Gracing the world with songs by Dolly Parton such as “9 to 5,” “I Will Always Love You,” “The Coat of Many Colors,” and many more, it is no surprise that Dolly has made history as one of the richest musicians of all time.

Keep reading to learn about Dolly Pardon’s net worth and more.

Young Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton in 1977. Photo by RCA Records.

What Is Dolly Parton’s Net Worth?

Dolly Parton has accumulated quite a bit of money throughout her musical career and business ventures. Into has been reported that Dolly’s net worth is $350 million.

Dolly also had her own music publishing company for the majority of that time which contributed greatly to her net worth.

Instead of using her money for herself, however, she has donated quite a bit of money through several charitable organizations.

One of these included donating more than $1 million to Vanderbilt University for research towards the coronavirus vaccine, Moderna.

How Dolly Parton Became Famous

After growing up poor with many brothers and sisters, Dolly set her sights on becoming a success. After graduating high school, she set off for Nashville to make her dream of stardom come true.

Early Dolly Parton found her success pretty quickly when she partnered with her uncle to write songs. A recording company soon signed her at the age of 19 years old.

Throughout her career, beginning with her debut album, she had many albums that hit the Billboard Hot Country Album charts.

She also appeared in several television shows such as The Porter Wagoner Show which led to regular appearances.

Through various partnerships with people that ended up with successes. Porter Wagoner took her under his wing and helped her get signed with RCA Victor and then went on to help her release several studio albums.

Dolly’s song “I Will Always Love You” was another part of her success which earned her a number one spot on the Billboard country charts.

The song struck her a deal with Whitney Houston who wanted to record it. Whitney Houston’s rendition continues to earn Dolly Parton more than $20 million in royalties and counting.

Elvis Presley Controversy

After hearing Dolly Parton’s song, “I Will Always Love You,” Elvis Presley and his manager approached Dolly about covering the song. Initially, it all seemed like a great idea since she had not been in the business for long.

Unfortunately, things did not work out as originally planned after Presley’s manager asked for Dolly to sign a contract releasing her publishing rights to the song. Dolly, being a remarkable businesswoman, refused to adhere to this demand and the deal was off.

As mentioned above, many years later Whitney Houston approached Dolly with the same idea to cover her song, however, she agreed to let Dolly continue to have the publishing rights. This turned out to be an extremely lucrative deal for both women.

Dolly Parton Assets

Throughout her career, Dolly Parton has not only worked as a singer, songwriter, and actress but also has been a successful entrepreneur.

Dolly partnered with Herschend Family Entertainment to purchase the old Silver Dollar City and transformed it into the amusement park Dollywood.

With this venture, Dolly is said to be bringing in around $165 million annually.

In addition to Dollywood, she is a partner in Splash City water park, several restaurants, and the DreamMore Resort and Spa.

All of these businesses are in her hometown, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Dolly Parton’s House

Dolly and her husband purchased their Nashville home in 1994 for about $400,000 and named it “Dolly’s House.” In 2019, the Dolly Parton home worth was $1.1 million.

Dolly Parton Playing Guitar
Dolly Parton playing guitar in 2014. Photo by Josef Jost.

What Is Dolly Parton’s Real Name?

Dolly Parton’s real name is Dolly Rebecca Parton. She always had her mind and heart set on becoming a huge success and has certainly made that dream come true.

How Tall is Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton may only be 4’11” tall, but she is has built her legacy to stand as one of the tallest in the music industry.

How Old Is Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton was born on January 19, 1946, in a one-room house in Sevier County, Tennessee to father Robert Lee Parton and mother Avie Lee. She was the fourth child out of twelve children.

Dolly grew up singing and performing alongside many of her siblings and moved to Nashville, Tennessee the day after graduating high school in 1964.

Today, Dolly Parton is soon approaching 80 and is just as active in her career and her philanthropic endeavors as she ever has been.

Is Dolly Parton Still Alive?

Dolly Parton today is alive and well and living in Tennessee with her husband of 56 years.

She continues to not only pursue her musical career, but she is active in her entrepreneurial pursuits such as Dollywood and other business ventures.

Written by Hope Davis

Long-time music lover Hope became a full-time writer in 2020 after being laid off from her regular job due to COVID-19. She now spends her time traveling the world to see her favorite bands while writing about them!


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