Why Has Ariana Grande Lost So Much Weight? The Truth Behind Her Drastic Weight Loss

why has ariana grande lost so much weight
Image posted to Ariana Grande's Instagram Account.

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 09:30 pm

Fans around the world were shocked at a recent photo posted of Ariana Grande. The famous pop singer was pictured looking almost the skinniest she has ever looked, her shoulder blades protruding and no sign of any muscle.

But why has Ariana Grande lost so much weight? And what does she have to say about it? We’ve investigated, so read on to learn more.

Why is Ariana Grande so Skinny?

Ariana Grande is currently in the UK filming the Wicked movie, and it was during one of the days of filming that she posted the photo (below) of her looking very skinny which has fans concerned. Now the singer has always been thin, but in the recent picture below, she looks even skinnier than she has in the past.

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She stated that part of her weight loss was to prepare for her role in the movie. As many movie stars have shown us over the year, namely Christian Bale, weight gain and weight loss can be a huge part of landing a dream role.

In the case of Wicked, the original actress in the role was Kristin Chenoweth, who is just as petite as Ariana Grande and skinny herself. While we are sad that Grande feels she must lose weight to pay homage to the original star, we understand.

If you are having trouble seeing the weight loss, below is a picture of Ariana Grande from 2016 for comparison.

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What Did Ariana Grande Eat to Lose Weight?

It is well known that the hit singer follows a strictly vegan diet. While this alone is enough to keep anyone skinny, she has also reportedly cut her diet even more to shed some additional pounds.

According to some sources, her current diet is mostly composed of smoothies, kale, seeds, nuts, broccoli, and tofu. This has raised some concerns on social media that the artist has an eating disorder.

When confronted with the images and the leaked diet specifications, Ariana Grande explained in a TikTok video that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Just because hers is a skinnier version of beauty, she shouldn’t be judged for what she eats. Many fans disagree.

This weight loss has also caused previous pictures of Grande to surface, of another time when she was quite skinny, but because she was taking anti-depressants and drinking lots of alcohol. Ariana states she knows that when she was skinny before, it wasn’t healthy, but she assures fans this time is different.

ariana grande
Ariana Grande on the Red Carpet in 2016. Image from Shutterstock.

What Medical Condition Does Ariana Grande Have?

Ariana Grande, like many famous singers, has suffered from mental illness in the past. Ariana suffers from PTSD and was diagnosed in 2018 following the Manchester City bombing. Supposedly her current weight loss has nothing to do with this diagnosis.

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Ariana Grande’s Reaction to Weight Loss Concerns

Above all else, Ariana Grande wants fans to stop commenting on her body and asking why she has lost so much weight. But not just her body, the singer also hopes that as a society people will stop commenting on the bodies of others. After all, it is their body and their concern, not someone else’s.

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