15 Astounding Chris Brown Facts: The Countries He’s Banned in, His Clothing Line, and More

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Chris Brown is an American singer, rapper, and even actor, known for his talent and infamous history of violent acts. However, that’s not all there is to the skills.

If you want to learn more about the rapper, sit down and get ready as we dive into 16 Chris Brown facts.

1. He’s Been Banned In Many Countries

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First on our list of Chris Brown facts is that the talent has been banned from the United Kingdom and Australia. The ban came courtesy of his serious criminal offense(s) in the United States. 

2. He Owns Burger King Restaurants

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Supposedly, Chris Brown has a stake in 14 Burger King restaurants across the United States. He’s proud of his ownership and reports it’s one of the things few people know about him.

3. He Was Discovered In A Gas Station

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Next on our list of Chris Brown facts is that the singer and rapper were discovered in a gas station. His dad was working at the station, and Chris Brown was signing for fun. Imagine his surprise when a local production company stopped for gas and decided he was worthy of a record deal. 

4. He Grew Up In Virginia

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Although he seems larger than life, Chris Brown grew up with humble beginnings in the small town of Tappahannock, Virginia. He grew up in the area until he was discovered and moved across the country to pursue bigger things in his music career.

5. His Full Name Isn’t Chris Brown

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Although it sounds like a common name, the rapper’s real title isn’t Chris Brown. His legal name is Christopher Maurice Brown, a little too long to work as a stage name for someone in the spotlight so often.

6. He Has a Sister

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Next on our list of Chris Brown facts is that he is not an only child – he has one sister, Lytrell Bundy. She is an American banker and medical practitioner and has been successful in her own right, although in a different profession than her brother.

7. Chris Brown’s Height

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Chris Brown seems larger than life onstage, and his actual height matches. The talent stands at six feet and one inch tall, leaps and bounds above many fellow singers in the same industry.

8. He Learned Dancing From Michael Jackson

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Chris Brown revealed he learned to dance by watching Michael Jackson move and perform on television. He mastered the art at a young age, performing skills some older dancers hadn’t mastered yet.

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9. He Is Guilty Of Assault

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Unfortunately, Chris Brown has a semi-violent history and has been charged with serious crimes because of it. He assaulted Usher, Rihanna, and was even arrested for an additional felony assault in Washington D.C. in 2017 after fighting two men outside a hotel and even threatening other women beforehand. Seems like he has a bit of a violence problem if you ask us. 

10. He Loves Strawberry Cheesecake

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Chris Brown’s favorite food is strawberry cheesecake, a creamy dessert that is the favorite of many individuals across the country. It’s almost funny that such a serious rapper and singer loves this sweet, beautiful dessert.

11. He Owns A Clothing Line

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Next on our list of Chris Brown facts is that he has his own clothing line, Black Pyramid. He created and launched the brand by himself, which continues to grow and succeed even with Brown’s controversial history in the world and despite apparent protesting to the pricing of the products.

12. He Had A Stage Name

chris brown in a white suit on the red carpet
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There was a time before Chris Brown was famous, and before the man was famous, he had a stage name to try to garner attention from the outside world. When he first started out, Chris Brown was known as C-Syzle. 

13. He Dropped Out Of School

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When Chris Brown first succeeded, he was 16 years old and signed with Jive Records. Thanks to his sudden rise to fame, the talented musician dropped out of school and never returned, snatching onto the celebrity life and never looking back as he pushed to be one of the biggest stars in the world.

14. He’s An Actor

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Not only is Chris Brown a singer and rapper, but he is also an actor in a few films. He’s made a total of four film appearances, four television appearances, and several guest appearances, though nothing took as well as his singing endeavors on the television screen.

15. He Bought His Mom A Home

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Last on our list of Chris Brown facts is that he bought his mom a million-dollar home at 15, providing her with substantial support from his musical talent. More recently, he purchased a home for the mother of his child, Nia Guzman, with an agreement to pay for any legal fees she needs.

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