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Sacha Mullin Releases “Casino Wilderness Period” Album and Music Video

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On November 3rd, Chicago solo artist Sacha Mullin released his most recent album, Casino Wilderness Period.

Inspired by artists like Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Yoko Kanno, Sacha weaves together elements of rock, jazz, and introspective songwriting. This record follows his 2017 album, Duplex, which UK’s, The Wire called an “Alpine hike” in comparison to pop’s flat terrain.

The single on the new album is titled “Arranging Flowers,” which Sacha Mullin shot a music video for. You can check that out below, along with our interview with Sacha.

MIM: What genre do you describe your music?

Sacha: Progressive pop, maybe? That seems to be the term people agree on. My music is also kind of jazzy at times. I’m just a little old singer-songwriter trying to marry angular melodies with some cinematic production!

MIM: What inspires you to create music?

Sacha: An overwhelming love of sound and emotion.

MIM: Tell us about the creation process of this project.

Sacha: Me and Todd Rittmann (producer) worked on it off and on for a few years. There are wonderful vocalists supporting me within the record, and I think, as a body of work, I think it’s the most realized thing I’ve ever recorded. It’s also my first album on vinyl, which is pretty novel.

MIM: What does this project mean to you?

Sacha: It means everything. I’m so proud of the record as a whole, especially because it’s the most true to how I’ve wanted to sound throughout my whole career. I’m really honored by all the goodwill and talent that was given to completing it, and to see it be released and appreciated is a remarkable feeling.

MIM: What can listeners look forward to from you?

Sacha: Admittedly, it’s hard to promise things out loud, just in case something falls through, but hopefully more live shows in the new year!

MIM: Anything else you’d like to add?

Sacha: Thank you to everyone who’s listened to the album and for all the incredibly kind messages that people have been sending. I’m so grateful that my music is resonating with so many people! And thank you to Minnesota. I may be “abroad in Chicago”, but I’ll always be thankful for growing up in the North Star.

Casino Wilderness Period was released by Dog and Pony Records and produced by Todd Rittmann.

Written by Bo Weber

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