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The 20 Best Russian Rappers of All Time

the best russian rappers
The best Russian rappers. Image by Michael Parulava on Unsplash.

Russia: the land of Vodka, Russian dolls, and Putin. 

Perpahs surprisingly, Russia is also the home of some of the best rappers in the history of the game.

Who are the best Russian rappers? Find out about 20 fascinating artists on our list of the 20 best Russian rappers.

The 20 Best Russian Rappers


20. Rem Digga

36-year-old Roman Voronin, also known as Rem Digga, showed his love for music and rap when he made his debut performance at a school music show when he was just eleven years old. 

Fast-forward a few years, and Rem Digga joined the group Suicide. 

While the band was both popular and successful, Voronin wanted more from his career and released his solo album Perimeter in 2009. 

The album is said to be some of his best work. 

Some tracks that the artist has collaborated on include “I Got Love,” “Don’t Cry,” and the popular hit “Give it Up,” which features fellow Russian rapper Onyx. 


19. Griby

Alexei Navalny, or Griby, as he is more famously known, started his career in music in late 2016. 

He was born in Ukraine and has used his fame as a platform to share his views on politics, the hard truths about life, and everything else in between. 

Griby’s most popular song is “Tayet Loyd (The Ice is Melting),” which currently has over 255 million views on YouTube and is used as an anti-war song to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


18. Timati

Who is the bald Russian rapper? That’d be Timati.

Moscow-born Russian rapper Timati has had an impressive career. He’s even collaborated with big-name rappers like Snoop Dogg. 

The owner of Black Star records and production company, it was an appearance on the talent show Fabrika Zvezd in 2004 that really got his career started. 

Timati has an impressive discography and currently produces albums under the Warner Music Group and SBA Productions labels. 

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17. ATL

With his name paying homage to the code of the Atlanta Airport, ATL was named as one of the emerging Russian Rappers the World Needs to Know in a 2017 article by the popular website High Snobiety

Only 30 years old, ATL is signed to the ACIDHOUZE label and is known for his deeply emotional tracks that tackle the hardships of life and relationships in a truly unique and melodic way. 


16: Skriptonit

Adil Zhdlelov, better known to his fans as Skriptonit, is number 16 on our best Russian rappers list. He is known for hits like “Baby Mama,” “Billboard,” and “3×3,” to name just a few. 

Born in Kazakhstan, the rapper is one of only a handful of Chinese Russian rappers to grace the airwaves in Russia and the world with his unique mix of pop and hip-hop sounds. 

Add some Skriptonit to your playlist and enjoy Russian rap at its best. 


15. HammAli and Navai

Russian rappers HammAli and Navai burst onto the rap music scene in 2018 with the release of their first rap and hip-hop album, Janavi

An instant fan favorite, the album quickly climbed the music charts, earning the duo the coveted title of the best Russian rap duo. 

Taking their inspiration from dance halls and a more edgy underground rap scene, HammAli and Navai use their music to convey their emotions and thoughts on common problems and issues. 

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14. Jah Khalib

29-year-old bearded rapper Jah Khalib set his sights on a career in rap music from a very young age. Now one of the best black Russian rappers of all time, the Mamasita singer is known for his energetic live performances on stages across Europe. 

Making his debut in 2015, the rapper was born Bahktiyar Mamedov and is actually an Azerbaijan native who sings his songs in Russian. 


13. Guf

Guf, or Gough as he is often referred to in the American media, is one of the top rappers in Russia. 

Born in Moscow, the rapper is pro-Russian, a fact that has caused him to lose fans of late due to his supposed support of the invasion of Ukraine. 

Politics aside, Guf is a phenomenal rapper with hits like “4:20,” “Ice Baby,” and many others making him a household name worldwide for his talents and creativity. 


12. AK47

Alex Keonig, better known to his many fans as rapper AK47, started his career in rap music when he was just 24 years old and has enjoyed the fame and fortune of his illustrious music career for more than a decade. 

Rapper of songs like “Real Russian Rap,” Koenig also performed under the alias Kid Savage while signed to Bustazz Records. 

AK47 is the owner and founder of JD Records and seeks to help up-and-coming rappers to get the best start in their careers. 


11. Husky

Husky is one of the more controversial rappers on our list of the best Russian Rappers and has made himself somewhat of a poster child for political extremism. 

One of his biggest hits, “October 7th,” was written about Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

Born Dmitry Kuznetskov in Ulan-Ude, Russia, Husky is 30 years old and one of the best Russian hip-hop artists that use their fame and celebrity status as a political platform to stand up against the Russian government. 

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10. Detsl 

Deceased rapper Detsl amassed quite the fan base before his untimely passing from a cardiac arrest in 2019. 

Only 35 when he passed, the Russian music scene suffered a massive loss the day they lost Detsl. 

Detsl is best known for his song “Potabachim” and has left behind an amazing legacy for fans and future fans to enjoy. 

With nine albums under his belt, Detsl was one of the first Russian rappers to make it big in the hip-hop music scene in Russia.


9. Oxxxymiron

Another “Emerging Russian Rapper you need to know,” Oxxxymiron has been in the rap music business since 2018 following the release of his hit single “Konstrukt.”

Previously the CEO of music and talent booking agency Booking Machine, Oxxxymiron now helps run Vagabund Records while creating and releasing his own music. 

Oxxxymiron was born Miron Fyodorv and is a Russian native. 


8. Boulevard Depo

There is simply no denying the talent and success of popular Russian hip-hop artists like Boulevard Depo. 

With more than a decade in the industry, the rapper started his illustrious career in rap music in 2009 and is also the founding member of Young Russia

Boulevard Depo is responsible for hip-hop tracks like “Old Blood,” “Qwerty Lang,” “Sweet Dreams,” and “Rapp2” and is nothing short of a cultural icon in Russia. 

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7. GONE.Fludd

With a rather bizarre stage name, Russian rapper Gone.Fludd makes an appearance on our list at number seven. 

Gone.Fludd has been in the music industry for a decade and is known for his trap/pop rap.

Known for hits like “МАМБЛ (MUMBLE),” taken off the 2018 album Boy’s Don’t Cry, the artist is already considered one of the best Russian rappers of all time. 


6. Basta

42-year-old Vasilily Vakulenko has made a name for himself in the Russian rap scene as he releases hit after hit under his stage name Basta. 

Recently sanctioned by Ukraine for his supposed support of the Russian invasion of the country, he released his first song in 1998. 

“My Game” quickly rose to the top of Russian music charts, cementing the rapper a spot in the list of the most successful Russian rappers. 


5. Big Baby Tape

Coming in at number five on the list of the best Russian rappers is a young rapper who goes by the name of Big Baby Tape. 

He released his first album in 2019 and now has four albums under his belt, including two EPs. 

One of his best songs would have to be “So Icy Nihao,” so be sure to check it out and see what makes Big Baby Tape one of the best Russian rappers.


4. Egor Kreed

Blue-eyed Russian rapper Egor Kreed is popular not only for his incredible rap music but also for his hilarious antics on the social media video streaming platform TikTok

With an impressive 12.4 million followers, he has made quite a name for himself as an entertainer and shares videos to make people laugh while also promoting his songs. 

Kreed was born in Penza and has released many hits, including the popular “We Gotta Get Love,” which was released in 2022. 

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It takes a lot to have someone hate you simply for the music you release, but for rapper FACE, his enemy is none other than Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

Spewing anti-political views in most of his songs, FACE got a great start to his now-illustrious career in music at the age of 25. 

His first EP, Stump, got the attention of rap music lovers quickly. The rest, as they say, is history for one of the best Russian rappers. 


2. Pharaoh

Pharaoh is more than just another Russian rapper.

Formerly an association footballer, Pharoah left football to pursue a career in music, and has found immense success in his endeavors.

His Dead Dynasty album was nominated for various music awards and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. 


1. AllJ

Who is the best Russian rapper? For our money, it’s AllJ. 

Born in Novosibirsk, the 28-year-old rapper was recently nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Russian Act. 

Often featured at number one on many Russian hip-hop artist popularity polls, Alexei Uzenyuk is hands down one of the best Russian rappers, which is why he takes up the top spot on our list. 

Give his albums Sayonara Boy 143 and Vrum Vrum a listen to see exactly why he has been given this coveted spot. 

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