15 Crazy Facts About Usher: His Assault, Diet, and More

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Usher is known by most as an American singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, and successful businessman.  With more than 23 million of his albums sold worldwide, he is easily one of the most successful R&B musicians of all time.

Usher’s most successful songs such as ” U Make Me Wanna,” “My Way, ” and “ U Remind Me” have all earned him many awards, including being at the top of Billboard charts throughout his career.

Are you curious about some of the more interesting facts about Usher?  Keep reading to find out more.

1. What is Usher’s Full Name?

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Usher Terry Raymond IV  has been known professionally just as Usher since he began his career at a young age. That’s a rather regal name!

2. Usher Was Born in Texas

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Born on October 14th, 1978 in Dallas Texas, Usher actually grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he began his career.

3. Usher’s Family Decided to Move to Atlanta for His Career 

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Once his mother saw that he was going to be a success and the music industry she uprooted the family and moved to Atlanta, Georgia for Usher’s career.  It was shortly after this move that Usher began to be noticed professionally. 

4. Usher Was Discovered on Star Search

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Usher’s mother encouraged him to enter Star Search when he was just 14.  It was during this singing competition that Usher was discovered by producers from the LaFace record label.

5. Usher was Part of a Group Named NuBeginnings When He was 11 years old

usher on stage in a collared shirt
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Before moving to Atlanta and singing on Star Search, Usher was part of a musical group called New Beginnings. It was with this group that he recorded ten songs before leaving the group.

6. At One Time Usher Lived With P Diddy

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Even though he was signed to a record contract with LaFace Records after winning Star Search, Usher struggled to make it to the big time.  It was during this time that he reportedly was offered the opportunity to move to New York and live with P Diddy who mentored him for a short time.

7. Usher’s First Manager Was His Mother

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Usher’s first manager was his mother, Jonetta O’Neal, who encouraged him to sing at an early age.  Although the management relationship was a success she stopped being his manager in 2007.

8. Usher Has His Own Record Label

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In 2002 Usher founded US Records as a vanity label under J Records, Clive Davis‘s record label. He also co-owns the record label Raymond-Braun Media Group (RBMG) alongside his talent manager Scooter Braun. 

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9. Usher is a Part Owner of an NBA Team

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Usher is well known as not only a successful R&B musician he’s also well known as a successful businessman.  It is no surprise to learn that he is part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

10. He’s a Successful Actor

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In addition to his R&B singing career successes, Usher has also branched out into the film industry. In addition to the television series Moesha,  Usher has also acted in several films such as The Faculty, She’s All That, and Light It Up.

11. He Was Assaulted by Chris Brown

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You read that right, Rihanna wasn’t the only one injured by the famous rapper. They were at a birthday party when Chris Brown tried to talk to a woman who didn’t want to speak to him. Usher tried to diffuse the situation, resulting in Brown punching him in the face

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12. Usher Likes to Give to Charity

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Usher has given back to many charities throughout his career such as victims of Hurricane Katrina,  his most successful philanthropic work was with his foundation. The New Look Foundation was created to help disadvantaged youth around the world

13. Usher is Vegan

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In early 2008 Usher’s father passed away from a heart attack. This prompted the successful R&B singer to switch his diet over to vegetarianism. A few years later Usher decided to drop a few more things from his diet and become a full-fledged vegan.

14. Usher Has Four Children

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Usher has been linked to several women, though he has only married twice, to Tameka Foster and Grace Miguel. From his marriage with Tameka Foster, which lasted about two years, the successful musician had two children. Usher also has two other children from his girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea.

15. Usher’s Biggest Influence Was Michael Jackson 

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It has been no secret throughout Usher’s career that one of his biggest influences was none other than the king of pop, Michael Jackson.  Usher has stated many times that Michael Jackson was an influence not only for his singing career but also for many of his famous dance moves.

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