18 Interesting Eddie Redmayne Facts: His Favorite Food, Patronus, and More

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Eddie Redmayne is a prominent actor and singer known for his roles in movies like Les Miserables and The Danish Girl. He’s an Oscar winner and an incredible performer. However, that’s all many know about the professional pretender.

If you’re interested in learning more about the actor, strap in and get ready as we dive into 17 Eddie Redmayne facts.

1. He’s Semi-Colorblind

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First on our list of Eddie Redmayne facts is that he is semi-colorblind and very open about his trouble. He can’t tell the difference between colors like green and red, which makes clothing a tricky endeavor. 

2. He Went To School With Prince William

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When Eddie Redmayne was in his younger years, he spent time earning his education at a famous school called Eton in England. He went to school with Prince William and even had iconic actor Tom Hiddleston as a classmate during his time there.

3. He Pretended He Could Ride Horses for a Role

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When Eddie Redmayne auditioned for the TV show Elizabeth I, he lied about his horseback riding ability to get the part. He got the role – but humiliated himself in front of the cast.

4. He Tried Out For Star Wars

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far, away, Eddie Redmayne tried out for the role of Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars franchise. He didn’t know who he was reading for and reported it went catastrophically wrong.

5. He Graduated with an Art History Degree

image of a college graduate from the back
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Redmayne graduated from Trinity College with an art history degree. If he hadn’t become an actor, he reported he would have been an art curator.

6. He Earned Best and Worst Actor in the Same Year

eddie redmayne in a suit
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In the same year, Redmayne won the Razzie for best actor in Jupiter Ascending and was nominated for best actor in The Danish Girl. It was a crazy year for the professional actor.

7. He Loves Pizza with Extra Pepperoni

a pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni
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Eddie Redmayne loves pizza with extra pepperoni. In an interview, he revealed pizza with extra pepperoni and a salad from Pizza Express is one of his favorite meals.

8. He’s One of Five Kids 

eddie redmayne in a suit in a crowd
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Next on our list of Eddie Redmayne facts is that he is one of five kids. However, he’s the only one of the five to become an actor.

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9. He Knew He was Famous When He Fell Asleep

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Eddie Redmayne had a sudden realization that he was famous when he fell asleep on a plane. He awoke to the person next to him asking who he was because all the flight attendants were staring at him while he rested.

10. He Has a Very Specific Favorite Color

international klein blue, a specific dark blue color
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Eddie Redmayne is colorblind, but he knows what color he likes when he sees it. Apparently, his favorite hue is International Klein Blue from Yves Klein, a “sublime and dumbfounding” color.

11. He Once Tried to Switch to a Dumb Phone

a motorola flip phone on a black background
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Once upon a time, Redmayne tried to switch to a classic flip phone because he felt he was too distracted by his iPhone. However, he ended up spending even more time on his computer and decided to go back to his classic smartphone.

12. His Patronus Is A Basset Hound

a basset hound with his paws on a fallen tree
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Eddie Redmayne is one of the lead actors in Fantastic Beasts, so it only makes sense he would take a test to learn his Patronus test. He revealed his patronus is a basset hound, which came up both times he took the test on Pottermore.

13. He Started Singing at 10

a young eddie redmayne
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Although he is most famous for his strictly acting roles, Eddie began singing at the young age of 10 which eventually helped him land his starring role in the adapted for-screen musical Les Miserables. One little-known fact about this movie is that all the actors sang live on set, giving the movie a real musical feel. 

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14. He Adores Allison Janney

actress allison janney wearing a diamond necklace on the red carpet
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Even Oscar winners like Eddie Redmayne have celebrities they love and admire. Eddie Redmayne loves actress Allison Janney, known for her roles in movies like The Help and I, Tonya.

15. He Modeled for Burberry

a burberry store at night with the logo lit up
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Eddie Redmayne is an incredible actor, but he’s accomplished more than an incredible presence onscreen and onstage with his talent. He modeled for the well-known brand Burberry, along with the likes of Cara Delevingne and Alex Pettyfer.

16. He Loves Sugar in His Coffee

a full cup of coffee sitting on some coffee beans
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Eddie Redmayne loves sweetener in his coffee – and not just a little sugar – he loves an excessive amount in his morning beverage. He reportedly adores a latte or a black coffee with plenty of sugar and milk.

17. He Collects Mini Hotel Shampoos

a dark hotel at sunset with the word hotel lit up in white
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Second-to-last on our list of Eddie Redmayne facts is that he has a strange fascination with the tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner you get in hotels. He’s reported collecting almost a suitcase full of them.

18. He Never Used to Enjoy His Freckles

eddie redmayne against a gold back ground wearing a suit with a flower
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Next on our list of Eddie Redmayne facts is his freckles. Although he’s well-known for them now, he never used to love them. He only grew to enjoy these markings after they landed him a role as Julianne Moore’s son in Savage Grace.

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