The 21 Best Songs About Anxiety

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Anxiety is something that we all deal with in one form or another, whether it’s darker times throughout our daily lives or something more serious. It’s no wonder, then, that there are many songs dealing with the topic. So what are the best songs about anxiety? Find out below. 

The Best Songs About Anxiety


“Just Hold On” – Presence

First on our list is Presence’s “Just Hold On.” The song encourages you to continue fighting regardless of your current situation. It gives you hope that you will emerge victorious at the end of your trials.

“Just Hold One” is definitely one of the best Christian songs about anxiety.

“Overkill” – Colin Hay

“Overkill” relates a common occurrence for those dealing with anxiety: a sleepless night wandering around town because your brain won’t slow down. 

Colin Hay’s song is probably best known for being featured in an episode of Scrubs. It’s a relatable song for anyone who has spent too much time thinking too hard about things they can’t control.


“Waving Through a Window” – Dear Evan Hansen

“Waving Through a Window” is one of the most honest songs about social anxiety, capturing the stress of feeling invisible and the longing that comes with being outside the spotlight. 

While you won’t hear it on the radio, this song is perfect for those nervous in large groups. 


“Anxiety” – Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez

The most relatable songs about anxiety are written by people who have experienced it firsthand. 

“Anxiety” is an exceptional song on social anxiety, as Michaels sings about how her friends want to take her to the movies, but her depression and anxiety prevent her from doing so. 

Selena Gomez makes an appearance in this song about anxiety in relationships.


“Basket Case” – Green Day

If you’ve ever tried to work through self-help programs to get past your anxious feelings, you’ll probably recognize something here. 

Green Day’s catalog contains several songs about feeling depressed or otherwise unwell, and “Basket Case” is one of the best. It employs a simple musical structure to take listeners on a whirlwind tour of the singer’s anxiety, from wondering if he’s oversharing to detailing his failed attempts to manage his anxiety.

Though delivered somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it still resonates.


“The World at Large” – Modest Mouse

With thoughts so loud that they overwhelm speech, Modest Mouse’s song about anxiety is all about the problems that come from getting stuck in a loop. 

Instead of making positive changes, the singer is trapped in a cycle of starting over, aided by intrusive thoughts and an inability to break free.

Though this can certainly be applied to depression, the lyrics of this song ring true for anyone who has ever struggled to move forward due to anxiety.


“Bad Life” – Sigrid, Bring the Horizon

Feeling trapped when suffering from anxiety is common, which causes many to pretend to be happy. “Bad Life” is about this phenomenon.

Not only is this one of the best songs about anxiety and depression, but it also has one of the best lines about it: “a bad day is not a bad life.” 


“Anxiety”- Jason Isbell

Anxiety hinders you from being present to enjoy the actual moment. In this song, Jason Isbell relates struggling with his marriage, especially in social engagements. This will especially resonate with married people with anxiety.


“Mind Playing Tricks on Me” – Geto Boys

What songs are about mental health? The Geto Boy’s “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” is certainly one.

One of the best rap songs about anxiety, “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” touches on Scarface’s time in a psych ward after threatening to kill himself. It’s heavy and real in the typical Geto Boys way.


“Come as You Are” – Nirvana 

“Come As You Are” describes all the contradictions inherent in how we are supposed to act and behave. The brooding and foreboding guitar riff is only icing on the cake.

The lyrics examine how people treat us and how we choose who we trust. As in many of his songs, Kurt Cobain deals frankly with the anxiety that we all feel in this classic.


“OK to Not Be OK”- Marshmello and Demi Lovato

Dealing with life’s stresses or anxiety can be difficult. Sometimes you have to accept that your emotions are running high or that you’re on edge, and you have to give yourself a moment to sit with these feelings before picking yourself back up. 

Many songs about anxiety, such as Marshmello and Demi Lovato’s “OK Not To Be OK,” can help you accept that it is still possible to be OK even if not every day is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns.


“Disturbia” – Rihanna

Though not completely explicit, Rihanna’s “Disturbia” is one of the best songs about anxiety. The song’s message can be a little hazy, but feelings of restlessness and being trapped are heavily sprinkled throughout the lyrics.


“Growing Pains” – Alessia Cara

“Growing Pains” is one of the best songs about anxiety because it examines all the stresses and emotions an adult faces. It’s about those trying to figure out what is happening inside them and their struggle with working through the confusion.


“Only Love” – Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s “Only Love” is about making the most of each moment you have. It emphasizes how much time we waste and how much energy we waste by taking things personally. 

Her solution is to apologize to her mother for not returning her calls, write a heartfelt letter to her father, and focus solely on spreading love.


“Save Me” – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s “Save Me” is about giving a lot of yourself to others and being disappointed when you don’t get the same in return. 

People with anxiety and depression battle feelings of low self-worth and tend to over-extend themselves to feel worthy. Sheeran discusses these feelings well in “Save Me,” making it one of the most poignant songs about anxiety.


“Stressed Out” – A Tribe Called Quest featuring Faith Evans

A Tribe Called Quest’s “Stressed Out” is all about the stress of everyday life. It discusses how things can be overwhelming when problems appear one after the other without a break. 

Faith Evans’ guest appearance is hopeful, encouraging listeners that one day they can make it and things will not be so difficult.


“Under Pressure” – Queen featuring David Bowie

This powerful song is enjoyable to sing-cry to. It’s one of the best songs to listen to if you have a panic attack, are worried about exams, or just need to let it all out. 

The song’s conclusion is all about finding a solution to managing your mental illness. All you have to do is “give love,” which is often the most challenging thing.

In addition to one of the best songs about anxiety, it’s also one of Queen’s most classic tracks.


“Fix You” – Coldplay

“Fix You” by Coldplay, led by Chris Martin, is about loss. Like most songs about anxiety, it begins by describing a hopeless situation with no progress, which leads to withdrawal.


“Lovely” – Billie Eilish feat Khalid

Being torn apart by negative emotions and unable to escape is commong for those dealing with anxiety. This is explained creatively in Billie Eilish and Khalid’s “Lovely,” which features a fittingly stark video.


“About Damn Time” – Lizzo

On “About Damn Time,” Lizzo inquires about what ‘healing’ from your anxiety symptoms looks like.  

While she expresses some negative emotions and feelings about being “so down and under pressure,” she believes she is more potent than her emotions. The message is that you are not alone if you suffer from severe anxiety.


“Keep Breathing” – Ingrid Michaelson

“Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson takes you on a journey, building up tension and then releasing it at the song’s climax. 

The lyrics emphasize the importance of remembering to breathe. Like drinking more water, this is a deceptively simple way of helping with anxiety.

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